Free Sample Termination Letter to Real Estate Agency

A real estate agent is a person or organization that coordinates the buying, renting or management of homes and other buildings. The real estate agent facilitates transactions and guides the buyer and seller through paperwork and negotiations. If all efforts to resolve the problem you have with your real estate agent have proved futile, you may want to terminate the contract. As a model for your termination letter, this article provides sample letter to real estate agent termination.

A real estate agent termination letter is required to formally notify your agent that you’re terminating your agency contract. It’s not enough to initiate a phone call to let your agent know you’re ending your relationship with him/her. A written termination letter is essential.

Your letter should explicitly state why you’re terminating the contract; it’s unethical to breach the contract without appropriate justification. Find out how to write an official letter to real estate agent termination in this article.

What is A Real Estate Agent Termination

Real estate agent termination letters are intended to end a contract with a real estate broker. This termination can be for various reasons, including contract violation, unethical behavior, insufficient communication, or incompatibility. 

It is essential to consult a lawyer to properly interpret the initial agreement and terms and conditions involved in the exit.

Most real estate brokers and businesses often have various contract termination rules. You must adhere to the correct legal procedure based on the State or nation where you operate.

Why Write A Real Estate Agent Termination Letter

As noted earlier, most people cancel real estate agreements for various reasons, a few of which are outlined:

1. Unethical behavior

You might need to terminate the contract with your real estate agent if they behave unethically. Or in a manner that goes against the rules of behavior established by their profession. Behaviors such as discriminating, hiding information, or taking referral kickbacks might require a termination letter.

2. Breach of contract

A contract often requires your agent to meet timely home showings, communicate with you in your preferred manner, and follow contingency deadlines. You may need to write a termination letter if the agent fails to meet commitments.

How to Write A Real Estate Agent Termination Letter

Writing a real estate agent termination letter is simple as long as you have all the information you need. Use the steps below to create and deliver a letter that complies with the terms of your contract.

1. Examine your initial agent agreement

Reviewing the initial agreement is very important before you begin your writing. Look for a clause outlining the circumstances or grounds under which you may end the contract. Make sure to mention these justifications in your letter. Additionally, you want to check for any penalties associated with early contract termination, including termination fees.

Locate the agreement section that details the agent’s duty to determine where the agent has failed to uphold their part of the bargain. Take note of them and look for specific instances where they violated their commitment.

2. Consult a law representative

If you’re unaware of your rights and the consequences of terminating your buyer-broker agreement, contact a lawyer, particularly a real estate specialist. A lawyer can help you understand the details of a contract that is challenging to comprehend.

3. Use A Good Template

While your law representative can assist you with drafting the letter, you can also locate sample templates to guide you through the letter’s structure. What you must include is as follows:

  • Details about the sender and recipient (names, companies, addresses, contact information)
  • A thorough justification for your request to end the contract.
  • Description of the exact ways the agent violated the terms of the agreement or displayed undesirable behavior.
  • Explanation of your attempts to fix the issue (through emails, texts, and in-person discussions) and the requests you made that weren’t met.
  • Signature

4. Deliver the letter to your agent

Verify the accuracy of all the information in the letter. Give your agent and their managing broker the letter, so they are aware of the situation. Regardless of how the notice is delivered, don’t forget to preserve a copy for your records.

Sample Letter to Real Estate Agent Termination

Before writing your letter, it is advisable to study some sample letters. Here are a few examples of rental notice letters:

Sample 1

[Sender’s Name].

[Sender’s address]

Zip code, City, and State


(Name of Recipient)

[Recipient’s address]

State, City, and zip code

Termination of Real Estate Agreement

Dear [The Recipient’s name].

I am officially canceling the real estate contract I entered into with you to sell unit 34 at the address mentioned above on [Date]. Please accept this letter as a notification.

You haven’t exhibited the flats over the past year; thus, I may end the contract following the termination clause. I will transfer the duty to another reputable real estate agent.

In light of this, I implore you to sign the termination letter and return it to me within two weeks. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any more queries or worries at +123 123 123 or


(With your signature)

Jane Doe

Sample 2

John Doe 

Zip Code, City, and State

Cell: 000-000-0000

Dear Mr. James,

By the end of the month, we won’t need your real estate agent services any more because of the weak economy. The real estate market is still weak, and business at our company is declining. 

Your sales numbers have been excellent, and we have no doubts about your future success. Our business doesn’t generate enough sales to continue to support your agency. We hope your future real estate initiatives are successful.

You still have seven weeks left on your vacation. To find out how to redeem these, get in touch with Human Resources.

Kindly acknowledge this letter by sending a prompt response.


Jane Doe

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash


You have the right to terminate a contract with a real estate agent if they violate an initial agreement or acts unethically. Whatever the reason is, ensure you have good law representatives and a well-structured real estate agent termination letter.

If you need to terminate your agent’s agreement, the sample letter to real estate agent termination shared in this article will prove helpful.

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