Does AI content marketing sound strange or new? It shouldn’t. It is just content marketing taken a step higher. Businesses are gradually incorporating AI into their content marketing because of the immense benefits.

This article explores the fundamentals of AI content marketing and the benefits therein.

What Is AI Content Marketing?

AI content marketing refers to the process of incorporating artificial intelligence into the content marketing process. Artificial intelligence is a field that replicates several human cognitive functions in machines and computers.

In the context of content marketing, AI can be a game changer that improves content marketing results. Since content marketing is a repetitive process, AI can take a lot off the plate of team members.

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Benefits of AI in Content Marketing

The benefits of artificial intelligence to content marketing are immense. Here are the top benefits.

Task Automation

The repetitive parts of content marketing can be left to AI tools. Automation frees up more time for team members to concentrate on other parts of the marketing process. Moreover, automation reduces the possibility of human errors that could be costly.

Data Processing

Admittedly, quality data can provide immense insights for marketers to know what they’re doing right and how to improve. However, data is useless if you can’t process it.

AI and machine learning tools can help you process large volumes of data. Insights gotten from the data helps you map out your strategy and actions.

Better Content Ideas

You can use AI tools to find topics that resonate with your customer demographic. Without automation, you will be constrained and unable to produce content that matches your audience.

AI allows you to create better articles, landing pages, and even advertisements by learning about your audience over time. As a company, AI content marketing also allows you to scale your entire business without hiring a large staff.

What Can You Do With AI Content Marketing?

AI is a broad area and offers several possibilities for content marketing teams. Having broadly analyzed the benefits of AI, it’s time to assess the specific uses. Here are some top things content marketers can do with AI.

Content Writing

Creating content for your content marketing campaign requires a lot of manpower. With the writing capabilities of AI, you can create even more content than human writers at a faster rate.

When you incorporate AI into your content marketing, you can reach and inspire more people in a shorter period of time. The content you create becomes personalized, stimulating, and constantly engaging. You can effectively build your community in ways that you never thought possible.

Content marketers will tell you writing is only one part of content creation. AI can help with other pre-writing and post-writing tasks like topic generation and SEO optimization. These two components are an equally important part of the process.

With AI, creating content that ranks high and topics that appeal to your audience is easier.

24/7 Chatbots

AI-based chatbots can handle customer support jobs aimed at converting leads.

Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), AI can communicate with customers to address their concerns and provide them with more value. AI can also help generate more content, enabling customers to get more value and helping the business grow.

Predictive Analytics for Conversions

With AI, marketers can use predictive analysis to observe the behaviors of consumers. This allows them to offer suggestions that most match consumers’ needs based on those actions. This means it is easier to offer valuable and personalized content to customers.

For instance, you might find ads about a recently searched product popping up everywhere you turn. This is a clever way of deploying AI.

It keeps showing you the things you’re interested in and other alternatives you might consider. Ultimately, consumers take the final step and purchase the product. A win for both sides.


AI is only going to get better and become more important during this century.

Entrepreneurs and marketers should consider AI content marketing to reach more customers and boost sales. This technology has a lot to offer content marketers as it gets better.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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