When creating art, it has always been important to think beyond the box and present a fresh perspective on familiar subjects. The same is true of the artificially intelligent art produced today.

To create AI art, they disassemble photos into their component parts and then rearrange them in ways that you have never been seen before.

Don’t be afraid to try AI generators if you ever hit a creative wall. It isn’t uncommon for the end effect to blow your mind. The unique and stunning objects they produce may surprise you.

Here, we break down the process and present the top five AI art generators of today.

What is an AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator is a computer program that can produce computer-generated artwork that mimics your personal style.

AI art generators are able to match exactly what you are looking for if you want to recreate your favorite movie background. You can think of it almost like having your artist at your disposal.

AI art generators are an increasingly popular trend with artists and graphic designers as a means of maximizing their output. They’re also helping AI researchers advance their understanding of how computers think and how to portray that thought to humans best.

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How Does an AI Generator Work?

Say you are looking for one-of-a-kind, handcrafted furniture. Now picture a jungle. The trees chopped down and fed into a wood chipper. Reconstruct a rough form of a tree from the bark and sawdust scraps.

Cut it up into logs, and then fashion the tabletop planks to look like one from Ikea. Before attempting to assemble the table, be sure to read the directions first. Finally, you’ve done an excellent job at making a unique table.

Now, let’s try to describe what an AI art generator does using the context above.

Step-by-Step Process: AI Generator

For an AI generator, You map the description onto a representational space (a blank canvas in your mind; it doesn’t physically exist).

Next, the AI compares your text to the captions and Alt Text for the compiled photos. The AI compares them making sure they match the semantic elements in the prompt content.

The AI, then encodes the data but not in the original way. However, you can’t differentiate one leaf from another once everything has decomposed and mixed like compost. This situation reminds me of a recycling center filled with Pepsi bottles.

The photos are decomposed into pure Gaussian noise via a diffusion process (yep, like in thermodynamics). You’ve reached the muddy middle.

The AI generator applies the results of its reverse engineering to the textual description’s first representational mapping. The decoder randomly reconstructs these embeddings into a meaningful whole.

Lastly, it consults extra-textual information to see if the result is semantically compatible with the input. In other words, “Does this look like what the user asked it to look like?”.

There is no way to get the same image twice due to the randomness introduced by the reassembling process.

As a result, the final product is unique in terms of its structure and contents.

Top 5 AI Art Generators Worth Exploring

New technology development and exciting new web tools are released frequently.

The newest craze in artificial intelligence is art generators that can take text input and output to create stunningly realistic visuals. Visuals that are both terrifying and cool!

These are the top 5 text-to-art online apps which you can try for free.

1. The Night Club

On its site, you’ll be greeted with a text box where you give a brief explanation of what you want the AI to paint.

When making a new picture, you have a wide range of artistic directions from which to pick.

Get five free credits with your free account. The quantity of customizations available for artwork is tied to its credit count. Using an existing piece of art as a starting point for a new, more advanced piece will cost additional credits.

2. Dream by Wombo AI

You can use Dream by Wombo instead of any of the other expensive subscription-based products out there. It avoids the restrictions of the credit system by letting you make an unlimited number of paintings at no cost.

The iOS app can use a captured photo as a starting point for the final product.


VQGAN+CLIP is not a web-based application. It is a mix of a Google Colab Notebook with Python code.

With this AI, the computer generates an original piece of art based on a given prompt or concept. This is without having to put in any of the time or effort required by a human.

4. MidJourney

The current version of MidJourney is an invite-only closed beta. You can apply and wait a few days or weeks for a response.

Due to the AI’s great detail, its result may look like a human-made painting.

5. Dall-E 2

Only a select few have access to Dall-e2, and the public has not yet been aware of its existence. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic resource that OpenAI has created.

Dall-E 2 as an AI generator can rewrite any existing code (such as machine learning) and carry out tasks as a human would.

To Wrap Up

AI generators are here to stay. The progress it’s making is astounding, and it will only improve.

So, will AI eventually replace human creatives? Even though they are remarkable, they aren’t here to replace human creatives. Instead, they’re meant to help them out.

The programs are a fantastic resource for quickly generating concepts and rough drafts that you can refine and imbue with your unique flair.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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