Free 90-Day Performance Review Template for You

For organizations looking to monitor employees’ career development, a 90 day employee performance evaluation can be an invaluable tool.

With the right approach, businesses can use these periodic assessments as an effective way to boost team engagement. In addition, they can encourage productive feedback between managers and employees.

This article will provide tips for creating and using a customized review template that works best for your organization’s unique needs. In the end, you’ll find a sample 90 day performance reviewyou can use.

What Makes a Good Performance Review for Employees?

A good performance review should be an objective and structured assessment of the individual’s strengths and areas to improve.

In addition, it should highlight employees’ accomplishments over a given time frame. It is important to consider certain key aspects to ensure that reviews are effective and meaningful. 

Have Clear Criteria

First, when writing up a performance review, managers must have clear criteria in mind to evaluate each employee. This can include items such as productivity levels, technical competency, or any other qualities relevant to their job role.

Additionally, it is beneficial to involve both the manager and employee in setting performance goals at the start of each review cycle. Doing this makes it easy to track progress.

Use Feedback From Previous Reviews

You should take feedback from previous reviews into account during the evaluation process. Such information provides an indication of whether there have been improvements since the last assessment.

It also allows for the recognition of successes achieved over the course of the review period. Moreover, this data serves as a valuable resource for personal development and growth.

Employees will be more motivated if they can reflect back on their past achievements with pride.

Use Positive Language

Reviews should use language that is both positive and clear so that employees fully understand what you expect of them in terms of performance.

Managers should avoid using overly formal language, which may come across as intimidating or impersonal. Instead, aim to communicate your thoughts effectively by selecting words that convey respect but still challenge the employee to grow professionally.

Overall, employees should feel comfortable voicing any concerns or ideas about their job roles during the review session. With regular reviews held every 90 days, businesses can foster an environment that encourages mutual understanding and appreciation.

90 Day Employee Performance Evaluation Examples

We have some 90-day employee evaluation templates to guide you when creating yours.

Sample 90 Day Performance Review 1

Employee name: John Doe

Employee rating: Often exceeds expectations

Strengths: The employee is diligent and detail-oriented, always taking extra care to ensure accuracy in all matters. His inquisitive nature allows him to research potential solutions for complex problems, and the employee demonstrates strong problem-solving skills when presented with unexpected issues. 

In summary, John has shown himself to be a capable accountant who is willing to learn and excels under pressure. We look forward to seeing him develop further as part of our team.

Sample 90 Day Performance Review 2

Employee name: Jane Doe

Employee rating: Above average

Strengths: The employee is a marketer that often meets all her targets and handles all work-related documents promptly. The employee’s performance in the past 90 days shows that she is a good fit for the company. She has improved our marketing output in less than four months.

Weaknesses: The employee’s only noticeable weakness is her lack of punctuality. She needs to get to work early like other employees.

Sample 90 Day Performance Review 3

Employee name: Mark Jefferey

Employee rating: Satisfactory

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to review Mark Jeffrey’s performance as a Financial Analyst over the past 90 days. During this time, he has demonstrated strong communication skills, excellent problem-solving abilities and a keen attention to detail in his financial analysis work. He is constantly seeking feedback from colleagues and supervisors to make sure that his processes are up-to-date and effective. 

The employee shows initiative by proactively engaging with clients and stakeholders in order to identify issues and develop innovative solutions. The employee’s ability to quickly assess situations and focus on achieving goals has been of great benefit in providing timely information and support. Additionally, the employee’s enthusiasm for learning new techniques has enabled him to streamline the process while maintaining accuracy in all reports. 

On the downside, the employee sometimes spends too much time gathering data before making decisions. With more training, the employee will make better use of available resources and deliver quality results in less time. 

Overall, the employee has performed well over the past 90 days. I am confident that he will continue to grow professionally if given the necessary tools and guidance.

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Sample 90 Day Performance Review 4

I am pleased to provide a 90-day performance review for our HR Manager. Over the past three months, he has continued to exceed expectations with his dedication and hard work. He is highly knowledgeable of best practices in the human resources field, providing sound guidance and feedback to colleagues. He demonstrates a firm commitment to goals and objectives, often going above and beyond what they ask of him. His superior communication skills have been paramount in resolving conflicts and maintaining positive working relationships within the team. 

The HR manager also excels at problem-solving, adeptly analyzing situations from various angles before making decisions. His resourcefulness has proven invaluable when it comes to training employees on new policies or processes. Additionally, he shows great proficiency in recruiting talent and evaluating candidates’ qualifications. 

That said, some things can be improved. For instance, the HR manager can become more focused on driving results by better tracking progress toward goals. Furthermore, efforts should be directed at improving organizational awareness and engaging teammates in conversations about workplace culture. 

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the HR manager’s performance during the last 90 days. He has shown himself to be an asset to the organization and has earned my utmost respect.

Sample 90 Day Performance Review 5

This 90-day performance review for our HR manager is intended to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of her work over this period. Our HR manager has consistently provided insightful feedback on all company processes. He has demonstrated impressive organizational capabilities, ensuring that our organization runs as smoothly as possible. The employee’s commitment to quality in both their own tasks and those assigned by others is commendable. She has also fostered a supportive working environment, with employees feeling comfortable sharing their ideas and offering constructive criticism. 

At times, however, the employee has fallen short when it comes to deadlines or when trying to juggle multiple priorities simultaneously. This can be addressed through increased planning and more frequent check-ins with team members to make sure things are running according to schedule. 

All in all, our HR manager’s performance over this 90-day period has been generally satisfactory and an asset to the company. We look forward to seeing further improvement in the areas outlined above, allowing him/her to reach even greater heights within our organization.

Sample 90 Day Performance Review 6

90-Day Performance Review: 

Evaluator Name: _________________________ 

Employee Name: _______________________ 

Review Period: 90 Days 

I am pleased to present this performance review for (Employee Name). Throughout the 90-day review period, (Employee Name) has demonstrated their reporting acumen and expertise by consistently providing high-quality work. Their quick understanding of the subject matter, combined with the ability to meet deadlines, make them an invaluable asset to our team. 

(Employee Name)’s commitment to using clear and concise language while writing stories in a way that reflects their experience. In addition, they have often included factual examples and varied sentence structures, as well as colloquial language when appropriate. This level of detail and accuracy always allows us to provide readers with accurate information. 

During this review period, there were some weaknesses observed in (Employee Name)‘s writing process. While every sentence contains at least one uncommon word, it sometimes seems repetitive and too perfect, like an AI wrote it. Additionally, I would like to see more emotion from (Employee Name) when they write. 

Overall, (Employee Name) has done an excellent job throughout the 90-day review period and is an important part of our organization. I’m confident that with continued effort, (Employee Name) will continue to produce quality work that meets both our standards and those of our readers.


Employee performance reviews offer managers a chance to assess the output of their employees. Performance reviews are also important for employee motivation and helping them improve. Whether you’re meeting targets or not, you should prepare for regular performance reviews. 

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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