Make Creative Music With Advanced AI

The advent of AI in recent years has seen huge strides in various industries. From beating human pros in poker games to smart home devices, AI is touching various parts of our daily lives. An AI music generator is another such giant stride.

The sheer thought of creating music from scratch without necessarily being a trained music expert will surely excite many.

Today, AI is used to compose musical scores, mostly for commercial purposes. From symphonies to one-off compositions, AI is slowly changing the way music is written and assembled.

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How an AI Music Generator Works

Like other AI-powered tools, the topmost aim of AI music generators is the replication of human intelligence. This replication helps to make the music creation process less arduous and faster.

AI music-generating tools analyze large amounts of data through deep learning. Loads of musical composition are collected and processed. The data is subsequently fed into the AI.

Next, we go through the learning process. The initial results won’t be great. It’s similar to your first time playing a musical instrument. The first attempt is usually not so great. With continuous pattern identification, the AI gets better.

AI Music Generators and the Place of Musicians

If we have an AI-powered tool that makes music that sounds like one made by humans, where does it leave musicians? There are diverse opinions about this question. In fact, there are two extremes.

There are those that believe that the future is here and AI can match human artistry and creativity in music composition. Others like Robert Laidlow believe that the future isn’t here yet. According to Laidlow, “I’ve yet to hear a piece of AI-generated music that is either breathtakingly beautiful or very surprising.”

This is a valid opinion considering the fact that these artificial intelligence tools are trained with the works of other artists. In essence, they are recreating something similar to the pattern they have mastered.

Sony CSL released Daddy’s Car, a song made with AI in the style of the Beatles. The song is one of the best examples of AI-driven music. It offers a glimpse of what’s to come when we properly harness the power of AI in music making. For now, Laidlow regards these tools as assistants to aid artists in the music creation process and not genius tools to phase them out.

Best AI-Powered Music Generators

The music scene is continuously getting liberalized. AI tools can now make music and generate lyrics. There are many AI tools for making music, and settling for a specific AI music generator might seem daunting. Here are some of the best.


INK Songwriting Starter Tool can help generate interesting songs within seconds. 

It uses a state-of-the art artificial intelligence technology to generate high-quality original lyrics within seconds. That way, writers can focus on other essential aspect of songwriting, such as melodies and arrangement.

The benefits of using INK Songwriting Starter Tool are simple — it allows you to avoid plagiarism. However, the AI-powered tool also offers a quick way to avoid writer’s block.


Amper is one of the best AI music generators around. The web-based tool helps creatives create soundtracks for video games and movies in four easy steps.

It produces AI-generated algorithms that help users create music in a variety of music genres. Amper offers users a level of audio control they won’t get from stock libraries. In addition, the music generated on Amper is royalty-free.

Ecrett Music

If you want an AI music maker with a simple user interface, Ecrett Music fits the bill. You don’t need to sign up to use Ecrett Music. You can choose the genre, scene, and mood of the track.

It creates music with lengths varying between 30 seconds and five minutes. Note that Ecrett is designed for content creators to add to their content. The creators frown on distributing generated music as music files.


AIVA is best used for making emotional soundtracks. It is described as a creative assistant for creative people.

Creators can now create compelling thematic music for their projects faster in lesser time, thanks to the power of AI. Your music expertise really doesn’t matter with AIVA. Novices and professionals can use it.

There are two ways to use AIVA to generate music. Users can either compose with preset styles or with influences. The former includes:

  • Electronic
  • Modern Cinematic
  • Ambient
  • Pop
  • Sea Shanty
  • 20th Century Cinematic
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Fantasy
  • Tango
  • Chinese

Upload influence feature enables users to create an original piece of music with a similar emotional impact to another one. You only need to upload your midi file. AIVA generates music influenced by the midi file uploaded.

Evoke Music

Evoke Music provides users access to a music library that’s 100% original tracks composed with AI songwriting software. The songs on this platform are completely royalty-free.


MuseNet is a deep neural network developed by OpenAI. It can generate musical compositions with 10 different instruments.

Also, it can combine various styles, including Mozart and Beethoven. MuseNet was trained with thousands of MIDI files to understand patterns of rhythm and harmony. It uses this understanding to make fresh music.


Music is definitely one of the most influential art forms in the world. With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the idea of who can or should create music is beginning to transform.

An AI music generator might just beat out music produced by humans in the years to come. There are AI-powered resources that can create different lyrics in different genres. Add them to the array of AI-powered music generators, and you have the perfect assemblage of AI music making machines.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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