Special & Creative Facebook Birthday Event Description

Planning a birthday party can be pretty exciting. But figuring out the suitable birthday invitation wording can be a challenging task.

Whether you’re posting your invitation on social media or sending printed invitations to friends, you’ll want to use the perfect wording. You also want to include the necessary information informing your invitees about the event. A good Facebook birthday event description tells where the party is hosted, who it is for, and when it starts. 

This guide will teach you how to write the perfect birthday event description to get your invitees excited about your party. 

Important Information to Include

An attractive design and clever wording are great. But your invitation must also put across important information about the event. Your invitees will want to know where the event is taking place, the party’s date, and venue.

Here are some of the most vital information to include in your event description.

1. Time and Date

It’s important to let your invitees know the exact date of the event, so they can plan accordingly. Ensure you place this information in a familiar format that your guests will understand. Include the day of the week and state when you want guests to arrive. You may also mention the exact time the party begins and ends.

2. Venue

Where’s the party happening? This is equally vital information to include. If it’s a house party, include the address, even if it’s your home address. Refrain from assuming your invitees know where you live. If it’s a work party, include the building or room number. Consider including a map to assist your guests in getting to the location. 

3. Theme

If you have a specific theme for the birthday party you’re planning, include it. If it’s a theme with special requirements, i.e., a costume party, you’ll want to mention this and include any ground rules that may apply.

4. Who’s Invited

Your invitees will want to know if they can bring their friends or family to your party, so include this information. If it’s a party exclusively for children, you can mention that you want parents to drop their children off. If parents too can attend, make sure to let them know.

5. Guest of Honor

Ensure your invitees know who they’re invited to celebrate. If they’re two celebrants, mention it. This will let the guests know what kind of gift to buy and whether they’re buying two gifts.

6. Food and Beverages.

Give your potential guests an idea of what you’ll serve at the party. Will there be cake, ice cream, and fruit? Do they have to bring a meal alone? Include this information.

7. RSVP Instructions.

Knowing who plans to attend and who won’t make it to the event is great. This information helps you prepare the right amount of food, drinks, or appetizers. Include clear RSVP information at the end of your birthday description, so invitees can quickly reach out to you. You may include a phone number or email address and the deadline to RSVP.

Facebook Birthday Event Description

Kids’ Birthday Invitation Wording

1. 2-Year-Old Birthday Party

It’s time for those fantastic 2’s!

Let’s get together to celebrate!

You’re invited to (Guest of Honor)’s 2nd birthday!

(Date) | (Time) | (Address)

RSVP to (name)(phone number) (RSVP deadline)

2. Superhero Birthday Invitation Wording

Attention superheroes, we need your help!

Save the day at (Guest of honor)’s (age) birthday party!

(Date) | (Time) | (Address)

RSVP to (name)(phone number) (RSVP deadline)

Remember to bring your superpowers and wear super suits!

3. Royal Birthday Invitation Wording

Here ye, here ye!

By royal decree, you are invited to

Princess/Prince (Guest of honor)’s (age) birthday!

(Date) | (Time) | (Address)

RSVP to (name)(phone number) (RSVP deadline)

4. Fun Kid’s Party

Don’t be a killjoy; join in on the fun!

We’ll be having a fabulous celebration for

(Guest of honor)’s (age) birthday!

(Date) | (Time) | (Address)

RSVP to (name)(phone number) (RSVP deadline)

Adults Birthday Event Description

1. 50th Birthday Party


(Guest of honor) is turning the big 50!

Please join us to celebrate (Guest of honor)’s birthday.

It’ll be an evening filled with music, dinner, and fun.

(Date) | (Time) | (Address)

RSVP to (name)(phone number) (RSVP deadline)

2. Drinks For All

Cheers and beers.

Join us to celebrate (Guest of honor)’s (age) birthday!

(Date) | (Time) | (Address)

RSVP to (name)(phone number) (RSVP deadline)

3. General Birthday Invitation Wording

It’s time to celebrate!

(Guest of honor) is turning (age)!

Please join us for desserts and drinks on (date)

Time| Address

RSVP to (name)(phone number) (RSVP deadline)

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A great Facebook birthday event description creates excitement and anticipation about the event. 

Use creative wordings that match the party’s theme and make your design attractive. Also, keep your description short and visually appealing. You want to ensure your invitees are well-informed about the event, so include the necessary information. Also, make it easy for them to RSVP. This article will guide you in drafting the Facebook birthday event description.

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