Write a Perfect Letter to Your Ex You Still Love

If you want to let your ex know that you still love them, whatever you feel, you must write. Tell them about your life feeling different without them. You can do this by writing a letter to your ex you still love.

If you can come to think of it, nothing is wrong with writing to your ex. However, this only applies to those who do not have a current relationship. If you have someone new already, do not bother to do so!

Writing a letter to your ex you still love will let him or her know that you still love them. You can express what you feel and let that person know that you still want them in your life. Also, they will understand that you still think about them.

Why Write a Letter To Your Ex You Still Love?

The past is mostly a sad story for someone to tell, especially if you are trying to talk about a past relationship. However, not all relationships end badly. Some relationships break up in a good and healthy manner.

It is understandable if you still like or love your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Undoubtedly, the day he or she broke your heart changed your life significantly. There is always enough time to heal and discover the need to tell your ex that you still love him or her.

Actually, a letter is a good gesture to portray yourself as a good sport to your ex. Nobody wants a bitter memory or depiction of someone in a letter! Surely, you still like your ex, and you need to tell him or her that.

If that is the case, then you need to take time to compose a letter.

When your ex reads that letter, she will think about the moment of your breakup. It will help her find a way to understand your feeling at the time

Example of a Letter to Your Ex You Still Love

Dear Zoe,

Hello! How are you? Hopefully, you will read this letter I made for you.

If I am correct, six months have passed since the day we broke one another’s hearts. That time taught me that our relationship had finally reached its best limit. I knew we could no longer work it out hard until I wrote this letter.

I remember that exact date because I could not stop thinking about it. The words we use hurt us permanently. Until this day, I cannot stop thinking about how you loved me, pushing me to compose this letter.

I know our relationship has reached its end, but I still happen to find enough feelings to love you still. Our breakup may have ended badly, but I still cannot help but lose my mind seeing you.

When you read this love letter, please know that I always wish you would come to my apartment again. I want you to know that I still like you. Zoe, please know that I still like you.

I may sound repetitive, but the love I shared with you is still here. Zoe, I am sorry for having this false hope. I am sending you this love letter so you know that there is still love left in me.

You are right; we will never learn. However, I would like to thank you for accepting this letter. It means you are still open to talking to me.



Final Words

If you are looking for ways to tell your ex you still love her, a letter is a gift highly recommended to you. You can write everything you want to tell her through such a sincere message. Your letter must successfully express the feelings you want to convey.

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