Free Essay Generators that Can Complete Your Essay

For students who can’t write their essays by themselves due to time constraints, using an essay generator for free sounds good. However, the question of whether they would be better off or not is a top priority.

Is it better to use an online essay generator? There are some interesting findings that will explain why. 

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Are Essay Generators Good?

The answer to this question is a matter of perspective. From an ethical point of view, this could be termed cheating. Also, it depends on the extant rules of your school. 

However, there are good essay generators that create excellent essays that will earn you good grades. Contrary to many people’s belief, using an essay generator for free does not always mean you’re getting a poorly-written essay.

What Is the Difference Between Essay Generators and Essay Writing Service

When people compare two items or ideas, it is often because they are related. These two are related in the sense that they create essays. However, they differ in their modus operandi.

Essay Writing Service

Essay writing services are usually a website or company where you can order bespoke essays. Once payment is made, these essays are assigned to specialist writers in a specific field. In some instances, these websites have pre-written essays for sale. 


  • Uses real human writers
  • Some services allow you to select your writer
  • Responsive


  • Risk of poorly edited output
  • Risk of plagiarism
  • Relatively expensive

Essay Generator

In the simple sense of it, an essay generator “generates” essays. Instead of getting human writers to research and write your paper, an automated tool does it in a few seconds. These generators use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create essays about the topic a user inserts.


  • Faster output
  • Offers better topic ideas
  • Relatively cheaper


  • Machines lack the imaginative depth of humans
  • There could be errors
  • Risk of plagiarism


Essentially, the comparison between essay writing services and essay generators is like comparing humans with computers. On the surface, it might feel like humans have no chance against computers. However, a closer look at the two services shows that it isn’t that simple. Human imaginative capacity is limitless; we can’t say the same about machines.

Another reason essay generators fall short of human writers is that they can make mistakes, especially factual ones. AIs are not at the stage where they can help you create 100% factual essays. Their understanding of meaning is limited, and they find it hard to contextualize meaning.

However, an AI essay generator is a good option if you want to avoid the inconsistencies of humans. Humans suffer from lack of motivation and writer’s block. Essay generators are immune to these problems – they are machines, after all. Another high point of essay generators is that they usually have a free trial period. Free essay writing services are hard to come by. 

The Best Essay Generator Tools

Since the focus of this piece is on essays, preference is given to AI writing tools that focus mainly on essays. We also considered other multi-purpose tools.


INK Essay Intro Generator is an online tool that allows you to create introductions for essays with little to no effort.

It offers a quick way to highlight your argument, the problem, and the solution you’re proposing. You can also use an essay intro generator to write about a specific problem and how you intent to resolve it.

Besides an Essay Intro Generator, INK also offers an Essay Outline tool.

INK Outline tool helps with the essay structure, including the number of paragraphs, body, and conclusion.

The tool is especially handy for writings with several arguments or long-form content. An outline will also help you stay on topic. Moreover, an essay outline tool can help with ideas if you’re unsure to write.

With INK Essay Outlining tool, you’ll be able to identify and focus on the main points of your essay.

Dr. Essay

When the focus is on essay creation, there aren’t many tools better than Dr. Essay. This tool focuses on helping students write academic essays only. Dr. Essay offers five academic suites. They include:

  • Ultimate essay rewriter;
  • Article generator;
  • Article rewriter;
  • Research assistant; and
  • Reference generator.

Users can access basic features free of charge. The paid version allows you to access premium features.


Essaysoft is another writing tool dedicated to creating academic essays only. With this tool, you can decide your level of involvement in the writing process. 

The “Essay Master” option takes care of the entire essay writing, including research and referencing. Its “Essay Generator” option allows users to supply information like research depth, topic keywords, and others. The other available options are essay rewriter, essay bibliography, essay researcher, and essay shuffler.


Essaybot uses AI to write your essay for you in no time. All you need to do is to enter your requirement, and it does the rest. You can use the tool’s plagiarism checker to check for plagiarism in your work. It also has a grammar checker.


Jasper is a great all-around AI writing tool. It doesn’t write only academic essays. It can write other forms of content too. To get the best academic writing experience with this tool, it is best to opt for the Boss Mode plan.


These free essay generators can make the essay writing process much easier. Essay writing is often a big headache for many students, and they are always looking for ways to get it done easily. As students, money is usually a big issue, so they prefer using an essay generator for free. However, there are questions about how these tools work and their reliability. This article has answered these questions with a few recommendations.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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