Attorney Termination Letter: a Free Guide

If you’re thinking of firing an attorney, it helps to know how to write and deliver an attorney termination letter.

Templates are available, but if you want the know-how to write a convincing one, you need to read far and wide. Here, you’ll find a more detailed guide to writing the attorney termination letter. Finally, you’ll still get a lawyer termination letter sample to use. Scratch that. You’ll get quite a few of them to ensure you have options.

Many people don’t even realize they can fire their lawyers. Like every relationship, attorney-client relationships can irretrievably break down. When this happens, it’s time to move on and get a new attorney. But before then, you have to fire your current attorney.

When to End Lawyer-Client Relationship

The decision to end a relationship with an attorney is a personal one. We explain some factors that can lead to the termination of a lawyer’s service.

Failure to Follow the Client’s Instruction

Lawyers have a duty to follow the client’s instructions in situations that materially affect the client or their business. A lawyer that doesn’t follow such instructions deserves a termination letter


If a lawyer displays incompetence or knowingly and willfully puts their personal interests before the interests of their client, they should be immediately terminated. A lawyer that cannot professionally and effectively represent you has no business working for you.

Poor or Lack of Communication

Another reason to terminate the services of a lawyer is when they fail to provide regular updates on a case. They must be willing to communicate with you, answer your questions, and explain legal jargon when the need arises.

Unreasonable Fees

If a lawyer charges unreasonable fees, you can dismiss them. If the lawyer charges fees that exceed what is customary, dismiss them. 

Overall, you have to be reasonable and use your best judgment when deciding to end your lawful attorney-client relationship.

Lawyer Termination Letter Sample

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If you’ve made the decision to fire your attorney, you’ll find a lawyer termination letter sample that suits your needs here.

Example 1

Dear Attorney, 

We’re writing to tell you that we no longer need your services. This termination is due to the high fees that you charge. We appreciate all that you’ve done for us up until this point. But we must reluctantly end our business relationship due to financial considerations. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Example 2

Dear Attorney, 

I regret to inform you that we are terminating our relationship with you as our attorney. We have been unhappy with the level of communication and service we have received from you. This is why we feel that it is in our best interests to seek representation elsewhere. 

 We appreciate the work you have done on our behalf up to this point, and thank you for your time. 


[Your Name]

Example 3

Dear Attorney, 

I regret to inform you that we are terminating our attorney-client relationship. This decision is based on our assessment of your recent legal work, which we believe has been incompetent. We’ve therefore concluded that it is better to find new counsel. 

Example 4

Dear Attorney, 

I am writing to inform you that I no longer require your services. When I hired you, I made it clear what my instructions were. However, you failed to follow them, and as a result, the situation has not been resolved. I have therefore decided to find another lawyer who will be able to better represent me. Thank you for your time and effort up until this point.


You don’t have to use a lawyer’s service forever. This article shows you why you can end a relationship with a lawyer. In addition, we provided you with samples of lawyer termination letters to help you.

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