Mutual Termination of Lease Tenancy Agreement Samples

If you and your Tenant agree to terminate the lease before it expires, you can do so through a mutual termination.

In cases like this, it’s appropriate for both parties to sign a mutual termination of lease tenancy form. We’ve laid out some ready-to-use templates you can use to make your agreement official.

This is useful if you want to use or rent the property again soon or move to another location.

What is a Mutual Termination of Lease Tenancy?

Lease agreements keep the Landlord and Tenant responsible for the terms and conditions in the agreement. But there are times when those terms may need to be amended or abandoned with both parties consenting. The Landlord might encounter a mutual agreement to terminate early, and such an agreement requires carefully documented documentation and handling.

A mutual termination of lease tenancy is when both the Landlord and Tenant agree to end the tenancy agreement. A mutual agreement must follow certain rules. It must be in writing, properly dated and signed, and executed with both parties present.

Mutual Termination of Lease Tenancy Form Samples

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Sample 1

[Tenant Name] and [Landlord Name] hereby mutually agree to terminate the lease agreement dated [Date of Lease] for the property located at [Address of Property].

This termination is effective as of [Date Termination is Effective]. [Tenant Name] has vacated the premises and returned all keys to [Landlord].

Sample 2

[Tenant Name] and [Landlord Name] hereby mutually agree to terminate the lease dated _____, 20__. The parties acknowledge that they have each received everything to which they are entitled under the lease agreement. This agreement is binding on both parties.

Sample 3

[Tenant Name] and [Landlord Name] are both signing this Mutual Termination of Lease Tenancy Form to end the lease as of [today’s Date]. All future lease payments stop as of today. According to state law, the security deposit will be refunded within 30 days. Both parties agree to these terms. 


Signature of Tenant: 

Signature of Landlord:

Sample 4

To end the lease agreement between [Tenant Name] and [Landlord Name], both parties agree to the following: 

1) The Landlord and Tenant (s) hereby mutually terminate the lease agreement as of [today’s Date]. 

2) All tenants listed on the lease agreement shall vacate the property by [Date]. 

3) The Landlord agrees to release all security deposits within 14 days. 

4) Once released, the Landlord will send the security deposit to the forwarding address provided by the Tenant. 

5) If any property damage exceeds normal wear and tear, the Tenant (s) agree to reimburse the Landlord for said damages within 30 days. 

6) If any rent is owed, it must be paid in full by tomorrow. 

7) All copies of the keys to the property must be returned to Landlord. Any keys not returned will result in a $50 charge per key not returned. 

Both parties have read and understand these terms and sign below: 

Tenant Signature:


Landlord Signature:


Sample 5

To Whom It May Concern, 

We, the undersigned tenants and Landlord, hereby agree to mutually terminate our lease tenancy agreement as of _____. The premises will be vacated by _____, and all rent owed up until that Date will be paid in full. We also agree to release each other from any future obligations under the terms of the agreement. 

This termination is agreed upon by all parties involved and is binding. 

Signed by: [Tenant]


Signed by: [Landlord]


Wrapping Up

A mutual termination of the lease tenancy agreement can provide both parties with a clear understanding of where the responsibilities lie. Feel free to use mutual termination of lease tenancy form samples. You can modify them to best suit the needs of your agreement.

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