Explore the Top Artificial Intelligence Meme Generators

Memes are one of the most popular forms of internet content. They spread rapidly, and meme creators are constantly looking for the next big meme. An artificial intelligence meme generator doesn’t sound like a bad idea. If it makes it easier to make memes, why not use it? 

Most image-based memes are a blend of relatable pictures and funny captions. An AI meme-generating tool could handle one or both parts of the meme creation process, and everyone stays happy.

This article explores the development of AI-powered tools that make memes. The exploration details how the tools work and what the future holds.

How an Artificial Intelligence Meme Generator Works

There is no cast-in-stone answer as to how an AI meme maker creates memes. However, a constant thing about them is that the AI tool handles a significant part of the process.

To explain the different ways an AI meme-generating tool works. We will examine some of the best online meme-generating tools. 


Craiyon, formerly DALLE-mini, is essentially an image generator. However, the images generated are meme-worthy and hilarious. The tool uses a diffusion model to turn text prompts into images.

The diffusion model starts with random dots and gradually alters the pattern of the dots to create a recognizable picture. Think of anything hilarious, enter the description and Craiyon generates nine images. 

In the context of meme generation, this tool does not create captions, although the user’s prompt might suffice as a caption sometimes.


Imgflip AI meme maker homepage

Imgflip has been around for a while. It is the go-to tool for many meme makers. They can easily input their caption and upload or select matching images. They added an AI dimension to the web-based tool to make meme generation even easier.

The AI meme-making interface of this tool creates captions for 48 of the best memes selected from the platform. To do this, it uses a deep artificial neural network (ANN). A deep neural network typically has multiple layers between the input and output layers.

Using the 48 most popular meme templates on the Imgflip platform, almost 100 million captions were used to train the ANN. This means users can only generate captions for the 48 meme templates available. 


Supermeme homepage screenshot

Supermeme is another AI-powered tool that helps you produce memes faster. It describes itself as the world’s most advanced multilingual meme search engine. Users can search through meme templates in more than 110 languages. It takes three simple steps to generate your meme:

  • Select your desired theme
  • Upload a picture or select a template
  • Click “generate”

It also has a text-to-meme option that enables users to describe their memes in words, and the AI creates corresponding memes. You can download or edit the output.


Makememe homepage screenshot

This tool also co-opts AI into its meme-making process. Makememe.ai has an easy-to-use user interface. Users only need to describe their meme in the text box. The tool finds a corresponding meme and generates the accompanying caption.

The Future of AI Meme Generating Tools

The advancements made in AI meme-making are encouraging. In reality, using AI to create memes isn’t a core area of research. Nonetheless, it is expected that there will be new features to explore as AI and machine learning gets better.

The future of AI meme-making tools could introduce a simple, fast, and funny way to communicate. It is essentially a fun way of exploring what AI can build.


There are many websites that generate memes and contribute to creativity on the Internet. However, there aren’t many sites that quite match Craiyon and Imgflip in terms of co-opting an AI component to generate memes faster. An artificial intelligence meme generator adds a new dimension to meme generation and creativity on social media.  

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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