Every Business Needs a Head of Growth

Growth is an essential ingredient for your company’s success. So,…

Growth is an essential ingredient for your company’s success. So, it makes sense that your company needs a Head of Growth. But to be successful, it’s going to take more than hiring a person to lead the growth team. First, you need to know what you want to build and how you will do it. Without a clear vision, throwing money at your problems won’t produce the desired results.

You need a strategy for your growth. No one can help you if your strategy is a house of cards. Finally, you need a team around the head of growth. The team will focus on building your vision. The reality is that you need a complete growth machine, and your director of growth is the key player that makes everything tick. 

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Where Does a Growth Head Fit Into Your Company?

The director of growth is the primary connection between business goals and marketing initiatives. This enables him or her to set and execute a plan of action to push revenue and acquisition. This person can also be the main connection with external stakeholders and potential partners. He presents his or her market insights and drives growth.

For instance, a growth expert can help you articulate your company’s growth plan better. This helps convince potential investors that your company is headed in the right direction and worthy of their investment.

A person leading a growth team will be interested in three main areas of work – growth hacking, growth management, and growth nurturing. They will focus on scaling your company as quickly and sustainably as possible.

They are a hybrid; they have a foot in each department and understand how to acquire and retain customers. While the position may be new, companies have always needed help when scaling. As less than 15% of startups succeed every year, it becomes clear why more companies hire full-time growth experts. 

Candidates for growth head positions usually have data analysis experience and can identify customer behavior trends. They also have marketing and sales experience, where they report to the CEO or VP of Marketing and Sales internally. Because the position is new, growth heads rarely receive on-the-job training and often learn through trial-and-error, becoming experts in their fields via experience. 

What Kind of Company Needs a Head of Growth?

The person occupying the growth head role is a core part of all growth-oriented companies. Growth heads are responsible for ensuring the company’s vision is well-delineated and executed. Does this mean all companies need a person to fill the role?

It is important that the company’s vision is clearly defined and communicated through marketing. The head of growth must be able to analyze the data and make changes when needed.

When all the signs indicate your company is experiencing a growth spurt, you need to hire someone to lead the growth team. In addition, companies whose services are starting to get great customer feedback must channel that growth internally and ride the wave that’s coming.

A growth expert is not necessary until early-stage startups have sufficient historical data to provide a baseline for their tests. Growth marketing involves a lot of data analytics. To grow, a startup needs to accept that it’s not a 6-8 week job but rather an ongoing sustainable process. 

Growth teams don’t just focus on marketing. They are mainly made up of marketers or a mix of marketers and business development specialists. They focus on generating new leads, managing mentions, and analyzing the conversion or revenue. Business development is a highly sought-after skill not only in growth but in any sector. Business development is about analyzing.

What to Look for When Hiring a Person to Lead Your Growth Team

Growth teams have become more popular in the industry in the last decade, sprouting from companies like Facebook and LinkedIn to Uber and others.

Define Your Needs

If you’re trying to launch your startup, you’ll want to scale it and keep competitors at bay. Therefore, Your goal should be to grow yourself out of saturation point. Depending on your goals, you should consider different things.

A growth head is often the most important hire when small companies need to grow. However, if a company already has things working, business development and operations will be in capable hands. Growth heads sometimes work outside the traditional office space, such as in manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

Outline the Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a growth lead may include planning business growth and working with the CEO and COO. They often oversee the advertising, sales, and operations teams. Recruiters sometimes refer to this role as sales chief, business development director, sales director, or marketing director. However, a person filling this role doesn’t need to be a jack of all trades. 

What Do Heads of Growth Do?

Your director of growth may have greater knowledge of the key area that affects your growth. For the rest, they should help coordinate these areas and understand what isn’t working. 

They should also be leaders who can bring new ideas to the table and not just within a department. Whoever fills the role should be able to clearly communicate ideas and have a solid grasp of the company’s growth and business strategy. You may seek to add more people to your inventory planning team if cash flow or material handling becomes more complex.

The director of growth should also make sure that your inventory team has the skills, tools, and knowledge needed for their jobs. Their duties may include: helping plan your strategy and goals and communicating these to your team.

