Narrative Samples that Describe an Important Event

Describing an important event can be tricky because you don’t want to present a fluff piece about your day-to-day activities.

The key is going for something that shows a personal experience and understanding of a situation you went through. You will need to find substantial and memorable experiences to create a strong opener for your piece. It should also be so compelling that a reader feels connected and can resonate with the event.

This article presents essay samples describing personal experiences in a way that will give you ideas about how to tell your own story. Let’s dive in!

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What Is an Important Event?

An important event is defined as any event that is worthy of being recorded or remembered by others. It is a remarkable moment in a person’s life. 

Important events are often described as turning points. A turning point is a pivotal moment that dramatically alters the direction of a person’s life. 

Let’s see some narrative essays that explain these turning points. It should teach you how best to portray your event through words. 

Samples that Describe an Important Event

The samples below show how words can describe an important event. Note that all the samples do not use a sentence to introduce the important event. 

This is because the important events are described in the content.

Sample 1

There are numerous events in one’s life. While we tend to forget some of these events, some stick with us because they have profound meanings and values for us. 

Anyway, I’d like to talk about one such event that helped shape who I am today. 

Essay describing an important event

It was about ten years ago, and I had just graduated from high school while living in my hometown with my parents. So, of course, it was time for me to attend university. 

But I didn’t want to attend “any” university. This is because I had prepared myself, or so I thought at the time, to attend the best business college in my country. But, I had to pass a complex and comprehensive university admission test before fulfilling my dream.

As if passing a difficult test wasn’t challenging enough, I was also suffering from a severe cough and fever at the time. So, naturally, I assumed I wouldn’t pass the exam. 

But, to my great surprise, I passed the admissions test. I was able to attend the university of my dreams, which was located far from my hometown. 

After this occurrence, I gained confidence in my life and its aims, something I had lacked until then. My years of hard work and effort paid off despite my condition, making me joyful and emotional.

Now, I could explore my life and the world around me while studying at one of my country’s top colleges.

Sample 2

Living would be a rather dull experience if there were no significant and memorable events in our lives. Fortunately, I have had some of such memorable events in my life, and I will tell you about one of them.

Essay describing an important event

It all happened about five years ago when I was starting junior college. Because I got to meet new people, make new friends, and explore new places, I was excited to start college.

My commute from home to my new college made me nervous, even if everything else was going well. I was wasting more than one hour of my time every day taking a local bus back and forth to college.

When I casually mentioned this problem to my maternal grandfather, he said he would buy a “scooter.” A scooter is a small, lightweight motorbike to help me commute to college quickly and easily. 

Initially, I assumed he was joking or comforting me. But a week later, I was overjoyed when he asked me to accompany him to a motorcycle store. Then, when he handed me the key to that newly purchased motorcycle, I felt as if I were dreaming!

It remains one of the most memorable events in my life to this day. This is because I never imagined owning a motorcycle at such a young age, despite harboring this dream since childhood. It is also memorable because it allowed me to think and act like a proper adult for the first time!


Events happen daily in our lives, but there are important events that stand out. Describing an important event should be a way for you to show your audience that you have an interesting perspective on the event

When you can paint an intriguing picture that captures their attention, it will compel people to continue reading.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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