Article vs. Website Title: Understanding the Difference

Article title vs. website title — the difference is crucial because it plays a vital role in SEO aspects. When someone searches the web for a particular keyword, the titles will be the first thing they see. If your website title or article title is not optimized, readers may choose to leave rather than continue to your site.

The right web optimization will allow search engines to crawl your site and drive traffic to it. Additionally, it improves your brand’s visibility and business growth. But what are the key differences between a website title and an article title? This guide describes what each title stands for and how you can optimize them on your website.

What Is a Website Title? Why Do You Need It?

A website title, also referred to as the title tag can be seen all over the internet. The title makes it easier for users and search engines to understand what your web page is about. The title gives visitors a concise but detailed description of the content on your site. It helps search engines assess your website’s relevance to the input keyword.

Your website title serves as an entry point for users to your brand or business website. Visitors can learn more about the subject matter of your page and what to expect on your website.

What Is an Article Title? Why Do You Need It?

An article title is displayed above the content of the web page to explain what it is about. This title is usually the largest heading that appears above the article content and serves as the foundation for the page name and URL. Any two articles cannot have the same title, so it’s important to include details that set them apart from one another.

The article title is crucial because it affects how search engines and website visitors perceive your material. Your article title serves as the first experience of the user while letting search engines evaluate the content of your writing.

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Article Title Vs. Website Title: What’s the Difference?

An article title and a website title may appear similar in concept, but there are some key elements that differentiate one from the other. Both titles can be used for SEO and help to explain to site visitors what your pages and website are about. Here are the subtle differences between a website title and an article title:

Placement of the Title

A website title acts as a meta tag; it appears at the top of the page but is not included in the content itself. The website title will appear at the top of your web browser screen rather than on the page itself.

However, an article title appears on your website and is a noticeable and prominent text on the site.

Purpose of the Title

A website title lets Google know what your page is about, and it appears in the SERPs as people search for particular keywords. The title serves as the default bookmark title when someone bookmarks your website.

Additionally, the title of the website contains keywords that promote the page and boost its SERP ranking.

On the other hand, an article title lets visitors know what information to expect on that particular page.

The Bottom Line

The article title is used to give a preview of what the article will cover. However, a website title gives a fuller description of what a website is on its homepage. This post on article title vs. website title is meant to help you understand the subtle but important difference between the two titles. Hope you find it helpful!

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