Style Guide for Writing Sad Love Letters

Matters of the heart are always difficult to solve. Yet they are some of life’s most memorable moments. It can be difficult to leave someone you love. If you’re trying to craft a sad love letter, here are some tips to help you.

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Love is wonderful and is arguably the reason for life. But as every love story must eventually end, try to end it properly. 

What is a Sad Love Letter?

A breakup letter is a handwritten note or email expressing grief, disappointment, or loneliness after love has ended. It’s a way to tell your lover that you no longer want to continue your relationship. It’s a crucial part of any healthy relationship because it helps avoid conflict. 

Not everyone is articulate, and fewer still have the ability to remain calm in emotionally charged situations. It can be hard to express yourself during difficult scenarios. Love letters help you keep your thoughts and emotions in check, and they allow you to express the words you mean to say.

Why is it Important?

A breakup love letter is important because it gives you and your significant other proper closure. It’s painful to let go of someone you love, but more so when you don’t have a chance to give a proper farewell.

A breakup letter is more than just a display of courtesy and respect. It’s a way to provide both of you with closure. The reality of pain can be difficult to accept, but the finality of a change makes it easier to accept. It marks the start of the stages of grief.

The stages of grief are:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Like all stages in life, it’s a phase that we all must endure. They are essential for the healing process, and they help us adapt to a significant change. A breakup letter marks the end of a relationship and the beginning of a painful healing process.

The sooner you start, the sooner you heal.

More importantly, a breakup letter is a proper way to give meaning to the happy memories you shared.

How to Write a Sad Love Letter

Writing a breakup letter can be challenging because of its emotional nature. Regardless of the circumstances of your breakup, losing or leaving someone is always a sad experience.

Remember that the point of a breakup letter is to provide closure. Therefore, your letter must contain these elements:


Your greeting should be brief and courteous regardless of the nature of your breakup. It’s always a good idea to stay civil even with difficult people. You can start your letter with something like “Dear [name].” The point is to keep your emotions in check. Don’t be sappy, but don’t be cruel, either.


This is arguably the most difficult section of your breakup letter because it can be a shock to read. However, it’s crucial because it sets the tone for your letter. Letting them know the context of your letter prepares them for what’s to come. 

An explanation for your Breakup

Try to give them the reason why you want your love to end. Be clear and concise. This is important for closure because it gives them a basis for why you need to leave. It’s a way to get them to look at themselves and to think about the things they could have done better.

The point is to give them a chance to become better people in the future.

Closing Statement

A breakup letter should end on a positive note. It’s easier said than done, but it’s important if ever you want to give your love another shot in the future. Recognize the fact that things weren’t always bad. Try to focus on the times you were happy and share the things you liked.

Wish them well, and thank them for the time you spent together. While it can leave a heavy feeling in both your hearts, it’s a way to give meaning to the memories you shared.

Sad Love Letter Example

It can be difficult to take all these tips in. If you need a bit more guidance, here’s an example you can use:

Dear Maria,

Something’s been bothering me the past few days, and I think I should let you know. I was fine with our long-distance setup because I believed we could cope and overcome it. It breaks my heart to tell you that I was wrong. 

I spent so many days waiting to hear from you, but the messages never came. I feel like we’ve grown apart. – To the point that we are almost strangers. I know that I should have told you sooner, but I had no idea how to go about it. 

You’ve been a beautiful part of my life. You made my heart happy, and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to love fearlessly. I meant to share my life with you, to love you endlessly.

 Please understand that this message comes from a place of love. You meant so much to me, and I hate to end our story here. I will always cherish the love we shared.



To Summarize

A sad love letter is important for healthy romances because they are a way to grant your former partner closure. It’s a vital part of the healing process.

It’s a way to give a proper farewell and to give them closure. Breakup letters are beneficial to both parties because they allow them to part on civil terms. It’s a way to cherish the fun times you had and to respect the love you shared. 

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