Birthday Invitation Videos Made Quick and Easy

Birthday invitation videos are the new and trendy way to invite guests to a party. They’re fun, creative, and a great teaser to what they should look forward to on your birthday. So if you’re thinking of sending out some video invitations, a birthday video invitation maker can help you out A LOT!

Check out the tools we’ve listed in this article. Try them out and save some time and energy. It will be sure to help you make the perfect invitation video.

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Why Make a Video Invitation?

Sending Birthday card invitations can seem a little outdated in this day and age. With Video Invitation Makers, you can create videos that convey excitement and make your special day unforgettable.

You can make personalized Birthday invitation videos with various creative video templates. It’s also easier to send to your guests!

How to Use a Birthday Video Invitation Maker

Video invitation makers are relatively easy to use. And you can access them on your browser. They all operate similarly, so here are some simple steps you can follow.

1. Pick a Template

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick a template for your video. Some video makers have a long list of templates you can choose from. You may have to scroll down the list to find the template you’re looking for. Take note some premium templates may come with a fee.

2. Upload Your Photos and Videos

Once you’ve settled on your video template, it’s time to choose your photos and videos. Some sites have a drag and drop feature to make uploading easier.

After you’ve uploaded them, you can crop or adjust their duration to fit the timeline of your video better. You can also add some effects and filters.

3. Add Your Event Details

Now for the important part, your event details. Here you enter the date of your event and the venue. You can put your event details wherever in the video.

We suggest you put it at the end, so everybody is encouraged to finish watching it. You can get creative with typing your event details. Some video makers have a lot of fonts and font colors available.

The Best Birthday Video Invitation Makers

1. Flex Clip

Ditch the dull pure texts or email invitations with Flex Clip. This birthday invitation video maker offers you amazing birthday invitation videos that you can customize with all the powerful editing tools you need.

You’ll need to have an account, but it’s quick and easy to create. You can save up to 12 video projects. 

2. In Video

Create an invitation video with In Video’s inviting maker to make your day even more special. Predesigned birthday templates are available on In Video to make your event sparkle. You can use their birthday greeting templates. And you can add stickers, music, and more!

3. Animaker

Have fun creating any invitation video in 5 minutes with this video maker. It’s free to use and has a ton of editing features.

You can choose from a huge collection of templates that you can edit and export to the event. If you’re super creative and require an entirely custom-designed video, this app is perfect. 

4. Make Web Video

You can create astonishing birthday invitations with a duration of up to 63 seconds with Make Web Video. 

You can insert video clips, 19 text lines, and even a logo on the template. This video maker has space for inserting various content forms, from video clips to text lines. 

Final Thoughts

A birthday video invitation maker can take the stress away from editing your videos. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also free. So get ready to get the party started with a fun invitation video!

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