Free Guide to Top Proposal Writing Tools

Are you working on a business proposal, a grant proposal, or a proposal for a new project or initiative? It’s essential to create a persuasive, well-organized, and professional-looking document.

Fortunately, a variety of proposal writing tools are available that can help streamline the process and improve the quality of your proposals.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular proposal tools and their purposes. This way, you can choose the ones that work best for your needs and create proposals that stand out from the rest.

What Is Proposal Writing?

Proposal writing is the process of creating a document that outlines a proposed idea, project, or plan. This is to persuade others to support or fund it. Proposals can be written for various purposes, such as to secure funding, gain approval for a project.

It can also be used persuade a potential client to do business with you. Proposals can be used in various contexts, including academia, industry, government, and non-profit organizations.

The goal of a proposal is to convince the intended audience that the proposed idea or project is worthwhile, feasible, and well-planned. This is typically done by providing a clear and detailed explanation of the idea or project.

Thus, outlining the benefits it will bring, and providing evidence to support its feasibility and effectiveness. Proposals may also include a budget or timeline and an explanation of the resources required to carry out the proposal.

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What Are Proposal Writing Tools?

Proposal writing tools are software applications, online platforms, or other resources. They help proposal writers streamline and improve the proposal writing process.

These tools can help proposal writers with tasks such as planning and organizing their proposals, conducting research. They also help with writing and editing their proposals and creating professional-looking visual aids to support them.

Best Proposal Writing Tools to Consider


INK is an artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant that can help proposal writers optimize their content for search engines. It provides real-time suggestions on how to improve the SEO of your proposal by analyzing factors such as keyword density, readability, and meta descriptions.

INK is available as a web-based application and a WordPress plugin, making it easy to use with your existing website or blog. It offers both free and paid plans, with the paid plans providing additional features and access to more advanced analytics.

Using INK can help you improve the visibility of your proposal. It does this by ensuring that it is optimized for the search terms your audience uses to find information related to your proposal. It can also help you identify areas where you may need to improve the clarity or relevance of your content.


Grammarly is a popular writing tool that checks for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It is an excellent tool for proposal writers who want to ensure their writing is clear, concise, and error-free. Grammarly can be used as a web-based application or browser extension, making it easy to use while writing online.

The free version of Grammarly provides basic grammar and spelling checks. However, the premium version offers more advanced features, such as tone detection and plagiarism detection. The tone detection feature can help you adjust the tone of your proposal to match your audience. The plagiarism detection feature can help you avoid accidental plagiarism by checking your proposal against a database of published material.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a web-based tool that helps simplify your writing and make it more readable. It highlights long, complex sentences, adverbs, and passive voice constructions, often considered signs of poor writing. Hemingway Editor provides a readability score based on the grade level of your writing. This makes it easy to ensure that your proposal is understandable to your audience.

Hemingway Editor is free to use online and can also be downloaded as a desktop application for a one-time fee. This tool is handy for proposal writers who struggle with wordiness and want to improve the clarity of their writing.


Canva is a graphic design tool that makes it easy to create professional-looking graphics and visual aids for your proposal. It provides a wide range of templates and design elements that you can use to create infographics, charts, diagrams, and other visual aids. This is to help illustrate your points.

Canva is available as a web-based and mobile app, making it easy to create visuals on the go. It offers both free and paid plans, with the paid plans providing additional features and design elements.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud-based word-processing tool that makes collaborating on a proposal with multiple people easy. It allows multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously, with changes tracked in real-time. Google Docs also provides a wide range of templates for different types of documents, including proposals.

Google Docs is free to use and integrates seamlessly with other Google tools, such as Google Drive and Sheets. It also allows you to export your proposal in different file formats. Thus, making it easy to share with others who may not have access to Google Docs.


Trello is a project management tool that can help you stay organized while writing a proposal. It provides a visual board where you can track the progress of your proposal, assign tasks to different team members, and set deadlines.

Trello is available as a web-based and mobile app, making it easy to access your board from anywhere. It offers both free and paid plans, with the paid plans providing additional features and integrations with other tools.


Evernote is a note-taking and organization tool that can help you keep track of your research and ideas while writing a proposal. It allows you to save web pages, images, and notes in one place, making it easy to refer back to them later.

Importance of Proposal Writing Tools

A proposal writing tool can serve various purposes in the proposal writing process. Some of the most common goals of proposal writing tools include:

Improving the Quality of Writing

 Writing tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor can help proposal writers improve the quality of their writing. They check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and offer suggestions for style and tone.

Creating Professional-Looking Visual Aids

Tools such as Canva can help proposal writers create professional-looking visual aids such as infographics, charts, and diagrams. This is to help illustrate their proposal and make it more engaging and compelling.

Collaborating With Others

Tools such as Google Docs and Trello can help proposal writers collaborate with others.

They do this by allowing multiple people to edit and review the document in real-time. This can help ensure everyone is on the same page and can contribute their ideas and feedback to the proposal.

Staying Organized

Tools such as Trello and Evernote can help proposal writers stay organized by allowing them to create to-do lists, set deadlines. They can keep track of their research and notes.

Optimizing for Search Engines

Tools such as INK AI can help proposal writers optimize their proposals for search engines. It analyzes factors such as keyword density and meta descriptions. Ink also provides real-time suggestions for how to improve the SEO of their proposal.

Final Note

In conclusion, proposal writing tool can help you create effective and persuasive proposals that stand out.

You can streamline the proposal writing process by using tools like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Canva, Google Docs, Trello, Evernote, and INK. You can also improve the quality of your writing and collaborate more effectively with others.

Then, you can create professional-looking visual aids that enhance the impact of your proposal. With the proper proposal writing tools, you can confidently present your ideas, plans, or projects to potential funders. This also includes clients or stakeholders and achieve the results you desire.

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