Best “I Miss You” Messages For To Show Affection

It’s a dream come true to be with your significant other always! But it can be challenging to express how deeply you feel when he or she isn’t there. Don’t be afraid to make an extra effort if your man or woman is away from you to show them how much you miss them.

Make sure your partner knows how far you’d go to be there for them right now! But sometimes you can be at a loss for words, not knowing how to relay your heart’s desires.

Well, in those cases, you can use these I miss you messages to show the love of your life how you are actually feeling! This sounds exactly like something you needed? Well then, keep on reading to write the perfect messages showing how much you miss your partner!

Why Write I Miss You Messages For Your Partner?

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You may have to spend some time apart from your romantic partner for a variety of reasons. Your partner and you may need to spend some time apart due to a work trip, school obligations, a move, an unavoidable journey, or another circumstance.

You put your love for one another to the test in situations like this. You start to cherish the beautiful moments you spent with each other during these depressing and lonely times.

According to popular belief, distance makes hearts grow fonder. Sometimes, until someone is thousands of miles away from you, you might not fully understand how much you cherish and love them.

You should be aware that it’s perfectly acceptable to miss someone if you have that special someone you miss terribly because they are currently away from you. It demonstrates how deeply you care for and adore them.

You don’t need to experience this timeframe by yourself, though. You can express to your special someone how much you miss their presence with some beautifully written miss you messages for love. It’s possible to send them good luck wishes and express how eagerly you are waiting for them to return.

Thanks to these miss-you messages for love, you no longer have to experience loneliness. Before going to sleep, you can text them as soon as you wake up in the morning or at any time during the day.

They will be reminded that someone is waiting eagerly for them and missing them. They will consider themselves fortunate to have a faithful and committed partner willing to weather the difficulties of a long-distance or absent partner.

Best Romantic I Miss You Messages for Your Partner!

  • I miss you so much. So much that I can’t think straight anymore. Let this time pass quickly baby, because I can’t stand not having my love by my side!
  • Well, this long distance taught me two things. One, I want you to be with me forever, no matter what. Two, I will never let you leave without me anywhere again! I miss you so much girl.
  • Despite how much I miss you, it gives me comfort to know that at least we share the same sky.
  •  Simply put, distance serves as a test of how far love can go. I’m eager to see you again.
  • Having you makes me feel so lucky, but I also regret having to move so far away. I do miss you.
  • Counting the days that we will meet again in my heart baby. I miss you so much, and without your love, I feel so empty inside. 
  •  I talk to the moon in the middle of the night, and he tells me about the sun while I say to him about you.
  • To be honest, I never knew how much I came to like your presence in my life. Now that you are gone, I feel like an empty shell. Miss your love, Miss. Come back soon, my heart aches without you.
  • The worst part about missing you is that no matter how hard I try to tell myself to stop, I can’t help but miss you more. Both yesterday and today, I missed you.

More I Miss You Messages For Your Sweetie

  • What is the worst thing about having to live without you? If you were here, we could be doing all these amazing things right now, and I can’t stop thinking about them. 
  • Every evening, I lay my head on my pillow. I make an effort to convince myself that I am resilient because I have survived another day without you.
  • Miss the way you looked me through the door when I came in from work. How you would smile at me for a second, before jumping into my arms. I miss you so much that my heart aches. You are the only person in the whole world who matters.
  • I miss you so much my heart, my love, my world. Come soon and bring my heart to me, so I can start feeling true love once again!
  • The absence of you here is the most unbearable thing. Please give me a bear hug when you return. My love, I am sorely missing you.
  • Without you, my life would be like a dark, gloomy rainbow, and I would feel hopeless every day. Princess, I’m missing you.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I miss you so much. There won’t be a kingdom without you because you are my king.
  • I want to take your hand, squeeze you close, give you a tight hug, give you a tender kiss. I want to let you lay your head on my chest so you can feel my heartbeat beating just for you. You are missed so much that it hurts my heart.
  • When you aren’t there for me, when you aren’t holding my hands or providing your warmth, my world comes to a complete stop. Please never leave my side. I’m missing you.

Romantic Messages For The One

  • Despite being surrounded by many people, I still experience loneliness when I’m apart from the person I love. I wish you were here, sweetheart. I miss you so much!
  • Although I’ve grown accustomed to missing you, I still enjoy this emotion because it makes me think of you. My dear, I miss you.
  • Every time I think of you, my heart hurts. I find myself repeatedly reliving those lovely moments in my head. I want you to know that I will always love you and that no one can ever take your place, no matter where you are.
  • You are the most beautiful song, and I will listen to it nonstop for all of eternity. Love you so much, baby.
  • My heart can’t bear any moment apart from the love of my life. If I told you I missed you, that would be an understatement of my feelings. Without you my love, by my side, my heart feels like an empty husk. 
  • Time moves just as quickly as a plane when I’m with you. Every second seems to last a day, a month, or an entire year when you are far away from me. Each passing second drives a fresh nail deeper into my heart when you’re not here. I profoundly adore you and miss you.
  • My favorite part of the day is when I get ready for bed and dream about kissing, hugging, and cuddling, but nothing beats being with you. Sweetheart, get back home soon. 

Sweet Messages That Show How Much You Miss Them!

  • Hey baby, I only need you to make me one promise. After that, I won’t make any more requests. Never leave without saying goodbye. You are missed, my sweetheart!
  • I adore giving you hugs, but I detest the idea of having to let go. Despite the fact that I like to say hello, I have a hard time saying goodbye. I enjoy seeing you approach me, but the thought of having to watch you leave makes me nervous. I miss you!
  • I’m missing you like a grizzly bear misses trout after hibernation. I don’t know if this relayed my feelings accurately but yes, I do miss you so much.
  • My heart ain’t worth anything without knowing that you are by my side. I miss you like I missed nothing else in this whole wide world. Come back and fill my heart with your love again.
  • Every minute spent apart from you is comparable to a day in the desert without water. I long to have you close by so I can cuddle you. Baby, I miss you. 
  • Whenever I receive a text message, hear a doorbell, or receive a phone call, I always think of you. The prospect of seeing you once more excites me. 
  • Hey babe, every love song I hear makes me think of you since you left. I am eagerly anticipating having you back in my arms. How will I survive without someone who used to bring so much color into my life? You are the foundational element of my life. Come back to my life, and make my heart complete with your love!
  •  Without you, I am an absolute disaster; I am lacking. The source of my life, please come back to me.
  • My heart is like a broken vase without your love. Miss you!


We hope our selection of original I miss you messages was able to help you relay the way you feel about your love! If you aren’t a particularly romantic person, these words may look a bit corny. But trust us, they are just the right thing to say to the person you love. They are right for the person who you wish that was with you right now!

If these I miss you messages weren’t enough, and you are looking for something more specific, we’ve got you covered. Check out the love letter generator tool we have here at INK! Our tool will help you create original love letters that show that you really miss your loved one. 

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