Writing Benefit Statements That Increase Sales

Benefit statement sales are the backbone of a sales pitch. They are short, concise messages that tell a prospect what a product or company does for them.

Benefit statements make a sale for two reasons: First, they are motivational. Second, the benefits are easier to remember.

A product’s benefit statement should be clear from the beginning. It needs to provide significant value to your prospect and make them see your product as the solution to their needs.

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This article will discuss how to make your product benefit statements more persuasive and give you helpful tips to use in your writing. These tips are sure to help improve your marketing strategy and increase your sales!

What is a Product Benefit Statement Sales?

Every product needs a product benefit statement. A benefit statement is a brief text that explains what a product does in the best possible light.

Benefit statements can be used for a ton of sales or marketing material. They can be placed on banners, company brochures, and plenty more. Benefit statements are powerful tools that can help convince consumers to purchase a product. It increases consumer appeal, raises purchase intent, and can lead to higher sales levels.

Great benefit statement sales mention the benefits of a product that would benefit a buyer’s lifestyle. For example, a product might be advertised as being a convenient scheduling software, so it can help people efficiently plan their day.

How Crucial are Benefit Statements to Sales?

As consumers, we’re mainly focused on what we can get from a product rather than its technical features. Can it solve our problems? Or can it make a task easier?

Benefit statements are the key to increasing your sales. They give your customers the reason to buy your product and feel they’ve made the correct purchase.

No one likes to buy/invest in things that don’t seem worth it. Consumers have a mentality that causes them to focus on what benefits they can receive. This is why it is important to know how to create benefit statements. Writing benefit statements will help you target your ideal buyer. It will also help you to effectively focus their attention on your product’s main selling points.

The Difference Between Product Benefits and Features

Before we get into how you can make benefit statements, it’s important to first know how to differentiate your product benefits from its features.


Characteristics of a product or service are referred to as its features. They can include size, color, quantity, and technical specifications.


A benefit refers to the value your product gives to the customer. It talks about what the product features can do for them and how using it will impact their lives. 

By looking at the definition of the two, it’s clear that features are mainly focused on the product. In comparison, benefits are focused on the customer. It revolves around the customer’s needs for your product.

To help determine your product benefits, try asking yourself these questions:

  • Can the product make them more money?
  • Does it save customers time?
  • Can it reduce the effort for a task?
  • Can it make things faster?
  • Does it create more opportunities?
  • Make them feel smarter?
  • Can it eliminate fear?
  • Will it position them as an expert?
  • Does it help grow their business?
  • Be more convenient?
  • Will it reduce stress?
  • Can it increase confidence?

How to Write Benefit Statements That Increase Sales

Product benefit statement sales are typically short and snappy, giving a single-sentence summary of how a product can uniquely benefit an individual. They’re also a great place to be creative and add personality to your brand’s voice.

Here are the key writing tips for writing a solid benefits statement.

The more concise, the better

Consumers seldom take the time to read through lengthy prose-they prefer short, clear statements couched in catchy, memorable language. A benefit statement must convey your product’s long-term value and effect succinctly.

Know who you’re talking to

Make sure your product boasts a palpable benefit that will resonate with potential customers’ interest.

You need to get a pulse on what your customers are looking for and what they need. Once you have studied your customer’s needs and motivation, determine how your product can address them.

Keep it realistic

Ensure you don’t set unrealistic customer expectations when discussing your product benefits. This will ultimately set them up for disappointment. And this can greatly damage the credibility of your brand.

Let your product’s true value speak for itself. If it’s a good product or service, it’ll perform. There is no need to exaggerate its value.

Market on your competitive edge

There is a good chance you have competition within your market. It could be another business or several others offering the same products or services as you. This is why it’s essential to include benefits that will differentiate you from the others. Share what makes you special.

Make your statement clear.

Think as straightforwardly as possible when you state your benefit statement. Before you detail other features, get straight to the point and address the customer’s needs. Refrain from being verbose with features.

Examples of Benefit Statements


All Apple devices can sync up, so you can easily access all your information from any Apple device. This makes working from different devices easy and simple.


Amazon Prime purchases are delivered within two days. This makes sure that you can get your orders quickly without hassle.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron gives you step-by-step recipes and fresh ingredients weekly. This helps you save time from planning your meals and going to the grocery store weekly.


The most effective way to wow your audience is by attaching a benefit to whatever you’re offering. These statements are effective tools for convincing consumers to buy from you.

To write more persuasive statements that add up to better sales, make your statements concise, clear, and realistic. Whether you’re marketing a product or service, a benefit statement can help you reach a higher level of sales!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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