Effective Performance Evaluation Template for Supervisors

Gaining insight into the effectiveness of your team’s performance is essential for workplace success.

Whether you are a supervisor or manager, it can be difficult to monitor and review employee performance in an effective way. A great tool to facilitate this process is an effective performance evaluation template. One that allows supervisors to accurately assess performance while taking their own experiences and insights into account.

With the right sample performance evaluation form for supervisors, you can gain better insight into employee performance. We show you what to include and avoid in your supervisor evaluation form.

How to Create a Good Sample Performance Evaluation Form for Supervisors

Any good sample performance evaluation form for supervisors must include certain elements. We discuss these elements below.

Define the Goals

The first step in creating good sample performance evaluation forms for supervisors is to define the goals of the form. This could include topics such as identifying strengths and weaknesses, measuring progress against goals, or addressing areas of improvement.

Doing this will help ensure that all relevant information is included in the form and that there is consistency throughout the assessment process. Additionally, it is important to think through any biases that may exist within the organization.

Assess how these might affect the results of the assessments. Taking the time to consider potential sources of bias upfront will save time and energy in the long run.

Carefully Craft Your Questions

Next, it’s important to determine the most appropriate questions to ask on the form. Questions should be specific enough that they can easily identify aspects of performance. But they shouldn’t be so specific that they limit employees’ ability to provide meaningful feedback.

Additionally, it’s important to have a balance between open-ended questions (e.g., “What do you believe was the most successful project completed by your team this quarter?”) and more structured ones (e.g., “On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate the overall morale of your team this quarter?”).

When constructing your questionnaire, it’s also important to take cultural considerations into account. Ask questions that will resonate with different employees in different parts of the world, even if working remotely.

Ensure Anonymity

Furthermore, when designing sample performance evaluation forms for supervisors, it’s essential to keep data collection and privacy issues in mind.

Employee confidentiality must be respected at all times. So it’s crucial to carefully word each question on the form and make sure that responses remain anonymous. It is also important to keep track of who has access to the form.

Sample Performance Evaluation Form for Supervisors

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Take a look at these sample performance evaluation forms for supervisors generated with the new Hey INK tool.

Template 1

Supervisor Evaluation Form

This evaluation is meant to reflect the professional experience of the writer with regard to his/her supervisor. The following questions are designed to assess three things. The first is to know how well the supervisor manages the team. It also assesses how well the supervisor promotes a positive work environment. Finally, we want to know how successfully the supervisor meets the expectations set forth by higher-level managers. 

Please respond honestly and thoughtfully, as your answers will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the individual’s performance. 

1. How would you rate your supervisor’s communication skills? Are they concise and effective in conveying tasks and directives? 

2. Does your supervisor demonstrate a willingness to provide feedback that encourages growth and development? 

3. Does your supervisor foster an inclusive and collaborative work atmosphere for all employees? 

4. Is your supervisor flexible in accommodating changes or challenges within the workplace? 

5. How does your supervisor handle conflict resolution between staff members? 

6. Does your supervisor offer appropriate guidance when tackling complex projects or tasks? 

7. How do you perceive your supervisor’s ability to remain organized and prioritize effectively? 

8. Is there any area where your supervisor could improve their leadership qualities?

Template 2

Supervisor Evaluation Form

This evaluation form is designed to assess the supervisor’s capabilities and competencies in a variety of areas. The feedback provided herein will provide insight into the individual’s performance, leadership abilities, and overall effectiveness as a supervisor. 

I. Leadership Ability: Does the supervisor demonstrate effective organizational skills?

Can they motivate employees to perform at their best?

Are they adept at problem-solving and making sound decisions?

How well do they delegate responsibilities and tasks among team members? 

II. Work Ethic:

Is the supervisor reliable and dependable?

Do they demonstrate commitment and passion for their work? Are they punctual, organized, and efficient?

Are they receptive to constructive criticism and new ideas? 

III. Interpersonal Skills: How well does the supervisor interact with other staff members, managers, clients, and customers?

Do they foster collaboration or create an environment of mistrust and animosity?

Can they handle conflicts in a professional manner? 

IV. Team Building/Mentoring: Is the supervisor capable of building strong relationships within the organization?

Are they able to mentor and coach employees to reach their full potential?

Do they inspire trust, respect, loyalty, and support from the team? 

V. Communication Style: Is the supervisor an effective listener?

Are their verbal and written communication clear, concise, and accurate?

Are they comfortable speaking publicly or conducting meetings with multiple parties involved? 

VI. Adaptability: Is the supervisor willing to embrace change when necessary? Do they welcome new challenges and stay open-minded to fresh perspectives? 

VII. Technical Skills: Is the supervisor up-to-date on industry standards, practices, technologies, systems, etc.?

Can they use computers proficiently and understand technical documentation? 

VIII. Overall Performance: Taking all the above factors into consideration, how would you rate this supervisor’s overall performance? Please provide details of your rating (e.g., excellent in some areas but lacking in others).

Final Thoughts

Employers must have a concrete way of evaluating performance, and for such a mechanism, a performance evaluation form is required. However, this is not always easy to do. With a sample performance evaluation form available, the process will not just be easier, but the results will be more meaningful. Next time you’re trying to create a performance evaluation form, be sure to read our tips on how to make it effective.

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