Easy Steps to Writing Request for Proposals (Sample Guide)

Writing request for proposal (RFP) is an intricate task. To secure the highest possible offers and ultimately win the project, RFPs require expert attention and care.

Request for proposals is often an excellent first step in the selection process. You can use them to get a sense of the process or use them to generate an additional scope of work.

With this in mind, we’ve created easy steps to help you draft a robust RFP and given a sample to guide you. Let’s get started.

What Is a Request for Proposal (RFP)?

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a document businesses and organizations use to solicit bids from potential vendors.

The RFP is a contract between the vendor and the client. It defines the contractual conditions of the project and guarantees the contractor will perform their duties with quality materials and services.

It outlines the project’s requirements, including the scope of work, timeline, budget, and other details. The RFP also provides information about the organization’s goals and objectives.

RFPs are typically sent out to multiple vendors to get competitive bids. Vendors then submit their proposals, which include an estimate of the costs and services they can provide. After reviewing the proposals, the organization will select the best vendor to meet their needs.

When Are Requests for Proposals Issued?

RFPs are typically issued when an organization or company needs to purchase goods or services. Funding could be for one-time projects like constructing a new building or continuous services like IT support.

RFPs can also be used to solicit bids from potential vendors and contractors. Companies may issue RFPs to compare prices and services offered by different companies before deciding who to hire.

RFPs are usually issued after a company has identified its specific needs and requirements. The RFP will outline these needs and provide information about the project’s scope, timeline, budget, and any other relevant details. It is then up to the vendor to respond with a proposal that meets the organization’s needs and requirements.

3 Top Steps to Writing Request for Proposal

Writing an effective RFP requires careful consideration of the project’s requirements and desired outcomes. Here are the basic steps to ensure success:

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1. Understand the Purpose of Your RFP

Before you begin writing, it is essential to understand why you are creating an RFP and what you hope to achieve with it. This will help guide your writing process and ensure all relevant information is included in the document.

2. Identify Key Stakeholders

It is essential to identify those involved in the RFP process. This includes internal stakeholders such as decision-makers, budget holders, project managers, and external stakeholders such as vendors or suppliers.

3. Outline the Scope of Work

Once you have identified the stakeholders, you can outline the scope of work for the RFP. This should include a detailed description of:

  • Project’s goals and objectives
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Resources required
  • Deliverables
  • Metrics to measure success and any other relevant details.

Sample: Writing Request for Proposal

We are excited to announce the start of Project ABC and invite you to submit a proposal. We want to create an innovative solution that meets our goals, objectives, timeline, budget, resources needed, deliverables, and metrics for success. 

Our goal is to build a product that utilizes cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency and maximize our customers’ value. Our objective is to develop this product expeditiously while maintaining quality and effectiveness. We have set aside a budget of $X and anticipate a timeline of Y months for the completion of the project. 

The necessary resources will include experienced personnel with expertise in relevant areas and technology and equipment that can support rapid progress. 

Deliverables should include tangible evidence of development, including alpha/beta builds, UI/UX designs, performance testing results, etc. 

Finally, we will use various metrics to measure the success of this project, such as:

  • User engagement, 
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Revenue generate
  • Bug resolution rate, etc. 

We look forward to receiving your proposal and hope we can make Project ABC a reality together!


Writing request for proposal is time-consuming, so you should prepare well in advance. However, the RFP process depends on many formal parts but can be simple. If you plan well, you can write an excellent RFP.

The process requires careful consideration of all aspects of the project. Start by clearly defining the scope of work and desired outcomes. Then, create a timeline with realistic deadlines and milestones.

Finally, provide detailed information about the budget and payment terms.

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