Creative Travel Blog Ideas for Better Content

The travel blog niche is one of the internet’s most diverse and entertaining spaces. How do you stay ahead of your game with several bloggers in this niche? The answer is value!

Putting out valuable and informative content will keep your readers glued and drive traffic to your page. So, what are the top travel blog ideas?

It can be overwhelming to keep up with blog content; you might even run out of topics to write about. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of 10 top tsravel blog ideas to help keep your blog lively.

10 Interesting Travel Blog Ideas

It’s important to write engaging content that’ll spark your reader’s interest and keep them glued and coming for more information. The first step to creating an intriguing blog post is to have a great topic. Here’s a list of excellent travel blog ideas to help you build serious buzz.

1. How to Save Money While Traveling

Everyone wants to save money, so showing your audience how will make them interested. Offer tips on how they can enjoy their stay in another city without spending much. Share the list of low-cost entertainment locations, hotels, or restaurants they can have a great time exploring while saving some bucks.

2. How to Pack for a Trip with One Carry-On

A great blog post idea is to teach your readers how to pack for a long trip in a small carry-on. Offer them tips on saving space in their suitcase while still packing enough outfits for a long trip. Readers are looking for posts that solve a problem for them, so they’ll find blog post on such topics valuable.

3. How to Stay Safe When You Solo Travel

Posts on how to stay safe and secure when traveling will be valuable to solo travelers. Offer tips on navigating new locations and cities safely. You can also write about precautions to take when boarding a plane alone, tips to take when walking on the street, and others.

4. Packing List for Different Destinations

Knowing what to pack when traveling can be challenging, especially for first-time travelers. Frequent travelers visiting a particular destination for the first time might not know what to expect from the weather. So, they search online for packing list ideas. An ideal blog post is one telling people what to pack when traveling to specific destinations.

5. Travel Bucket List

People who love to travel and enjoy a good life always look for destinations to travel to. Create a blog post recommending bucket list destinations and ideal hotels to stay while visiting. Also, include must-see sights and popular places to visit in each city. You can also create a blog post highlighting less popular destinations worth visiting.

6. Winter Spots for Snow Lovers

Consider writing a blog post for snow lovers. Ideal posts to create include snowboard and ski sites, destinations for winter activities, and the perfect places to see snow for the first time. Another great post is writing compelling content on how to ensure safety while snowboarding or skiing.

7. The Best Vacation Spots for Introverts

Not everyone wants to travel to bustling places full of people. Create a blog post for introverts recommending secluded spots they can spend their vacation. Consider asking your introverted friends and family what they consider to be their ideal vacation spots. Draw inspiration from their suggestions and write a great blog post.

8. Hotel Reviews

One of the best blog ideas for a travel blog is to do hotel reviews. Explore cities from a hotel perspective, analyzing what makes them appealing or why they’re not worth checking out. Along with hotel reviews, share information like the best attraction sites and the best places to eat in the city.

9. The Best Historical Locations

A great post for your blog is one highlighting historical locations around the world. Compile a list of places in the world with rich histories. Include centuries-old castles, buildings, and trails that tell a story and are intact. A blog post titled Top Seven Historical Locations is a great place to start.

10. How to Conform to Regional Laws

For people relocating, this post can be beneficial. Offer advice to your readers about how to conform to local laws and customs of another country. Include a list of things to avoid so as not to pass off as rude to the country’s residents. It would help if you provided links to regional laws and encouraged your readers to take a look before proceeding with their journey.


Getting your foot in the door of the travel blogging industry is a tall task and not for the faint of heart. The key to succeeding in the industry is to provide fresh insights and information for readers.

The blog post ideas in this article will help keep your blog lively, entertain readers and drive massive traffic. If you see something you think would be an exciting topic, go ahead and write about it.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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