How to Write “I Miss You Love” Messages For Him

We know being away from your lover is difficult. It’s not easy for anyone involved, and it is a true test against the strength of your relationship. But, you shouldn’t lose all hope! If he is away for employment, travel or other reasons, you should make him feel loved.

Just because you are away, doesn’t mean that your relationship should be lacking communication and love. In fact, when both of you are away, it’s especially more important to communicate with him even more.

Why? Well, to show him that you love him! And what better way to do that other than writing I miss you love messages for him! These messages will let him know that no matter how far you are, there’s someone out there who loves him greatly. And that you are expecting his return with open arms!

That’s why we decided to compile the best messages that shows you miss him today! Sounds good? Well then, keep reading until the end!

Best I Miss You Love Messages For Him!

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  • I’m saying that while thinking of you. You believe that saying it would be an understatement. You are unable to comprehend my emotions or how much I miss you.
  • Instead of passing away in your love, I’d rather live without you. Oh, my dear, how we miss and love you. Please give it back to me!
  • The loving embrace you give me every time you see me is something I miss. I wish we were together right now. I do miss you.
  • Exists a medication that would help me stop missing you so much? Baby, if there is, please let me know!
  • You are my favorite thing. I am constantly missing you when you are not here.
  • Nothing hurts more than when you turn a blind eye. Please approach me so that I can receive your bear hug. I do miss you.
  • I genuinely appreciate your hugs and kisses. My baby, you are missed.
  • I visited the doctor to get treated for my “missing you” disease. He recommended that you give me two hugs and a kiss every day. Please give me my medication right away. You are missed.
  • It feels like we haven’t spoken in ages if I don’t hear from you for more than one day. I am sorely missing you. How are you doing? Come to me, my man!
  • You understand that a gaping hole in my heart can only be filled by the love you shower upon me each day. As a result, treat it as an urgent situation and come over here. Your love is what I need. I miss you.
  • How valuable an eagle would feel if it were devoid of wings. When you are not present, I experience this. You are missed.

More I Miss You Love Messages for Him

  • Our geographic separation has robbed me of all of my life’s happiness. I feel like my life is pointless and boring. My life can be painted in vivid hues by you. You should carry me while kissing me when you return to me. I do miss you. I want to meet you.
  • When you are not here, I feel vulnerable to all of the world’s issues, challenges, and tragedies. Baby, you are missed. I miss you so much.
  • I’m missing you like a starless night sky without the moon. I miss you
  • Even when I’m alone, I can still recall every second we spent together. My heart grieves over how much it misses you each time I think of you.
  • You are the pop, blues, and light in my life. You’re far from home, making me feel out of place. Nobody but my heart can truly understand how much I miss you.
  • Your heart can be at peace and feel comfortable in a home. My body is carved for your touch and warmth, and my heart yearns for you. I can’t stop missing you.
  • Because I see you in my dreams, you’re constantly on my mind. My world belongs to you because, without you, everything is empty. My love, there is no one to replace you.
  • You are an extremely valuable and rare gem, my love. I wish I could be closer to you and stop missing you as much as I am.
  • Since I no longer feel my heart beating, there is nothing more agonizing than losing you. I’m so happy to see you again because I love you.
  • It’s like not having air on earth when I’m missing you. I still desperately need you despite my best efforts not to miss you.

Even More I Miss You Love Messages!

  • My heart is dedicated to just one person. ‘You.’ It always misses you even when you are not there.
  • Because it’s challenging to act as though I don’t miss you, I want to stay with you. You are both sorely missed and loved.
  • Every text I send to you indicates how much I miss you. Even though my tears aren’t caused by sadness, and my silence isn’t caused by loneliness.
  • I’ll be here, loving, caring, and waiting for you no matter whether I don’t see you when I want to.
  • Every time I miss you, a star falls, so the sky is dark tonight with neither stars nor moon.
  • I wish I could accompany you wherever you go because I don’t want to be without you any longer, my love.
  • I’m making an effort to convince you that I love you. I’d like to tell you that I miss you, but I’m not sure how.
  • Every time the clock ticks over, I think of you and miss you with every heartbeat. Whenever I think of you, baby, I always want to be with you.
  • Here is a sweet miss you message sent to an angel without wings from a beautiful heart. Sending you this text now is the only appropriate time to let you know how much I continue to miss you.
  • I can’t do anything unless I text you because missing you makes my heart hurt and miserable. Simply put, I just wanted to say how much I miss you. You are my lovely boyfriend, and I adore you a lot.
  • Our relationship has been preserved for me in every moment. I miss you so much that it makes every moment painful and miserable for me. You are my true love, and I miss you terribly, little one.


If you miss your boyfriend or husband (or even your ex-boyfriend! ) and want to send him a special message for their birthday, your anniversary, or any other occasion, you might be running into some problems. He cannot recall what words he would want to see you or what it would mean to see your text message. That’s what these miss you messages are for!

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