How to Rewrite Sentences to Improve Clarity

Sentences are the building blocks of verbal and written communication.…

Sentences are the building blocks of verbal and written communication. A sentence has many parts that can be rearranged to improve clarity, correct tone, avoid repetition or create cohesion.

These parts include words, phrases, and sentences. Therefore, knowing how to reword a phrase is essential for anyone involved in writing.

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Importance of Rewriting Phrases and Sentences

Rewording presupposes that there is an existing body of work. However, your work may have a few defects hindering the proper delivery of your message.


Clarity is always important and is especially important in writing. No one wants to read a sentence that is muddled with unnecessary words. You always want readers to be able to understand every single sentence with just a few stops to read it over.

When rewriting sentences for clarity, you want to remove all the unnecessary words. Adjectives and adverbs are examples of words that clog up your sentence.

In addition, passive voice sentences may hinder clarity due to their inverted structure.

Style Guidelines

Different publications have different style guidelines and tone requirements that writers have to adhere to. Your editor may ask you to reword your submission if you fail to adhere to the tone indicated in the content brief.


Everyone loves fresh content. After working hard to create your article, you may find that it looks like another person’s work. This fault isn’t yours, but you should rectify it. You could be penalized for plagiarism in an academic setting.

Similarly, search engine algorithms prioritize original content over copied ones. Rewording your essay makes it more original. This way, you can shake off the copycat tag.

How to Reword a Phrase and Sentence

You can decide to take on the challenge of rewriting your text manually and spend several hours fine-tuning it. Conversely, you can use AI rewriting tools and complete it in minutes. You may find it hard to believe, but it is possible. 


INK is an AI writing tool that aims to help you communicate better. It is an AI writing tool with several parts to handle different forms of writing. With more than 120 tools, you can rely on INK to give you the best writing output.

INK allows you to rewrite your sentences with ease. With its state-of-the-art AI, you can trust the result to be perfect. INK doesn’t just want you to communicate better. It helps you do it easily. 

Users can access the reword tool in three ways:

  • Web via INK website
  • Chrome extension
  • INK editor

With these three options, users are covered on all fronts. If you are accessing the tool via the website, type or paste your sentence in the box provided. Then, indicate your preferred tone. Finally, click on “AI write,” and INK will automatically generate different versions of your sentence. You can save each rewritten version or save them.

If you’re using the Chrome extension, highlight the text and click on the INK icon that appears next to the highlighted text. INK generates multiple rewritten versions of the text. The great thing is that the Chrome extension enables you to write and communicate better on different websites,

Rewriting your sentence with the INK editor follows a similar pattern. Highlight the sentence and click on “rewrite.”


QuillBot is another excellent tool for refreshing your writing. This tool allows you to paraphrase your text in a variety of tones. In all, it offers seven rewriting tones:

  • Standard
  • Fluency
  • Formal
  • Simple
  • Creative
  • Expand
  • Shorten

Two modes are accessible to every user, while the other five are available to premium users only. QuillBot uses an AI-powered thesaurus that ensures synonyms fit the context. QuillBot can be used on the web or Chrome and Microsoft Word extensions.


With Word Tune, you have a superb AI writing tool that can help you improve your writing in an instant. Word Tune caters to your tone and length needs. It allows you to reword your sentences in a formal or casual tone. In addition, you can also shorten sentences or expand them.

Word Tune has a web editor, and users can also download Word Tune’s Chrome extension. With the extension, you can use the rewriter on your favorite websites.

Word AI

When you need a bulk content rewording tool, you should try Word AI. Word AI uses the power of AI to repurpose your existing content. It goes beyond changing words for their synonyms. Word AI can completely restructure sentences without altering the meaning.

You can use it to improve the quality and clarity of your text in no time. This tool also integrates with Article Forge, allowing you to import articles.

Final Thoughts

Submitting a draft that fails to adhere to the style template may result in your article being rejected before peer review. Plagiarism and lack of clarity are big issues you also want to avoid. All of these problems can be solved by rewriting your piece.

