How an AI Voice Generator Creates Unique Human Voices

Artificial intelligence has been in the news lately. The field has been transforming the way we do things one sector at a time. An AI voice generator is a piece of software that can create speech as a form of communication or entertainment. The output is usually human-like. The range of applications of artificial intelligence voice generators is vast. 

If you need more information about these tools, you’re at the right place. This article explores the core parts of artificial intelligence voice generators and their application.

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How an AI Voice Generator Works

Spoken language is deeply nuanced. To build a machine that replicates the nuances requires taking various variables into account. These include voice depth, accent, and intonation. 

We’ve all heard text-to-speech voices that sound nothing like humans. However, researchers seem to have finally cracked the code, and you can have human-sounding voices from computers. Using artificial intelligence, they have developed tools that help a computer build a voice that sounds close to humans

Deep learning lies at the core of AI voice generators. It is a sub-field of machine learning (ML) that structures algorithms in layers to create an “artificial neural network.” The artificial neural network is modeled on the human brain. It can learn and make intelligent decisions.

In the context of AI voice generators, the artificial neural network processes hours of voice recordings from real voice-over artists. Subsequently, it teaches itself or learns to speak based on the data supplied. The synthetic voices generated through this process are very close to our natural voices. Some people can’t even pick them apart.

Benefits of AI Voice Generators

The obvious benefit of AI voice-generating software is the humane feel that they add to machine-generated audio. On a closer look, the benefits are immense.

Teaching Aid

AI voice generators can be used to assist pupils with learning disabilities like ADHD and dyslexia. They allow learners to learn at their own pace with minimal pressure. Overall, they help learners with storytelling and brainstorming.

Assistive Tool for People With Visual Impairment

AI voice-generating software could also serve as a navigating aid for people with visual impairment. It can help website users effectively navigate different web pages.

Breaks Language Barrier

AI voice-generating platforms that support multiple languages are a good way of breaking the language barrier in business. Businesses do not have to spend extra cash on translators when they have a tool that can get it done.

Cost Saving

This benefit is related to the previous one. However, this point dwells more on how content creators don’t have to depend on voice-over artists. Good AI voice-generating platforms are not free. Nonetheless, they are not quite as expensive as hiring a voice-over artist for your videos. Most times, all you need to do is enter your text, and the tool converts it to a professional voice.

Best AI Voice Generators

In recent years, the AI voice generator market has grown in leaps and bounds. Many online tools now offer realistic human voice generators and other added features. We’ve selected the best tools among them to help you avoid trial and error. is one of the best text-to-speech software. It allows users to download and share their audio files. Users can create quality audio with because it has SSML controls and speech synthesis. It is available in multiple languages. You can download the audio files in WAV and MP3 format.


With more than 150 voices in 33 languages, there aren’t many voice-generating platforms that come close to Lovo. Each voice has a unique trait. 

The company raised over $6 million to develop new methods to connect its AI speech technology to Web 3.0. Lovo relies on AI to convert imported text to natural voices.

Lovo promises a voice cloning technology that needs only 15 minutes of a target voice to create a bespoke voice skin. The free plan offers unlimited conversion and sharing. However, users are limited to only three downloads per month.

If you desire more flexibility with your voice-generating platform, you should choose Resemble. You can use it to create custom brand voices for assistants. Resemble also allows users to upload raw audio files without any script. In addition, Resemble also creates custom ad texts for users. 


The days of using unconvincing robotic voices are now over. With an AI voice generator, machines can perfectly replicate the prosodic features of human speech. These features include pitch, loudness, tempo, and rhythm. With the array of options available, you’ll hardly have any problem choosing the perfect one for you. 

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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