Basic Guide: Performance Review Template Letter

When the organization uses no defined structure to evaluate staff performance, a performance review template letter is frequently employed.

Performance review letters are vital. They offer employees a written evaluation of job performance from a supervisor. They identify the employee’s strengths and weaknesses and evaluate their corporate contributions.

An evaluation letter is helpful for employees in formulating an improvement plan. It also delivers an important message: the employee is a valued contributor.

Below are guidelines for creating an effective review letter and templates for employee performance review letters.

What Is a Performance Review?

A performance review is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s work performance, including qualitative and quantitative assessments.

It provides valuable feedback on how the employee has been performing relative to job expectations and outlines areas for improvement or further development.

By conducting regular reviews, employers are better equipped to make informed decisions about personnel issues such as promotions, salary increases, or disciplinary action.

Guidelines for Writing a Performance Review

When writing a performance review, it is essential to use clear and concise language that reflects the individual’s personal experience and expertise.

In the letter, you will have to keep an eye on critical areas such as the following:

  • Duration of time
  • Performance
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Rating scale.

It will also include an evaluation of the manager’s activities, qualities, and outcomes, as well as the employee’s performance. Lastly, it will prescribe action plans that the manager and employee could work on.

Performance Review Template Letter

A performance review template letter can help you write an effective performance review for your employee. Here is an example of a well-written template letter.

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Template Letter for Good Performance

Dear [Name],

I am writing to express my satisfaction regarding your performance as of late. It has been a pleasure observing your work diligently, demonstrating both knowledge and skill in the field that is nothing short of exemplary.

Your knack for quickly grasping concepts and applying them practically has dramatically benefitted our team’s efficiency and productivity.

In particular, I have noted how you combine creativity with pragmatism when faced with challenges. I have also noted how you successfully resolve issues with expediency and finesse.

Your consistent efforts at improving output quality further attest to your excellence and reliability. As such, I would like to congratulate you on being an invaluable asset to our organization. Please keep up the fantastic work!

Warmest Regards,


Template Letter for Poor Performance

Dear [Name],

I am writing to review your recent performance; unfortunately, it has exceeded expectations. It would help if you displayed more professionalism, commitment, and attention to detail. Your production rate is also slower than expected and needed for this project.

You must understand the importance of meeting deadlines, following procedures, and being proactive with your tasks.

As an experienced team member, I know that you can deliver high-quality results on time and within budget. As we advance, I expect to see more consistent progress from you; any further delays or lapses in quality will not be tolerated.

Please make the necessary adjustments to improve your performance with our standards. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you succeed.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

Final Words

Using a performance review template lettermakes assessments quicker and easier. The template letter should explicitly state what the employee did well and what they need improvement in.

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