Inspirational and Funny Retirement Quote Sayings

Are you scouting for a way to add fun and humor when announcing your retirement? Why not include some funny retirement quotes sayings in your email announcement?

These funny phrases will help lighten the mood and make your announcement memorable. From puns to jokes, we’ve rounded up the best funny retirement quotes and sayings that can be used as part of your email announcement.

Why Funny Retirement Quotes Sayings?

Retirement is an essential milestone in someone’s life, and most people like having fun when announcing it. Funny retirement quotes sayings can be the perfect way to do this. They make the announcement more enjoyable for you and your colleagues. It reminds everyone that retirement isn’t all about sadness and farewells – there’s still plenty of laughter left.

The Following Are Some of Our Favorite Funny Retirement Quotes Sayings:

Funny Retirement Quotes Sayings

  • “It’s good to be out of the rat race, but you have to learn how to get along with less cheese,” the saying goes.
  • “Retirement is essentially a long weekend with every day Monday,” said Gene Perret. -Anonymous
  • “Retiring also gives you the opportunity to complete tasks that you had put off while working because you were too busy.” – Unknown
  • “Retirement: Now that my labors have borne fruit, it is time for me to collect!” – Not known
  • “Unless you play golf, retirement means no pressure, no worry, and no heartache.” Theodore Perret
  • “The idea of retiring at 65 is absurd. I was still getting pimples at age 65.” (George Burns)
  • “Retirement isn’t everything it’s made out to be. Compared to when I was working, I’m busier today.” -Anonymous
  • Retirement is when you leave your job one day and announce to your spouse, “Hi Honey, I’m home – permanently.” Theodore Perret

Types of Funny Retirement Quotes Sayings With Examples

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  • “Retirement, a time to do as you please, when you please, provided you have the money to do so.” -Anonymous
  • “The word “retirement” is the ugliest one there is. Better would be “decline.” It denotes sunset, which is tender and lovely like evening and has a calm and peaceful glow. But retirement is difficult and severe.” by Edith Wharton.


  • “You know you’re retired when all you do to jump out of bed in the morning is roll over.” – Unknown
  • Retirement has the drawback of never having a day off. (Abe Lemons)


  • “Retirement would be more enjoyable if I could get some of those people who promised me a job to actually show up”
  • “Retirement means no pressure, no stress, no heartache… unless you play golf.” -Gene Perret


  • Retire from your job, but not from life. 
  • “Retired means being twice as tired,” said M. K. Soni. “I’ve worked harder than I intended to and now that I’m done, I’m even more exhausted.” -Anonymous


  • “Retirement: When you come home from work one day and tell your spouse, “Hi Honey, I’m home – permanently,” Gen Perret
  • ” It’s good to be out of the rat race, but you have to learn how to get along with less cheese,” the saying goes. Theodore Perret


  • “Retirement resembles a protracted trip to Las Vegas. The idea is to take full use of it, but not to the point where you run out of money.” Clements, Jonathan
  • “Retirement isn’t about saving or doing nothing; rather, it’s about having the time to do what we really want.” – Unknown


  • “Life begins at retirement, not at its conclusion.” 
  • Retirement is a process of shifting to something new, not of going out of business, according to Unknown. -Anonymous


  • “The point in your life when time is no longer money is retirement.” Not known 
  • Retirement: The point at when you stop exaggerating your age and begin boasting about your retirement funds. -Anonymous


  • “Retirement is a great time. Without being concerned about being observed, it is doing nothing.” Theodore Perret
  • “Retirement: When you arrive at work on Monday and are told to return on Tuesday, but not as an employee.” – Not known


  • “Retirement is the time to do all those things you said you’d do when you had the time.” – Unknown
  • “Retirement shouldn’t be seen as an ending, but rather a new beginning.” -Anonymous


Retirement announcements don’t have to be dull. Adding humor to your email announcement is a great way to make it more memorable and enjoyable for everyone. We hope these funny retirement quote sayings have inspired you to find the perfect phrase for your message. From puns to jokes, there’s something here for every kind of retiree! Best of luck in your retirement journey! Happy Retirement!

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