How to Write Break Up Captions for Insta

Did you just break up with your partner? Have you decided to post about your heartbreak through social media? You might want to learn how to write break up captions for Insta first.

Breaking up with the person you love is unimaginably painful. You might have not moved on from such a heartbreak yet. You might want to post about it through your Instagram by sharing a photo or an artwork depicting your loss.

This article will teach you how to create break up captions for Insta. You will learn a few tips on doing so, accompanied by examples to make it clearer for you. Wipe your tears for now, as this will be the first step for your moving-on process.

Posting About a Breakup on Instagram

“Break ups suck.” That could be the first thing you have ever thought about when you first met your ex-turned-partner. You could have not imagined the time the two of you would have to say goodbye to one another for good.

However, here you are, mourning one of the worst losses of your life. It feels worse than a loved one dying because the person that you lost is alive.

You also have the fear of him or her finding the happiness he or she never experienced with you. What a heartbreaking image to imagine!

You might have been still keeping it to yourself, but it is okay to find ways to ease the grueling pain. One of the things you could do is post on social media.

However, you should ensure that you keep the privacy between you and your ex. Many people on social media find it disturbingly fun to meddle in other people’s lives.

So, for your own sake, you can just share photos related to break ups or heartbreaks. That way, you can find a way to release the feeling you have been keeping for a long time.

As much as possible, refrain from posting photos of yourself crying. You will regret it once you have moved on from such a ghastly situation. People might find it as a laughingstock or a pathetic move of yours to make your ex come back.

Just keep it low-key and composed.

3 Tips to Remember on Making Break Up Captions for Insta

It is time to channel the pain you are feeling into a meaningful Instagram post. You can start by picking photos related to break ups or heartbreaks.

It can be your own photo of a dark city landscape or a rainy day. Also, you can choose snippets of movie scenes that show sad parts where the guy breaks up with his leading lady.

Regardless of the image you choose, you should carefully write your post’s text.

Check out these three tips to remember on making IG captions about break ups.

1. Choose Your Theme

The first thing you should do is choose your theme.

Decide on what kind of messaging tone you want to convey. If you are deeply saddened by the break up, you can use a gloomy voice in your caption.

If you choose this theme, you need to add emojis as well. That way, you can get to emphasize the emotions of your post.

On the other hand, you can also choose a strong theme. You can do this when you are hopeful or vengeful about your post-break up life.

Whatever theme you choose, your caption should match the vibes of your photo.

2. Use Quotes

Next, you can incorporate quotes about break up to your caption.

You can use movie lines, philosophical thoughts, proverbs, or even self-wisdom! That way, you can use your heartbreak to reach out to other people experiencing your pain.

These quotes should highlight the emotion you are trying to convey. Also, it should help you effectively send off the message you are attempting to embody.

It can be about the process of moving forward or the freedom you felt when you finally broke up with your toxic partner. The quote you will use should be complementary to the idea you intend to share with your followers.

This should echo the content of the photo or photos you will post.

3. Speak Up Your Mind

Lastly, you should speak up your mind.

Remember, this is a post about your heartbreak. Do not think about what your partner will feel when he sees your post.

This is your method of fighting off the demons plaguing your mind. So speak up and amplify your emotions!

That way, you can receive sympathy from your friends and other Instagram followers. This is crucial for your moving on process.

However, you should keep in mind to still regulate the emotions you will give off. You would not want to spark controversy or add more fuel to the fire.

Examples of Break Up Captions for Insta

Ready to release the emotions you have been keeping since “D-Day?” Go write your own Instagram captions about break up now!

If you think you still need to practice, you may opt to use image caption generators like INK.

INK uses sophisticated AI technology, crafted by its best IT experts, to help you create texts in accordance with your prerequisites. After sending the Ctrl + Enter command, you can activate its “AI write” feature.

The AI write allows the software program to write content for you in no time.

Want to see how INK works? Check out the examples below.s

  • “I’ll always love you.”
  • I will never love again.
  • Now you’re just somebody that I used to know. Familiar song?
  • I used to love you so much. Now it’s time to say goodbye.
  • Goodbye. Farewell. I hate you.
  • You deserved better than that.
  • This page is the final page in a story that never had a happy ending
  • I will miss “us.”
  • I wish we never fought that night.
  • You broke your promise.
  • Cheater!
  • One day I was your clown and the next you were gone.
  • You don’t want this anymore, do you?
  • You just used me.
  • Never again.
  • Do not come back!
  • You broke my heart.
  • Goodbye.
  • It’s hard to find the words to say goodbye.
  • Nothing is ever the same again without you.

Wrapping Up

Breaking up with your dearest is the most difficult thing you could ever experience. However, there are many ways to vent out. One of them is posting on Instagram about the emotions you are feeling.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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