Knowing how to reword a phrase or sentence is a must-have skill for anyone serious about elevating their writing. While rewriting phrases and sentences can seem difficult, it is much simpler than you think. You have online AI tools like INK to get the burden off your shoulders and make your content look new.

Frequently asked questions

What is revising for clarity?

Conciseness. Clarity and conciseness tend to go hand in hand: writing that focuses directly on a point and maximizes meaning with minimal wordiness is both clear and concise. Often, revising for clarity of meaning makes prose more concise.

What is the best way to revise the sentence for clarity?

  • Turn outdated to new information.
  • Place subordinate clauses carefully.
  • Use active voice
  • Use parallel constructions
  • Avoid noun strings
  • Make sure not to overuse noun forms of verbs.
  • Avoid multiple negatives

How do you make a clear sentence?

  • Eliminating unnecessary phrases and redundant files.
  • Use a clear and straightforward language.
  • Using an active voice.
  • Shorten wordy phrases
  • Start sentences with “there” or “there are” instead.
  • Eliminate extra nouns
  • Emphasis should not be placed on words such as “that”, “of, or “up.”.

What makes a sentence concise?

Focus is key to well-written writing. Similarly, a sentence should contain no unnecessary words, whereas a paragraph should contain only unnecessary sentences, just as a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine should have few unnecessary parts.

What is sentence clarity with examples?

Make sure dependent clauses and limiters are closest to the words they modify and do not use unclear pronoun references so as to make a sentence clear. It shuts down after opening the refrigerator (the refrigerator opened itself?).

Which one is better QuillBot or Grammarly?

If you repurpose content, are an academic or need a budget-friendly writing assistant, Quillbot is an excellent choice. Also, it works well if you want to paraphrase longer texts. Grammarly Premium costs more. Artificial intelligence is essential to edit your work and check for plagiarism problems.

How do you rewrite a sentence correctly?

  • Lie down and ask yourself why you are rewriting a sentence.
  • Use it to understand the key meaning.
  • Use a thesaurus
  • Make your sentences short and simple.
  • Writers should consider parallelism.
  • Use a correct grammar.
  • Don’t forget punctuation

How can I be good at rewrites?

  • Take time away
  • Reassemble your work and break it down.
  • I try to be someone else.
  • An editor or writer can give feedback.
  • A limited amount of time is needed to solve problems.
  • The paragraphs that need rephrasing should be found.
  • Try color-coding
  • You should ask lots of questions.

Does Grammarly have a rewrite sentences?

Grammarly now helps you score better by flagging those issues, as well as adding Premium suggestions to help you rewrite entire sentences.

How do I make my sentence sound better?

How to frame your sentences to convey well-written and engaging messages. To get a more casual tone, convey a less serious tone. Make yourself more professional and sophisticated. Keep your message concise and keep word limits.

Is there an app to rephrase sentences?

QuillBot is an excellent paraphrasing and summarizing tool that helps millions of students and professionals cut their writing time by more than half to rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or article using state-of-the-art.

What are the 4 types of sentence structures?

There are four types of sentences: simple, compound, complex and compound-complex. Defining each sentence is done by using independent clauses, conjunctions, and subordinates.

What makes a sentence unclear?

Firstly, the modification of words or phrases is placed too far from the word or group of words it is meant to modify. The second occurs when the sentence does not include a logical subject to modify. Both ways, dangling modifiers make a sentence unclear, confusing the reader.

How do you fix awkward sentences?

Fixing an awkward sentence with a noun (subject) and verb (action) is easier than identifying the main noun before cutting it down accordingly. Then ask, “What is this sentence about and what is its core subject?” (Choose a noun.).

Is there an app that can reword sentences?

This state-of-the-art tool paraphrases bits of text or entire articles. QuillBot will reword your content while maintaining its original meaning once you input a sentence or portion of text.

How to Rewrite Sentences to Improve Clarity

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