A Basic Guide to ESL Vocabulary List

Vocabulary is of great essence in speaking and writing. Work…

Vocabulary is of great essence in speaking and writing. Work on your vocabulary every day to keep yourself learning new words with the valuable ESL vocabulary tips provided in this article.

What is Vocabulary?

Vocabulary is a set of expressions, words, and morphemes used to communicate. It is a critical skill and a useful tool for making correct sentences. Proper vocabulary makes it possible for you to express yourself and help others better understand you.

Vocabulary is a big factor in communication and an excellent way of being able to understand a language correctly.

In all areas, vocabulary is essential. It is what allows you to speak clearly, make sense of words, and understand what you read. Learning vocabulary is a great tool in enhancing your understanding of a language.

Vocabulary helps in building confidence and the ability to express your thoughts. It is important to achieve basic communication and confidence in all kinds of linguistic situations. A new language requires that you master its basic vocabulary to be effective.  

ESL Vocabulary List

Vocabulary words and phrases

  • Phrasal verbs: Break out, bring about, come along, come on, get over.
  • Antonyms: external – internal; above – below; fall – rise.
  • Abbreviations: Gal. – Gallon; Prof – Professor; Bike – Bicycle.
  • Synonyms: Attractive – appealing, enjoyment – fun, quiet – silent
  • Slang words: Break a leg – good luck, mate – a friend, cheesy – tacky
  • Idioms: up in the air – still to be settled, flat broke – having no money at all

Word Forms

  • Suffixes: -wise (otherwise, likewise, clockwise)
  • Prefixes: co- (coworker, cooperation, coexist)
  • Contractions list: aren’t – are not; can’t – cannot; shan’t – shall not.
  • Informal contractions: alotta – a lot of; tell’em – tell them; hasta – has to

10 Tips to Improve Vocabulary

  • Read and listen more attentively
  • Practice
  • Have a word of the day
  • Write down new words
  • Use flashcards and dictionaries
  • Use the vocabulary you learn in your way.
  • Apply the new words you learn in daily conversations.
  • Associate a new word you learn with people, places, or events
  • Make a vocabulary list and put it on the wall
  • Create a list of special vocabulary.
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To Wrap Up

Every language has an inter-relationship between words and phrases, which explains why vocabulary is so important – to understand the idea behind a statement. While the improper use of vocabulary can lead to misunderstandings, the correct use can make it easy for you to communicate and be understood.

Frequently asked questions

How do you teach academic vocabulary to ESL?

  • You can label everything in your classroom.
  • Invoke rich vocabulary to your students.
  • Pre-teach key vocabulary
  • Using rich vocabulary and images, using text is helpful.
  • Play vocabulary games
  • Sing songs
  • Prefixes and suffixes should be taught.
  • Use cognates

How do I teach advanced vocabulary to ESL?

  • Use real-life material
  • Conversation and debate
  • Tick their vocabulary to suit their interests.
  • Focus on pronunciation
  • Sayings, Idioms, and Slang.
  • Poetry and comedy are versatile.
  • Assign writing assignments
  • Resources

How do I present a new vocabulary ESL?

  • Picture It. Introduce new vocabulary words with pictures.
  • Keep it Real
  • Be It Yours
  • Sing It Loud
  • Introduce Couples
  • Get Physical
  • This is the cause of the issue.

Where can I find English vocabulary?

Find out what the most common words mean first using a dictionary or other online resources. A flashcard, whether paper-based or online, is still one of the best ways to learn new words. To memorize English vocabulary, regular practice is essential.

What are the 20 difficult words?

  • Scissors
  • Quinoa
  • Draught
  • Mischievous
  • Colonel
  • Anemone
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Worcestershire

What are the 100 most common words in English?

1. the21. at41. there
2. of22. be42. use
3. and23. this43. an
4. a24. have44. each
5. to25. from45. which

How do you create a vocabulary list with read and write?

What are the 20 vocabulary words?

  • yttrium
  • epidermal
  • hypodermic needle
  • transdermal Unbroken skin
  • nanometer. Counts one billionths of meters in length.
  • erbium. A trivalent metal element of the rare earth group.
  • tensile strength
  • wavelength

How do beginners teach ESL students?

  • Keep your instructions simple and clear.
  • Listen first
  • Drill, repeat, drill, repeat..
  • Early in your career, use classroom language.
  • Avoid metalanguage
  • Keep in mind that your students are fluent in their own language(s).
  • Make sure you prepare well, prepare very well, and keep them talking.

How do I create a vocabulary list in Excel?

What are the 4 types of vocabulary?

Vocabulary means the words we need to understand to communicate effectively. In education, four types of vocabulary are considered: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The vocabulary of listening refers to the words we need to understand to understand what we hear.

How do you write a vocabulary list?

  • Keep items short and sweet.
  • Choose “meaty” words
  • Include example sentences
  • Provide text-specific context when available.
  • Keep definitions in context.
  • Make sure the words in your list are a lot of fun.

How can I memorize English vocabulary?

  • Keep a vocabulary notebook organized.
  • If the words were changed after 24 hours, after 1 week, and after 1 month, they would all change again.
  • Read, read, read
  • Use your new words.
  • Play word puzzles, crosswords, anagrams, or word searches.
  • You can make word cards with them.
  • A friend helps you learn words.

What are the 10 vocabulary words?

  • encompass
  • respite. As soon as you have finished something, you will be paused.
  • eloquent
  • fanatical. Passion for a cause or idea is excessive.
  • discordant. We are not at ease.
  • atrocity. An act of shocking cruelty.
  • pensive Thoughtful thinking
  • imperceptible

What is ESL vocabulary?

Vocabulary for the New Year. An ESL vocabulary is the foundational building block of your knowledge of English. If you do not know the correct English word, you will not be able to have a conversation or write an essay. Therefore, increasing your vocabulary is one of the most important things that you must do when learning English.

A Basic Guide to ESL Vocabulary List

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