Last Letter to My Love from a Lover

Have you read the works of Jojo Moyes about romantic love novels that end up not pretty well? Have you watched the romantic movies starred by Felicity Jones? After doing so, a thought might have visited your head: how do I compose the last letter to my love?

If you haven’t had inspiration from Jojo Moyes or Felicity Jones, you might have found out that your lover is having an affair. Remember that character played by Shailene Woodley from the film Big Little Lies?” As a woman, you have your own life to spare and would not like to spend your entire life with a cheater. If you want to run from him but would like to leave your last letter, then this article is for you.

Do not hesitate whenever you ask yourself, “how can I compose the last letter to my love?” This article will teach you how to express the excruciating feeling of losing someone you love because of unfaithfulness. If you really do not want to return anymore, take out that Jojo Moyes inside you and confront your former lover.

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The Essence of Writing a Last Letter to My Love

Lovers do not always end up well. That is what most tragic love stories tell us. Somehow, it is true, especially for those who had lovers that cheated on them.

Remember that movie directed by Augustine Frizzell entitled “The Last Letter from your Lover?” Think of it as an inspiration as you entail the journey of living alone. Also, use it as a role model for the letter you will send to your former lover.

Aside from your friends, your family might already have an idea about such a heartbreaking feat. Look, there are a few things you should know about suffering that way!

You matter, and whenever you need help, people are out there to prevent you from feeling lost. If he is your Nabhaan Rizwan and you are the Shailene Woodley, things might get a bit interesting.

Your love story might be ending, but like what Nabhaan Rizwan and Shailene Woodley did in the movies, there is a closure to that. In the form of a letter, you can end the most memorable yet painful chapter in your life’s love story.

Are you Jennifer Stirling and want to send or read that love letter of yours?

Example of the Last Letter to My Love

Dear Ellie,

Hi, this is Jennifer again. I got your email from Callum Turner, your friend. He told me that he discovered our breakup and felt bad about what you did. I understand I already left, but I want to let you learn that I do not want anyone new for now.

I deeply understand. I will always love you.

Every time I see you, Ellie, I know I want you to become my future husband, not my past. The book you wrote for me is hidden inside my library archives. It has all the letters you wrote to me during our relationship.

These letters remind me of what we were before. Letters from a loyal and faithful lover. However, these letters make me cry in pain as well. I know you are already with Jennifer and Ellie. 

Ellie, Oh dear Ellie, what does Jennifer have that I do not? 

Yours in tears,


Final Thoughts

Whether you are a journalist or not, composing a letter is not an easy feat, especially if it is for someone who broke your heart. 

If you want to end your romance with someone, this is the article for you. Adapt to your feelings and review what you think about him.

You are a star, and it is no accident you have read this article.

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