How to Write Compelling Caption for Instagram Reels

Instagram’s new feature, Reels, has taken the Internet by storm. Are you one of those trendy people making a Reel about exciting topics? You might want to learn how to make a cool caption for Instagram Reels.

These Reels are just like snaps but vertically. They show you the content you add to your story in a fun and attractive way. The captions are your opportunity to express something interesting.

In this article, you will learn how to make a cool caption for Instagram Reels. It will teach you the definition of an Instagram reel and a few steps to making one. #TimeToRead!

What are Instagram Reels?

On Instagram, your followers can see photos you post throughout the day. These include photos from when you’re at home, out and about, and on your travels. 

You can also share videos. These videos are also known as Reels.

An Instagram reel is where you display photos and videos that span the whole day you post your media. You can have a few or even 20 reels.

It’s your chance to show what you’re doing outside the office. Also, you can share content with the people who follow you are interested in. 

Your followers have the option to click on small text bubbles at the bottom of every post that appears when you share your photo.

This is the platform for you to build your follower count and boost your Instagram reputation. They can decide whether or not they want to follow you.

Why Should I Create Captions for Instagram Reels?

Creating captions for motion pictures on Instagram is a great way to set your visual style. It also lets you establish an idea of how your future visuals will look. 

You can be creative with your captions by using hashtags and stories. These can be used to let people know what’s going on with your life!

Captions are definitely one of the best ways to increase your following on Instagram. With more likes, posts, and followers, you’ll also be able to increase your website traffic and sales.

If you haven’t come up with captions for your Instagram Reels, it’s time to start working on them.

3 Things to Remember When Making a Caption for Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are a great way to show your most recent posts without having to gather the posts into a long-winded story. They’re an exciting way to share inspiration with other Instagrammers.

Plus, it keeps your Instagram account visually appealing. 

However, all the captions you make for Instagram Reels are from the image. 

Your caption will be the star of the Reel.

Check out these three things to remember when making a caption for Instagram Reels.

1. Use Your Imagination

Always think outside of the box and be creative when it comes to your captions for Instagram. Imagine you’re writing for a blog, not any single platform. 

This will help with finding an interesting angle for your caption. If you’re stuck, ask yourself what humor you could blend with the Instagram captions.

Use your imagination when creating a caption for your Instagram reel. For example, you could say “The best dish” or “Taking a selfie” if you are shooting a portion of food or a selfie. 

Try not to say anything specific that could be spoiled because this could unnecessarily ruin the suspense for the following pictures.

2. Keep It Simple

Although you need to make your caption as creative as possible, you should keep it simple. 

Remember that the caption is the first thing people see. Keep the caption short, so the viewers can still appreciate your Reel.

You may think that the more you explain, the more of an impact you have. However, the opposite is true. 

If people are able to understand your message in a few words, then you’ve done well.

3. Put Hashtags

The last thing you should do is use hashtags. Hashtags are the best way to align your post with related ones that speak of the same message you are trying to convey.

The more you can connect with the people who are watching, the more likely they will be to click on your post.

When you use a hashtag, your post goes to the top of searches, especially when users search for your topic.

You can use as many hashtags as you can, but remember to keep it within a good number. Five hashtags is a recommended number!


Instagram Reels are a good way to increase brand awareness, engage your audience, and create followers. If you like making Instagram Reels, you will find that completing the caption for the photo is a lot of fun.

Remember to use your imagination, keep it simple, and put hashtags!

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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