Creative Lifestyle Blog Ideas to Drive Traffic

So you’ve started a blog, or you’re just looking for some new lifestyle blogging topics? It’s really hard to find ideas that will draw in traffic and monetize at the same time. Lifestyle blogs are a little bit different. You need to focus on lifestyle topics that your readers will love, many of which can be monetized in a big way.

Creative Lifestyle Blog Ideas to Drive Traffic
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What Is a Lifestyle Blog

It’s dangerous to assume everyone knows what a lifestyle blog is, so let’s explain. A lifestyle blog is a personal journal of daily life experiences and advice. It offers a glimpse into a person’s personal space, thoughts, and feelings.

Your target audience for a lifestyle blog is your friends, family, or friends of friends. It analyzes, comments on, and provides links to daily life activities that can be used as examples.

How to Create Quality Lifestyle Blogging Topics

Here are some tips for creating an engaging lifestyle blog.

1. Brainstorm and Research

When creating your lifestyle blog, the quickest way to get started is to research and brainstorm your blog ideas. Hot topic ideas may occur to you at random. However, the best topic ideas are the results of in-depth research.

The research comes easy when you understand your audience. This allows you to tailor your content in a way that appeals to them. Go online, check what others are doing and let it inspire you.

2. Craft a Content Calendar

Consistency is key to your success as a blogger, irrespective of the niche. Plan a content calendar around the topics you’ve identified. Follow the calendar religiously, and you’ll record great success.

When you get a blog post idea, you don’t rush to write and publish it immediately. Instead, you find a space in your content calendar to fix it. This rule may not be applicable if the topic is a trending topic.

3. Focus on the Audience

Once you have this, now is the time to begin to focus on your ideal audience. What piques their interest more? Are they more receptive to articles or listicles? You’re well on your way to lifestyle blogging stardom if you answer these questions perfectly.

Examples of Lifestyle Blogging Topics

  • A Monday morning routine for a great start to the week
  • Your top productivity hacks
  • Top 10 ways to save money
  • Underrated home decor tips for winter
  • Top ways you deal with stress
  • Your favorite pet
  • Cool DIY gift you can make for less than $50
  • Your tips for growing an Instagram account
  • A review of a newly purchased product


The life of a lifestyle blogger isn’t always glamorous, but that doesn’t mean your blog needs to follow suit. How you work on your blog will dictate the type of content you put up. It also affects how much you write and the length of your posts.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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