The Key Importance of NCNS Termination Letters

An NCNS termination letter is a notice that informs an employee that he or she has been fired. It lists the steps they must take and explains the benefits they are entitled to receive.

Termination letters also explain the reason behind the termination. An NCNS termination letter is also called a notice of termination of employment, pink slip, letter of separation, or contract termination letter.

What is an NCNS?

NCNS stands for “no call, no show.” It describes the failure to return to work for three consecutive days without giving notice to supervisors. An employee is deemed to have resigned from their post immediately after missing their third consecutive shift.

After the third absence without notice, the employer will write and send the termination notice to the employee via certified mail. The NCNS termination letter will cite the no-call and no-show absences as the reason for termination.

Tardiness vs. Absence

While each employment contract may differ between roles, there are some general rules applicable to all. One is that when an employee fails to show up at his or her designated schedule, they are marked tardy. It’s only when the employee fails to show up after 51% of their shift that they are deemed absent.

Habitual tardiness and absences hurt productivity. It’s why most companies are strict with employee attendance and are more than willing to terminate erring employees. [Because businesses consider an NCNS as a voluntary termination on an employee’s part.] 

The Importance of an NCNS Termination Letter

A termination letter is important for many reasons. The most crucial one is that it provides companies with legal protection from an unlawful termination lawsuit. It’s a written document that can serve as concrete evidence that the termination was not only just but that it was also voluntary.

Let’s not forget to mention that with each NCNS, managers would usually send the employee a warning letter. The failure to take action despite multiple warnings can also be used as a clear indication of an employee’s intention to resign.

Not all states require companies to send termination letters, but most companies do so as a matter of principle. 

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In Summary

An NCNS termination letter is a written document that notifies an employee of his or her termination, citing the NCNS. It also outlines the steps they must take and the final benefits and compensation they are entitled to receive.

Finding a replacement for an NCNS employee creates a blocker in productivity, thus making a termination letter appear as a mere gesture. However, it’s situations like this that you should never skip work procedures. It’s important to follow the termination procedure because failing to do so could create even bigger problems for your company in the future.

Remember to cite all relevant information in your termination notice. Details such as:

  • Date of termination
  • Reason for termination

Are crucial so that you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law. Always take the time to cover all important details. Always do things by the book. Otherwise, the book [the law] may become a big problem for you.

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