Types of Titles to Help Improve Organic Traffic

Blog are among the foundational tools for any marketing effort. Whether you’re marketing a business or a personal brand, no online presence can hope to thrive without one. Understanding the different types of titles for your blog is one of the first steps toward starting content marketing.

If you want to start blogging effectively, you must understand the different titles you can use. Here are the 7 types of blog titles you can use.

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What are Blog Titles?

A blog title is the text you see on the top of a blog. Blog titles are often descriptive of the content’s subject matter. They often come in 5 to 10 words, and are useful for quickly providing the reader with an idea of what content is about. They also often contain keywords that may be beneficial to search engine optimization.

The Importance of Blog Titles.

Blog titles are important to readers because they give an idea on whether the article contains valuable information they need. Nobody wants to waste time, especially on the internet. Readers want to know that the article they’re paying their attention to can give them the information they’re looking for.

For marketers and writers, blog titles serve as a way to capture the interest of prospective visitors. They allow you to catch reader interest and pique their curiosity. Marketers use blog titles to present their value proposition to readers.

The reader’s search intent will determine the best type of blog title to use. It’s crucial to remember that people search the internet for different reasons. Showing readers that your content holds the information they need will convince them to read your blog instead of others.

Think of it this way:

People use different tools for specific tasks. In the same manner, readers look for specific blog types for specific information.

For example:

A person who wants to learn how to change a tire is likely looking for a sequential guide on the process. They don’t want a piece explaining the history of tires.

A student doing research work wouldn’t want how-to guides. Rather, they’d want a detail explanation of the subject matter they are studying.

Understanding your audience’s needs and leveraging this knowledge to convey an offer will significantly improve your traffic.

The next section enumerates and explains the 7 types of titles used for blogs.

The 7 Types of Titles for Blogs

Below are seven types of titles every marketer must master.

Guide-to Titles

Guide-to titles can either be basic or in-depth.

Basic guides represent beginner-friendly content. They offer readers foundational knowledge on a subject matter. On the other hand, in-depth guide titles must give readers the impression that the article contains all relevant information.

For example:

“An In-Depth Guide to The Methods of Acquiring Ownership.”

A Basic Guide on Retail Sales.”

Numbered Lists

Numbered lists give readers quick and organized information on a subject matter. They are among the most popular title types.

Numbered lists are often included the best picks relative to a topic.

For example:

“X Best Xbox Series X Games of 2022”

“X Tips for New Car Owners”

Scarcity Titles

Scarcity titles are based on the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) principle. These include “pre-order now” or “only X ever” or “limited time”. They position the blog with the promise of information that is just about to go live. Prospects usually click on these titles because they want to gain and leverage knowledge before it becomes common.

For example:

“X Secrets to Company Success No One Talks About.”

“X Marketing Realities No One Told You About.”

How-to Titles

How-to titles suggest a sequential process or step-by-step instructions on achieving a goal. They offer readers the rights to follow to achieve a certain goal.

Many people choose these titles because they offer organized information in a clear and concise form. How-to guides offer solutions to a myriad of issues. Moreover, the information in these guides is easy to share.

For example:

“How to Buy a Used Car.”

“How to Install a Case for your Gaming Computer.”

Where, What, Why? Titles

These titles focus on the main idea behind your document and offer information to readers. Many readers consider these titles because they offer new insight and advise on a particular problem.

For example:

“Here’s What it Means to Secure a Real Estate Title”

“Here’s Why You Need State Auto Insurance”

Infographic Titles

The modern audience loves visual content. Infographics provide them with a new basis for analyzing information. If your post contains visual content, it’s important to suggest that in your headline.

For example:

“An Infographic on the Best RAV-4 Year Models.”

“A Simple Infographic on the Different States of Matter”

Cautionary Titles

These titles offer readers information on mistakes they need to avoid. Everybody enjoys being one step ahead of the competition. These titles are effective because they promise information on the things that might prevent success.

For example:

5 Car Ownership Mistakes You Need to Avoid”

In Summary

Understanding the different types of titles allows writers to state them in a manner most appealing to their target audience. Writing compelling blog titles requires a lot of creativity and analytical thinking. Mastering this craft can mean the difference for your campaign.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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