Free Performance Appraisal Form; Template and Examples

Performance appraisals are essential for any business. They provide valuable feedback to managers and employees regarding job performance. A suitable performance appraisal form needs to be used to ensure meaningful results.

This post will explore some top performance appraisal form examples that can help you create a comprehensive evaluation process.

What Is Performance Appraisal?

Performance appraisal is a formal system used by employers to assess an employee’s job performance. It involves setting objectives, tracking progress, and providing feedback to help employees develop and improve their skills.

Performance appraisals are also used to establish salary increases or bonuses, change organizational roles, or even terminate employment.

How to Create Performance Appraisal Form Examples

1. Start by Defining the Purpose

Before creating a performance appraisal form, it’s essential first to define the purpose of the Evaluation. This can include identifying areas for improvement, assessing job-specific skills, and evaluating overall job performance.

2. Decide on the Key Metrics

Once you’ve established your goals for the evaluation process, select metrics that you will use to measure employee performance. These should reflect individual and organizational objectives such as customer service satisfaction or sales results.

3. Establish Criteria and Rating Scale

Establish criteria for each metric and create a rating scale that employees can use to evaluate their progress (e.g., excellent, satisfactory, unsatisfactory). This is what allows for fair and consistent evaluations.

4. Use Existing Templates

Many performance appraisal form examples are available online, so don’t reinvent the wheel. Look for one that closely aligns with your goals and customize it as needed to ensure accuracy and clarity.

5. Train Managers

Once you have a finalized appraisal form, ensure managers understand how to use it properly. This includes training on how to interpret rating scales, provide feedback in a meaningful way, and document results accurately.

Types of Performance Appraisal Forms

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360-Degree Evaluation

Various people complete this form within the organization. This includes peers, direct reports, supervisors, and even customers. They provide their opinions on an employee’s strengths and weaknesses. This is to generate an overall view of their performance. This type of appraisal is often seen as more objective than solely relying on the opinions of a single individual.

Employee Self-Assessment

This form asks the employee to rate their performance in various areas, such as task completion, communication, and problem-solving. Employee self-assessments often provide employees with an opportunity for reflection and can be used in conjunction with other types of appraisals.

Competency-Based Assessment

 Competency based assessments involve evaluating an employee’s knowledge or skill level in a particular area. This type of Evaluation helps determine an individual’s suitability for taking on additional responsibilities or advancing within the organization.

Project Based Evaluation

Project-based evaluations assess an employee’s contribution to a specific project or goal. This type of Evaluation is helpful in providing feedback on the employee’s performance within a particular context. It can be used to determine areas for improvement.

Behavioral Appraisal

Behavioral appraisals involve assessing an employee’s behavior regarding specific job duties. This form evaluates positive and negative behaviors. It allows managers to identify areas where employees may need additional training or guidance.

Performance Appraisal Form Template

Here is an example of a performance appraisal form template that you can use to evaluate employee performance in various areas:

Name of Employee: ___________________________________________

Evaluation Date: _____________________________________________

Job Responsibilities: _________________________________________

Task Completion & Quality – Rate the employee’s ability to complete tasks and produce quality work. (1=Poor, 5=Excellent)

1 2 3 4 5

Communication Skills: Rate the employee’s verbal and written communication skills. (1=Poor, 5=Excellent)

1 2 3 4 5

Problem-Solving & Decision Making – Rate the employee’s problem-solving and decision-making abilities. (1= Poor, 5=Excellent)

1 2 3 4 5

Overall Rating: Provide an overall rating of the employee’s performance. (1=Poor, 5=Excellent)

1 2 3 4 5

Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Performance appraisal forms provide valuable insight into an employee’s performance, allowing organizations to make more informed decisions regarding their workforce. By choosing the right type of form, you’ll have access to comprehensive feedback. This will help you create successful development plans and ensure your employees’ success.

Using the proper performance appraisal form examples, you can gain valuable insight into your team’s performance and use that information to promote meaningful change. Hopefully, this blog has provided helpful information on the available appraisal forms. This way, you can make an informed decision about which is right for you.

Good luck!

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