Interesting Finance Topics for Your Blog

Great finance blogs can reach a global audience and make…

Great finance blogs can reach a global audience and make an impact. Excellent content and in-depth blog posts that are written with the reader in mind are a starting point to success. Finding intriguing finance blog topics to write about can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

You’d need to do extra to stand out amidst the competition. Take advantage of the finance blog topics in this material to keep your blog lively, interesting, and informative for your readers.

Finance Blog Post Types for Better Content

If you are a finance blogger, chances are you’ll run into the problem of finding topics to write about. An easy strategy to optimize your searchability is to utilize the most popular finance blog post types. This will keep visitors engaged and make your blog lively.

1. How-to Guides

How-to guides work well for informative topics that can help your audience immediately. These posts are often concise but have a lot of potential for sharing information and demonstrating expertise. Also, how-to guides attract lots of traffic because people rely on the internet to answer their questions.

2. Visual Content

Visuals can be assets for blogs if used correctly. They’re accessible, straightforward, and persuasive. They are also engaging, appealing, and speak to viewers’ emotions. Use pictures, memes, videos, and infographics to convey valuable information to your audience.

3. Listicle

Listicles are an excellent format for your blog post. They are easy to read and understand and ideal for individuals looking for quick information. This can be a perfect choice for topics that share tips or tactics.

They also provide a lot of optimization opportunities for your blog. Click-through rates for lists are typically higher than other post types due to their positive association.

4. News Pieces 

News pieces cover the latest trends and changes in the finance world. They’re a great way to educate your audience about happenings in the industry. Consistent news stories will make visitors return for more information.

Top Finance Blog Topics to Write About

A finance blog can be a great way to show off your financial knowledge and skills while generating income. Impressing your readers is the first step toward getting traffic and making your posts go viral. You can only achieve this by writing on interesting topics.

It is vital to pick topics that your readers find educative and valuable. You could teach your audience how to create multiple streams of income, how to save monthly or invest wisely.

Finance can be a challenging field to write about, but there are plenty of different ways to make your blog more engaging for readers. Keep in mind that you need both high-quality content and a clever layout to make your blog intriguing. The following blog topics will inspire you to come up with the perfect blog content.


Lack of understanding of one’s budget can lead to debt. Create posts that teach readers about budget and help them understand how to minimize spending. You could also write about valuable budgeting tools and resources. Since everyone benefits from a healthy budget, such posts will generate traffic to your blog.

Some budgeting topics to write about include:

  • 20 Popular Budgeting Apps in 2022
  • Free Tools To Help You Budget
  • How to Travel on a Budget
  • Budgeting: Why Does It Matter?
  • The Ultimate Guide to Budgeting


People want to learn how to make more money. An ideal finance topic to write about is one teaching readers how to invest and save money for the future. Some investment topics are:

  • The 10 Biggest Investment Mistakes to Avoid
  • Top 10 Tips to Start Investing
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Investing
  • Rules of Investing
  • The Importance of Investing


Some of the most researched finance topics are on saving. People want to learn the best saving tips and how they can save more. You can create posts about saving for a house, car, building project, or college.

  • How to Save Money for A House
  • Top 20 Saving Tips
  • Saving: Best Tricks and Practices.
  • How Successful People Save
  • How Much To Save Weekly

Managing debt

Posts that provide knowledge on how to manage debts are high-traction finance niche topics. For example, you can create a post that teaches people how to cut or pay off expensive debts.

  • How To Manage Student Debt
  • All You Need to Know About Debt Negotiation
  • The Ultimate Way To Master a Debt-Free Life
  • A Guide To Paying Off Expensive Debt
  • Consolidating Debts And Loans Like A Pro
  • Deep in Debt? What to Do.


Blog posts that educate readers about retirement savings are core content topics. You’ll want to ensure that the post is backed up with solid financial advice and research. Some retirement savings topics you could draw inspiration from are:

  • Debunking the Top 10 Myths About Retirement Savings
  • A Guide to Retiring Early
  • How To Save for Retirement
  • Five Money Habits That Hurt Your Retirement Savings
  • Why You Should Care About Retirement in Your 30’s


An excellent finance idea for your blog is topics surrounding credit. This includes credit basics, credit management, credit scores, credit improvement, and several others. Such topics educate your audience about their financial choices and how best to reach their financial goals.

  • Credit Scores and Your Financial Goals
  • How to Clarify Whether You Have A Good Credit Score
  • Credit Basics: Everything You Need to Know
  • How to Improve Your Credit
  • Credit Card Fraud: What to Do

To Wrap Up

Finance topics can be uninteresting and instructional. Making them exciting and engaging for your audience is not only possible but essential.

The blog post types and the top finance blog topics outlined in this post will guide you through creating top-notch content for your readers.

Frequently asked questions

What are the 4 financial topics?

Financial structures include four main components: assets, debts, income, and expenses. Compare and measure your financial situation so you can determine your current net worth.

How do I create a blog topic?

  • Your (number) post followed by your (certain age) post.
  • Make a gif-filled post.
  • Do you want to learn how to?
  • Publish a parody post.
  • Make a contest on your blog.
  • Question-based blog ideas are best used in forums.
  • Share your best jokes in a blog post.

What are the most profitable blog topics?

  • Recipes and food
  • The finance and investing industry.
  • Health and fitness
  • Digital marketing
  • The internet and blogging.
  • Self-care and personal development.

What should I blog about in 2022?

  • Entertainment (57-62)
  • Finance (68-72)
  • Health (6-15)
  • Hobbies (26-45)
  • Food (46-56)
  • Gaming (63-67)
  • Travel (1-8)
  • Sports and fitness (16-25).

How do I find topic ideas?

  • Use Google Images Tags.
  • Facebook Ad Library
  • This tool researches keywords on Reddit.
  • Reports On Links
  • Exploding Topics Tool
  • Scan Blog Comments
  • Competitor’s YouTube Channels
  • Product Hunt

How do I start a finance blog?

  • Position yourself in a strategic niche.
  • Name your domain a memorable name.
  • Your web hosting account is free.
  • Install WordPress
  • Install some essential plugins.
  • Design your site by choosing a theme.
  • An author page is available for your blog.
  • You may wish to write your first post.

Which type of blog is most popular?

  • Blogs about food and recipe.
  • Health & Fitness Blog. Health and fitness blogs are one of the top blogs for people interested in fitness.
  • Blogs about Politics
  • Finance Related Blogs
  • Fashion Blogging
  • DIY Blogging
  • Travel Blogging
  • Sports Focused Blogs

What are the most important topic in finance?

1. Budgeting. Personal finance is one of the most fundamental topics everyone should learn about budgeting. Budgeting is the process of deciding how all of your money will be allocated.

What are the most popular topics?

Top popular topics (US)Top trending topics (US)
realtor websites90211
latest news89185
library online8754

How do I find hot topics for my blog?

  • Google Trends. Identifying trending search topics in your industry using Google Trends is the gold standard.
  • Exploding Topics
  • SparkToro Trending
  • FrontPageMetrics
  • Feedly
  • Podcast Notes
  • Buzzsumo
  • Trendsco
Interesting Finance Topics for Your Blog

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