How To Make Creative Digital Brand Storytelling 

Can you hear that? It’s the loudness of the digital world. And if you want to snatch your audience’s attention, you’ve got to rise above that noise. How? Digital brand storytelling.

In today’s highly competitive market, companies need more than piecing an optimized blog post together to hold attention.

More companies are finding ways to deliver quality content and nail SEO. So, brand storytelling is the game changer.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • The meaning of digital media brand storytelling
  • How it affects brands 
  • The importance 
  • And great examples of brand storytelling. 

Curious? We’ll dive right in.

What Is Brand Storytelling?

Digital brand storytelling is a narrative marketing technique ranging from videos to blogs or podcasts. The sole purpose of brand storytelling is to create a connection between a brand and the audience.

The most vital benefit of brand storytelling is that it humanizes your brand to customers. Thereby eliciting loyalty from them.

It creates a vivid personality for your company to prospects.

Digital media brand storytelling may take various forms. While some tell an inspiring story of a company’s early days, others may simply cover why the brand is keen on making change.

Regardless of your approach, it’s essential to make it memorable. And focus on stories you would love to be associated with.

Why The Fuss About Brand Storytelling?

Brand storytelling has become a marketing technique for top brands like Nike or Apple. That’s because it is how you’ll earn diehard fans or loyal customers.

When your prospects feel they know you better, they will probably stick with you.

Here are other reasons storytelling is a content marketing style worth trying:

Makes your Brand Memorable

Everyone has testimonials on their page. Customers aren’t likely to remember you because of the clients you’ve helped. But a peculiar brand story would be remembered.

The growth of Apple is an example of a brand story that everyone can relate to.

In any competitive industry, a great story will always stand you out.

Link Sales With Company Mission

Taglines are attractive, but customers are concerned about your values. Hence, unveiling your values, mission, and voice in your brand story is highly effective.

Builds Trust

Random marketing materials only treat customers like a walking dollar. And customers do not like such ads. But brand stories help customers understand you in a more personal way. It’s like getting to know someone personally enough to trust them.

The profundity of brand storytelling and the feeling it elicits make it an effective option.

A person sitting front of a laptop and working.
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Great Digital Brand Storytelling Examples


Google nailed its brand story by narrating the company’s history. Accompanying the story is a picture of Larry and Sergey’s picture.

It’s easy to imagine two Standford students working in their dorm rooms having a lightbulb moment. And you find yourself warming up to the fact that their one-time “idea” has become indispensable worldwide.


A grumpy Granddad got tired of his grandchildren’s cloth diapers. Turns out this grumpy dad was a Procter & Gamble researcher named Victor Mill. So, he sought ways to create disposable pampers and bid his cloth diaper Goodbye.

Thanks to this decision, we have happy babies and parents worldwide.

See? How does that story make you feel? We bet Pampers just won your heart.

Wrapping Up

Creative digital brand storytelling is a powerful way to engage audiences. And it creates an emotional connection between brands and consumers.

Every stunning brand story has one feature in common. They have a relatable character that either created a solution or got out of a problem. Once your story touches your customer’s pain point, you’ve won them over.

Hence, humanizing your brand enables you to connect with customers on a new level. Most brands have unique stories, but it’s a battle of who can tell them better.

We bet you can.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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