The Importance of New Product Concept Development and Its Stages

There’s fierce competition in every industry. It can be challenging…

There’s fierce competition in every industry. It can be challenging to carve out a small space for your business in a market full of competitive companies. Every business is trying to create the following revolutionary product. It means new companies must exert tremendous effort to capture a significant portion of the market. All product developers must master the new product concept development process if they want to compete in their industry of choice.

This guide will teach you the crucial stages of new product concept development, their importance, and how to master them.

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What Is New Product Concept Development?

New product concept development is when a person or a team tries to conceive a new product. This is usually achieved by taking advantage of new technologies and innovations.

Understanding the stages of product development will make you more valuable in the marketplace. The common thought is that innovation can happen anywhere, but product development is never easy. It is a need that successful product developers meet. 

The following stages describe how an idea becomes the final product we see on the market.

What Are the Stages of Product Development?

Stage 1: Idea Generation

The idea generation stage is the creation of a product’s initial concept. It is when teams brainstorm ideas for a product that meets market demand. Here, your task is to come up with a list of solutions and market-related problems often faced by end-users.

Stage 2: Idea Screening

In idea screening, three primary criteria are used to evaluate an idea. 

  • Innovativeness – Does an idea solve problems or satisfy customer demand? 
  • Feasibility: Is the Idea marketable? 
  • Usefulness: Does the idea improve the quality of life of its users?

Developers will perform further detailed research if an idea meets all three criteria.

Stage 3: Idea Testing

In this phase, researchers test a product idea for feasibility. Improvements may be introduced as needed. The objective of idea testing is to identify possible problems and focus on how developers can optimize a design. 

Stage 4: Business Analytics

The business analysis phase aims to determine the cost to produce your product and predict potential profits. This phase focuses on the financial aspect of product development and how it can generate revenue for your business.

Stage 5: Prototyping

Product creation is when the idea becomes a prototype available for mass production and distribution. After prototype creation, it goes through a series of tests to ensure the product is safe to use. It involves creating, administering, and enforcing procedures for product use.

Stage 6: Test Marketing

Test marketing is when a prototype is released to a limited test audience to determine the product’s ability to provide what it promises. Once a product has a satisfying result from test marketing, the marketing department executes its final marketing plan.

Stage 7: Product Launch

The product launch marks its official release to the consumers. It’s when the finished product becomes available on the market. The marketing department will begin promoting the new product to drive product sales.

The Bottom Line

New product concept development is essential for any company trying to make an innovative product. By understanding the different stages of new product development, you will be better able to address the problems that arise in each step.

This knowledge will help you develop new product concepts with a greater chance of success. Go out there and carve your space in the market! 

Frequently asked questions

What is a new product concept?

New product concepts serve as a blueprint for your idea. When developing a new product concept, describe it from their point of view. Include features and benefits of your product that might be of interest to customers. Research your target audience and determine what kind of audience you would like to target.

What is product and its importance?

The term product refers to an item, good or service that is able to satisfy their needs or desires. It is one of the vital components of the marketing mix, and is offered for sale in the market. An item just serves as a means or medium of providing service to its customers.

What is the importance of product?

Marketing is all about the product. Without a product, marketing cannot even be imagined. The key to market success is to create good products.

What is the importance of new product development?

As the driving force behind new product development, companies need to grow organically. Consumer appetite, strong global competition, and changing consumer behaviour and technology force companies to invest in new products to succeed or survive.

What are the 8 stages of product development?

  • Step 1: Generating
  • Step 2: Screening the Idea.
  • Technicalities and Product Development in Step 6.
  • Step 7: Commercialize
  • The Concept: Step 3
  • Here is step 8: Reviewing launch and perfect pricing.
  • Tests on Beta and Marketability.
  • Step 4: Business Analytics

What does the 7 stages of product development concept used for?

Seven stages of the new product development process are: Idea Generation, Idea Screening, Concept Development and Testing, Business and Marketing Strategy Development, Product Development, Test Marketing, and Commercialization.

Why is it important to follow the eight phases steps of the new product development process?

Risks and costs are too high to allow a product to pass every stage of the new product development process. With these risks and costs, getting the 8 Steps of the new product development process right is crucial.

What are the stages in new product development?

  • Product Development Process
  • Business Model
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Manufacture
  • Product Launch
  • Idea Generation. In the beginning, every new product begins with an idea.
  • Idea Screening. Not every idea will become a product.
  • Branding

How important is it to know the concepts of developing a business or product?

Knowledge of product is an essential selling skill. You can present your products’ benefits clearly and persuasively by understanding their features. It is a pleasure to work with highly motivated sales staff who are passionate about their products and eager to share their benefits with them.

The Importance of New Product Concept Development and Its Stages

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