FAB statements are a three-part model which helps you identify features, advantages, and benefits for the product or service you want to sell.

It can be helpful to think about your sales conversation regarding FAB as a salesperson. Ask yourself, when the prospect is speaking, what are they saying? What are they saying about your features, advantages, or benefits?

Knowing what they say will help you position your information to respond best.

What is a FAB Statement?

A Feature, Advantage, and Benefit statement is an effective marketing strategy to create an environment that is positive towards your product or service.

A FAB statement helps you pinpoint your clients and shows you how to carve out a niche in the minds of your customers. In summary,


What makes you different from the rest? What features should you highlight to persuade the customer to adopt your product or service?


Your main position in relation to others. Why should the customer invest in you? What makes your product or service better than the competition?


What will you give your customer in return for their investment in you? Why should they pay you back in return for your investment? What do they get in return? Is there a money-back guarantee? You can build a FAB statement around the USER experience.

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Exploring Feature Advantage Benefit Statements in Marketing and Sales

Features are information found on the product’s label. The features of a product refer to the specific way it’s made and what it does.

For instance, 

The label on a product may say it is a hiking backpack but does not mention what the material is.

It is the features of the product that provide information about the material that the product is made of.

The advantages of the product refer to the actual purpose of the product. It tells the buyer what the product will be able to do. A product’s suggested uses are the advantage of the product.

Advantages are what features accomplish. They are facts and have little to do with what the customer wants.

Examples of Advantages:

  • A hose’s flexibility makes it suitable for filling up a pool.
  • A clothes line is better than rope because it saves electricity and is gentle on fibers.

The benefits explain the reasons why a person ought to respect the advantage. It establishes a link between your product’s features and the problems your customer is trying to solve.

Find out which benefits and advantages are most valued by your clients by polling them with a few well-placed questions.

If you want to sell more of your product, you need to emphasize its benefits and advantages after you have that information.

How do people gain from using your product or service, and why should they care?

Steps to Creating a FAB Statement

You can begin crafting compelling advertising and sales copy if you can list how your product or service excels over the competition. You may strengthen your bonds with potential customers by practicing with the FAB Statements.

Get started making your FAB Statements by following these simple instructions.

  • Make a bulleted list of the benefits your product offers. Ensure you make room to incorporate your merits and benefits afterward.
  • Read through your list of features again and add a couple of benefits to each item.
  • To create a benefit statement for each advantage, put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Get to the heart of what it is that people want.
  • Swap the FAB Statements. Focus on the advantages rather than the features.

To Wrap Up

The feature advantage benefit statements are significant to your marketing and sales efforts. It’s interesting how few individuals go through the FAB Statements exercise correctly. Give it a shot today and watch sales skyrocket.

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