Best Discord Chatbots For A Fun Discord Experience

With over a quarter of a billion users, Discord is undeniably one of the most popular ways gamers communicate online. But it’s not just for gamers. It’s also become a place for businesses to build strong communities for their audience. Running a Discord server is no easy task.

Luckily there are Discord chatbots that can help out. These digital helpers are a great way to automate specific tasks and ensure the channel runs smoothly. There are tons of chatbots you can use, but how do you choose the best Discord chatbot? Well, we’re here to give you some ideas.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Discord chatbots that can perform various tasks for your servers. Not only will these bots create an efficient Discord experience, but they can also add a lot of fun

What is a Discord Chatbot?

A Discord chatbot is an AI-powered digital assistant that can be used in Discord. These bots can understand natural language input, provide contextual responses to queries, moderate conversations and even offer fun mini-games.

Discord chatbots aren’t like you traditional bots. They don’t rely on rigid programming and fixed rules to generate their output. Instead, they utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to adapt their behaviour according to the user’s conversational context. 

What Does a Discord Chatbot Do?

Discord contains a variety of chatbots, so it is hard to keep track of them. There are different kinds of bots that you can use to do nearly anything. Here’s a look at some of the many tasks that chatbots can do for you:

  • Moderate conversations in the servers
  • Play music on the servers
  • Manage and handle communities
  • Game searching
  • Respond to user messages with automated replies
  • Provide personalized recommendations based on individual preferences
  • Weed out spam
  • Automate mundane tasks such as scheduling events, tracking attendance, or providing reports 
  • Answer frequently asked questions and provide helpful information
  • Suggest game plays for interactive gaming experiences 
  • Run mini-tournaments within the server and award prizes 
  • Integrate third-party APIs and services to enhance functionality 
  • Create polls, surveys, and quizzes to engage users

Why Your Discord Server Needs a Chatbot

A Discord chatbot can be an invaluable asset for your online community. It doesn’t only provide a convenient way for members to communicate with each other. But it can also be programmed to assist in moderating conversations and helping keep the peace.

By using AI-driven algorithms, these bots can monitor language use and respond automatically to potentially offensive content. This helps in preventing disputes from escalating into full-blown arguments. In addition, they can facilitate quick and easy sharing of information and links, which can enhance collaboration between members.

Having a Discord chatbot will also give you greater control over who has access to what data, thus protecting your users’ privacy. Ultimately, a Discord chatbot is essential for maintaining order and fostering meaningful interactions within your virtual space.

Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash
Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash

8 Best Discord Chatbot

1. MEE6

The MEE6 chatbot automates tasks like sending welcome messages. You can also use it to create custom commands that block users who post ads, links, and spammy content. But one of its best features has to be the ability to assign roles to users and send messages through the channel or DMs.

Other unique features that MEE6 has are:

  • A competitive levelling system where members can fight to gain top ranking or earn customizable rank cards to show off their loyalty.
  • Ability to temporarily or permanently ban users based on your set parameters. For example, any user that gets three infractions can get timed out for 30 minutes.

2. Dank Memer

If you want a fun Discord atmosphere, you might want to add the Dank Memer bot to your list. This bot lets people insert memes in the middle of a conversation. It can also let you create memes pretty easily.

Aside from memes, users can also gamble or steal coins from other users using the Dank Memer’s currency system. Users can then use the coins to buy items in the meme shop or to play fun games online.

This Discord chatbot can inject a ton of fun into your server. Try it out if it’s a good fit for your audience.


As we said earlier, Discord isn’t just for gamers. It’s an excellent avenue for businesses too. If you’re a business looking to streamline your Discord channels, then the Chatbot is worth looking into.

This bot allows you to tag channels and servers that can bring customer service tickets to the right people’s attention. One of its helpful features is a ticket system that allows employees to organize and close tickets after they’ve been addressed.

You can customize the messages and commands that users will see and use. This chatbot can significantly improve your customer service department’s efficiency.

4. ProBot

ProBot is like other moderation chatbots but mainly focuses on setting the tone for your Discord server. It allows you to develop customized welcome messages for people who join your server.

Aside from that, it is also capable of the following:

  • Kicking rude users or users posting content that violates your guidelines. 
  • Muting members
  • Deleting repeated messages
  • Warning users for mentioning bad words.

Punishments are customizable, so you have complete control over what happens when server rules are violated.

5. IdleRPG

IdleRPG is the best discord chatbot for online gamers. Want to know why?

Well, for one thing, this allows you to play text-based RPGs without ever having to leave Discord. Like any RPG game, you can create your character, go on quests, create a party, and buy items.

Getting started is easy. You simply name your character and select its class, whether you want to be a mage, warrior, raider, and so on. After that, you can go straight ahead and start the fun!

6. Arcane

Arcane is a moderator bot that offers server members XP and rewards via a levelling system. It doesn’t just work in text-based chat but also through voice chat.

With Arcane, new members are automatically tracked, as well as those who leave. You can also use it to warn, ban, kick, or mute users causing problems.

Another unique feature of this chatbot is that you can automatically notify members about new YouTube videos. It’s great if you’re trying to build a following for your YouTube channel.

7. Tatsu

Tatsumaki is the best discord chatbot for game streamers. They can’t get enough of it! It includes commands for moderation, setting welcome messages, and notifications.

You can change the bot’s settings from a dedicated dashboard, not just on Discord. You can also search the web, keep up with the latest RSS feed, and more on Discord.

8. Sesh

If you’ve noticed, Discord doesn’t have a built-in scheduling or calendar management feature. Luckily, Sesh can help you out. This bot can handle the following:

  • Calendar management
  • Reminders
  • Scheduling
  • Event creation and plenty more.

Events can be created easily and in any format because the bot does not follow rigid formats. You can also create tasks and specify the time needed to finish them.

Wrapping Up

Discord chatbots offer numerous benefits for both businesses and users alike.

From enabling quicker customer service to providing personalized experiences, chatbots are revolutionizing how we interact with each other online. And with the help of the best Discord chatbot, you can create the best possible experience for everybody on your servers and channels.

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