Awesome Blog Topic Ideas for Fitness Blogs

If you run a fitness blog, your goal should be…

If you run a fitness blog, your goal should be to produce a steady flow of high-quality, compelling, and diverse blog topics. Producing regular content helps ensure your blog remains relevant to your audience. In turn, it will keep your fitness business successful this year and beyond.

We have some fitness blog ideas for you and a few tips to help you succeed.

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Tips to Get Fitness Blog Ideas

Use the internet to take a look at your competition. See how they’re doing their thing and what they’re talking about. Track what they’re talking about and find trends.

Keep your eye on hashtags, keywords, and topics to stay updated with what your competitors are posting about. Be sure to keep your audience in mind as you search for topics. Beyond checking out competitors on the internet, you can get blog ideas from other sources. 

1. Trending Topics

One of the best ways to get fitness blog ideas is through researching trending topics. If you get your research right and write quality content, the content will rank easily on search engines. This is because of the large search volume. Studying trends puts you ahead of the competition.

You can use tools like Exploding Topics, BuzzSumo, and Google trends for the research. The topic could center around a trending fitness topic or a food trend with a large following.

2. Personal Life

You can get ideas for your fitness blog posts from things happening to you on a personal level. This style is even more appropriate for bloggers that double as personal coaches. Is there a challenging exercise you’ve encountered? Write about it. Is there an underrated exercise that fitness enthusiasts overlook? Write about it!

Sometimes, the topic doesn’t need to be related to fitness. It could help you show your human side. As a fitness coach, writing about other things outside fitness shows that you’re human after all. 


If you’ve been blogging about fitness for a while, you’ll have many followers looking up to you and asking questions. You could answer their questions in a few words. You can then dedicate whole blog posts to further explain.

4. Social Platforms

Social platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Instagram are filled with hidden gems that could form the basis for your next fitness blog. 

Fitness Blog Ideas

Let’s run through a few topic ideas for your next blog post.

  • Meal preparation tips for muscle building
  • Best upper body workouts
  • Best gyms in (your locality)
  • Water aerobics
  • Best protein shakes

Note that some of these articles (best-of articles) could be affiliate content. Affiliate content fetches you extra cash for each product/service purchased through your affiliate link.

To Wrap Up

As you can see, there are a few different ways to get a great topic for your blog, and you can find those ideas using these four methods. If you try them all, you might have your next fitness blog idea in no time!

Learn more about these four methods. The more creative you are, the more variety you’ll have on your blog. In turn, it’ll provide more ways to interact with your audience.

Frequently asked questions

What should I post on my fitness blog?

  • Plyometric workouts
  • Yoga routines
  • Flexibility workouts
  • Kickboxing workouts
  • Workouts for the upper body.
  • Water Aerobics
  • Strength-training
  • Endurance workouts

What do you write in a fitness Post?

  • What you actually do is the best exercise.
  • The only bad workout didn’t happen.
  • Eat
  • Do not train to be skinny.
  • You don’t have to hurry.
  • If you can do what you can, don’t defeat yourself.
  • Look like a beauty, train like he’s a beast.

How do you start fitness content?

  • What are your Instagram goals and objectives?
  • Make sure you’ve filled out your Instagram account.
  • How to identify your ideal followers & fitness niche.
  • Use high-quality images & videos.
  • Master Your Caption
  • Take Care of Your Workout Routine.
  • Make an effort to connect with your followers.
  • Make Easy to Follow Meal Plans and Prep.

What should I post on my fitness Instagram?

  • Images before and after client.
  • Free nutrition plans
  • Throwback posts
  • A selection of fitness-focused photos by celebrities.
  • Workout videos
  • Motivational fitness quotes

What are some fitness topics?

  • HIIT
  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Endurance
  • Strength training
  • Classes (Spinning, Zumba)
  • Cardio
  • Plyometrics

How do you create fitness content?

  • How To Define Your Target Market and USP.
  • Create helpful, in-depth blog posts.
  • Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly.
  • Leads are captured through website forms.
  • Keep Your Online Listing Active.
  • Add more video content.
  • Creating a social media community.
  • Tell Stories

What should a fitness blog be about?

What is a fitness blog? It’s an online tool where you can share your advice, information, and expertise, with others. Among the many fitness blog ideas are instructional posts, fitness club news, interesting training techniques, and nutrition tips.

How do I start a fitness blog on Instagram?

  • Create a new account for your journey.
  • The details of your profile are crucial.
  • Start by gathering some photos and videos.
  • Follow step 4: Invite your family and friends to like your new account.
  • Make a hashtag strategy in step 5.

Is fitness a good niche for blogging?

If you’re blogging about something related to health and fitness, you’ll certainly find an audience. The fitness niche is one of the most popular blogging topics. Considering this is a lucrative niche, there are a lot of blogs competing with you.

How do fitness blogs make money?

Advertise, sell, and promote fitness blogs through sponsorships, advertising, and marketing. Don’t let that income take over however. If you start advertising things you do not truly believe in and become pushy with advertising and sales, you will lose readers because they will lose trust in you.

Awesome Blog Topic Ideas for Fitness Blogs

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