Creative Name Ideas With Free AI Generator

Creating a name requires a lot of brainstorming. An AI name generator can do the brainstorming for you. Things that seemed like mirages years ago have now become a reality thanks to artificial intelligence. 

A name is a core part of any entity. If you think of anything, its name is likely the first thing that comes to mind. As famous British novelist Terry Pratchett once said, “Do you not know that a man isn’t dead while his name is still spoken?” Whether it’s a business or a project, a name can communicate your intent and the overarching goal of the project. 

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How an AI Name Generator Works

The key to understanding these tools is to understand how AI works. AI refers to intelligence displayed by machines and computers as opposed to human intelligence. Using an AI name generator to generate a business name is like outsourcing the task to a machine with intelligence akin to human intelligence.

There are instances where we find it hard to come up with catchy and unique business names. In such situations, a business name generator powered by AI could help. There are quite a few of them on the Internet, and the one you’ll choose depends on how well it meets your needs.

How to Get Started

Getting started is quite easy. With a simple Google search, you’ll get a lot of online AI name generator options. But before that, you have to do the following:

  • Determine what you want the brand to be about
  • Identify the keywords related to the industry
  • Understand whether the business is product-centric or customer-centric

After you’ve determined these three key components, you can select an online generator to generate the names. Below are some good AI-powered company name generators.


INK’s Business Name Generator is an AI-powered tool for creating unique business names for brands. It helps reduce the time required to brainstorm catchy business names to mere seconds.

It provides a quick way to generate creative names for your company and online shop name ideas.

Yes, you could enlist the help of an expert to brainstorm a business name. However, professional naming firms can charge between $3,600 to $75,500 to develop a name — and perform other identity tasks.

Meanwhile, INK’s Business Name Generator can save you money and time by generating memorable names in seconds.


The team at Looka believes a great business name should help a company stand out. It should also provide a canvas to paint your own meaning on. The tool allows users to input their target word or choose from the options provided. You can select the keyword according to an abstract idea or keyword. 

Looka is quite the complete package as it also generates logo ideas for each name generated. You can also check the domain name and social media availability with Looka. We got these name suggestions with the keywords “AI’, “writing,” and “tool”:

Zyro is another quality online name generator that helps entrepreneurs create names that resonate with their audience and brand.

It takes no time, and you’ll surely find a name for your product or service there. Unlike Looka, users can’t generate names from preset abstract ideas and industries. Nevertheless, the name generator allows them to enter their preferred keyword.

With the keywords “AI’, “writing,” and “tool,” we got this result:

Namelix AI Name Maker

Namelix is an AI name generator that allows users to create new business names with minimal effort. Namelix sets itself apart from other name generators that recommend long business names. The names generated are usually catchy and memorable. It also allows users to customize the length of the names.

The tool creates names in three simple steps:

  • Input your keyword(s)
  • Select the randomness (low, medium, or high)
  • Select the name style and click generate

Namelix generated this result with this input:

  • Keywords: AI, writing, and tool
  • Randomness: Medium
  • Name style: Two words


If you want to snack your way through name generation, Namesnack is one of your best options. Using this AI-powered tool, you can get your brand name within a few seconds.

This business name generator provides users with a bunch of catchy business names. It also offers domain name availability information as well. You don’t need to worry about picking a name that isn’t available. The information is available in one place. Users only need to supply their keywords and select their category to get name suggestions.


Whether you’re starting a small business or a big one, you should try AI name generators. They help you generate business name ideas in no time.

You don’t necessarily have to settle for the names suggested. Nevertheless, they can help you on your way to picking the perfect name that resonates with your brand. You may have a long list of things to do as you commence a business.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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