Can AI Bring Effective Screenplays for Movies?

With the emergence of machine learning algorithms and neural networks, AI is capable of generating realistic outputs. From auto-generating texts and ensuring vehicle safety to writing an AI-written script for movies, AI is ruling everywhere!

This is not to say that AI excelled in every possible field, but it is growing fast and improving every day. And AI robots are changing the way people interact with technologies.

While AI work on repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, we can focus on high-value work and strategies.

But the idea of Artificial Intelligence overcoming writer’s block and developing an intelligent screenplay takes it to a new level. This article will explore the role of AI in producing scripts.

What Is an AI Written Script?

An AI script is an automated screenplay written by an AI robot without being authored. The goal is to automate the labor-intensive task that people find complex or cumbersome.

Many think AI-written stories are just a gimmick or some fictional idea. But this is not true! AI is almost everywhere, from games, animations, and music videos to songs.

The ability to delegate work to computers while concentrating on other tasks makes an AI story generator a blessing for writers.

Can AI Write Effective Screenplays?

Technology has constantly been evolving. And with the advent of artificial intelligence, it is now a possibility that computers could produce films and other forms of media.

So is there an AI-made movie screenplay that’s finer than man-made? Many have asked this question, and others have tried to tackle it. While it seems easy to say that an AI-written script would be better, the reality of the situation is actually very complex.

A more appropriate question would be whether AI can be a smart screenplay writer without human intervention.

Can AI Be Used to Write Scripts?

The answer is yes. Writing a screenplay is a labor-intensive, highly creative process. Even if you use AI, you cannot expect an AI-written script to be completed in minutes.

We can train GPT-3 technology to create short stories and song lyrics but generating screenplays is still in question. An AI-written script for films would require advanced ML involvement for a well-thought plot and character development.

AI like IBM’s Watson is already making best-selling songs. So it only makes sense that scripts would be next. But for now, an AI-written film script would still need some editing and proofreading.

AI Program Generated a Hilarious Movie Script

A tweet by the comedian Keaton Patti shows what the AI will come up with when given a text to evaluate. He fed an ML model with dialogues from 1000 hours of X-Men movies. He let AI write a screenplay on its own based on the data provided.

And he posted the first page, which shows an example of the AI-produced script. If you read them, you’ll know they are hilarious!

He later claimed that AI writing tool is unpredictable and requires human input during training for improved results and story writing skills.

In a nutshell, AI can write scripts but cannot do so all by itself without errors. So, it is unlikely that AI can write screenplays at the moment.

An open screenplay script written on a white paper.
Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Operation Modes of AI Scripts

AI bots are still under development to perform tasks that humans find impossible to complete within a set time. AI scripts have a few different modes of operation, which are as follows:

Gathering Information to Write a Plot

AI bots analyze the data stored in a specific format to generate a new story from the existing ideas. It implies that the data must be stored in a location for the AI to access and learn from.

Working in an Interactive Mode

The difference between this mode and regular writing is that the program uses its algorithm to produce ideas for story characters and plot. Interactive mode is similar to how people compose their text.

Generating Algorithm-Based Scripts

It means that the AI program or software doesn’t understand the natural language to create screenplays. It relies on advanced algorithms to come up with storylines and plots.

Leveraging Machine Learning Models

In this mode, the computer examines movies and creates a script by predicting audiences’ preferences. It analyzes what viewers find interesting based on dialogue, plots, special effects, and twists.

How Does AI Detect Events in Movies?

The AI script generator employs several methods to find the events. Some algorithms use deep neural networks and computer vision methodologies to detect faces or pets. However, others rely on heuristic rules.

Several specific factors that AI takes into account when developing story ideas include:

  • The audience’s dialogues
  • Specific events from tweets
  • Sales generated by Box office

AI analyzed the above element to know how each character should act or behave in the course of the event. This helps AI decide and design more relevant and realistic personalities and write a script accordingly.

What Events Can AI Detect?

While developing the script, AI can detect multiple different events that may occur at specific points. Some of these include:

  • Things popular or trending online
  • What is happening everywhere in the world
  • Predicted weather in different places.

Based on the detected events, the AI writer is enabled to create scripts and dialogues which are relevant and fun. It can make movies that would be original and fun to watch.

Movie Made by AI Scriptwriter — Date Night

One of the classic examples of AI-scripted short films was ‘Date Night,’ made by Built In using the Calamity AI.

As you already know by now, AI needs to be trained with a massive dataset to produce better outputs. The film was created using the actual script of the film ‘Date Night.’ It was used as a template for the AI to learn and adapt to the ideas.

The Calamity AI software learned from the metadata such as the phrases, tags, and keywords to direct the storyline. It then decides which of the three outcomes will be the basis for its screenplay.

The AI fills in conversation with keyword combinations that describe what happens at significant points in the film.

Top AI Script Generators in Market Today

AI scriptwriters can now write stories of any length and much faster. These tools use natural language processing and advanced machine learning algorithms to help you expand text or finish stories. Let’s look at the top two picks that can lead your story in the right direction.


INK offers several AI Writing tools to ease content creation, and that include a Video Script Outline tool. 

Thanks to its revolutionary AI technology, generating a script with INK is easier than you think. It simply involves providing the following: 

  • Video Title
  • Video Topic
  • Keyword
  • Tone of Voice

After inputting the necessary information, click the AI Write button to generate a creative video script outline. Then you can further develop a more comprehensive script from the outline. 


Jasper uses the GPT-3 AI technology to help you create various high-quality content. Whether you want to create a marketing copy, blog post, articles, or stories, this AI scriptwriter can make your task quick and easy.

With Jasper AI, you can create plagiarism-free, high-quality screenplays. Moreover, it offers over 50 templates to choose precisely the one you need for the job.

You can enter a few sentences, and Jasper will assess your input to continue the story. You can specify the word count and tell Jasper precisely what to write in the editor. Jasper only offers paid plans.


If you’re looking for an AI story generator with unlimited word usage, ShortlyAI is the perfect tool for you. This is a great AI scriptwriter for short stories and novels.

ShortlyAI produces text that resembles humans using the most sophisticated OpenAI GPT-3 AI algorithms. It enables content producers to create blogs, social media posts, video scripts, ad text, and other marketing content more quickly.


Whether AI can write better screenplays for movies is not known yet. But given the trends in the field, it is certainly possible for an AI-written script to emerge in the future of filmmaking. And AI can make the scriptwriting process much easier and faster. AI-enabled scripts will be able to create films in their style, finding the opportunities and potential in storylines. This article explains the role of AI in scriptwriting.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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