Why Head of Growth Hires Go Wrong

The growth of many startups will be largely determined by their choice of head of growth. It is quite encouraging that more and more startups are looking to hire a specialist to head their growth team. The reality is that bringing an expert to lead the growth team does not magically solve the problems.

Poor Hiring Guidelines

Startups usually strive for a product/market fit. They need to understand their channels and need someone to bring it all together. If the hiring criteria are not properly laid out and followed in the hiring process, it may result in poor recruitment.

Leaving the Expert to Do It Alone

While heads of growth can help companies grow, growth is more like a team sport and will not occur from one person. Companies should strive to build a working team around the head of growth. 

There are different examples of heads of growth that succeeded and others that completely missed. Each startup requires its own approach. Some are more organic than others. A good head of growth should be the conduit between the company and the market. Sounds simple, right? However, as you have started to grow, you will become a smaller cog in the wheel. It is easy to forget that.


Communication isn’t a one-sided process; it requires good listening skills. Since growth leaders must be comfortable performing on both sides of the communication spectrum, they should be comfortable in social media and speaking face-to-face.

Growth leaders must be quick to pounce on issues and discrepancies in the data. They must also be able to use statistics and data to communicate with other staff. Most importantly, they should be good listeners and not only able to address issues quickly but also empathize with the business.

Frequently asked questions

What is the need for a business growth?

A business’s long-term survival depends on growth. Assets are acquired, new talent is attracted, and funds are invested. Additionally, it influences business performance and profit.

How do you interview head of growth?

  • What would you do with them if you had 100 headcount?
  • What will be your first hire?
  • Would you hire a candidate with these kinds of skills?
  • Do you want to structure the team?
  • Do you prefer to own your own product?
  • Growth teams usually struggle in certain areas.

What does it mean to manage for growth?

As a growth manager, he sets goals and leads efforts to achieve them. The following steps are recommended: Work with different departments to identify growth opportunities throughout the company. Take advantage of these opportunities and come up with different solutions.

Why every company needs a growth manager?

A high tech company needs growth managers who can identify its products’ growth opportunities, develop strategies to fill such gaps, increase revenue, and motivate customers to adopt the product.

What is the role of growth team?

There might be things like conversion optimization or. Filling in forms, requests for demos. Keeping product, for instance. Product value is reduced by reducing friction. Search engine optimization, or SEO. We create SEO friendly content and landing pages.

What is growth management in business?

Growth management is an approach used to address population growth. The goal of this approach is to plan, service and finance expansion while ensuring that the municipality is achieving its objectives.

Why is a head of growth important?

The head of growth will explain where retention rates stand, how they are moving, and where problems arise in their funnel and acquisition journey quickly. They must be sure how to decrease negative growth. Anyone with a scientific, analytical mind could be the head of growth.

What does Head of growth mean?

As a growth leader, the head can set strategy and recruit people to the team with the skills they require, but also work horizontally across all teams at the company. Multiple dimensions are involved in complexity. Attraction and retention become both priorities.

Who is responsible for company growth?

A company’s salesperson is ultimately responsible for its growth.

How much does a head of growth make?

The annual salaries of head of growth in the United States range from $18,710 to $250,000, with a median salary of $19,770. 80% of head of growth makes between $19,770 and $80,000, with the middle 60% making $250,000.

What does a head of business development do?

Business development is responsible for monitoring the company’s general business operations and client transactions. Directors of business development coordinate with clients with their requirements and specifications, and develop the team that will handle project management.

What makes a business successful?

My GRE Exam Preparation’s marketing specialist John Stevenson says that successful businesses have one thing in common: a strong customer focus. They create a culture that is centered around their customer’s needs and focus their products, processes, and services around what they need.

What makes a good growth marketing manager?

Growth marketers tend to think big and test small. Their idea can be used as a marketing channel – even Craigslist! – but they also run cheap, iterative tests to make sure it works.

What is head strategy?

A CEO is responsible for working closely with the CEO to improve current business operations and revise them to accomplish the company’s long-term vision.

Why is growth an important value?

It is not only about the value to your own life as well as to those around you and to society that makes personal growth successful. Your growth as a person can help you in all aspects of your life. Your growth in emotional and psychological health will help you become a more loving, compassionate, and positive person.

Every Business Needs a Head of Growth

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