How to Create the Best Company Slogans

Think of a random brand in your mind. If you…

Think of a random brand in your mind. If you hear yourself mouthing a catchy phrase associated with the brand, that means they have a good slogan accompanying their product. If not, you may want to start paying attention.

This article explains the ins and outs of creating company slogans. It includes examples of the best company slogans to give you an idea of what to do better.

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What Is a Slogan?

A slogan is a short, catchy saying that provides a simple message. Slogans are considered to be a kind of advertisement, especially in a commercial context. Businesses can use it to promote a service or product. It is often used to encourage further purchase or sponsorship of a business’s goods or services.

In some cases, a business may use a slogan on an inside product label. It’s a short saying used to promote something on a product or as a message to the public. A slogan usually goes one of two ways. It could be a statement of the product’s good qualities from the maker’s perspective.

It could also be a statement of the good qualities of a product or business service from the consumer’s perspective. 

What Makes a Great Slogan?

This section discusses the different ingredients that companies combine to make great slogans.

It Is Memorable

A key question brand managers ask themselves when coming up with slogans is whether it’s memorable or not. They understand that they have only one chance to get it right. 

What are the chances of people noticing the slogan? Will they have to think about it for a second or two?

It Sells the Key Benefit

Do you know how they say, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak”? That means your slogan should sell the benefits, not the features. It’s important to remember that a slogan should clearly convey company or product’s benefits to the audience.

Differentiates the Brand

Before you write your company slogan, make sure to do some research. You can do this by finding a company slogan that is already successful. Compile a list of slogans that you like, or conduct a poll among your coworkers and friends. This is essential because slogans are typically short or bite-sized statements that must convey what differentiates the company while retaining that key message.

Conveys Positive Feelings About the Brand

When the audience hears or sees your slogan, it should create a positive image of the brand in their minds.

Examples of Some of the Best Company Slogans

  • Belong Anywhere – Airbnb
  • Just do it – Nike
  • Let’s go places – Toyota
  • Shave time shave money – Shave Club
  • Because You’re Worth It – L’Oréal
  • Imagination at work – General Electric
  • There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard – Master Card
  • America Runs on Dunkin’ – Dunkin’
  • Think Different – Apple


It is through your company slogan that you can tell the world who you are and what you care about. A slogan should be able to be easily remembered and generally understood by customers.

Slogans often lack real meaning beyond the generic aspects that most people care about. Remember, the more people say your slogan, the more popular it will become, so be sure to craft your slogan with care.

Every company wants to convey a memorable company slogan to help promote their products or services, confuse competitors, and aid in marketing efforts. However, creating a catchy slogan shouldn’t be taken lightly because it is considered an investment in the brand’s future growth.

Frequently asked questions

How do you create a school slogan?

  • Building with four walls and tomorrow’s day inside.
  • We are a community of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, and champions of our own success.
  • High expectations and high academic achievement are expected of a community.
  • The Learning Community
  • An Excellent Place For Education.
  • I would like to be in this place.
  • We recommend This Place For Learning.

How slogans are written?

It is important to keep in mind length, key benefits, and how your slogan will make people feel good about this brand, which is different from the others. You’ll notice the word count, the overall message, the rhythm, and even if there’s humor.

Why is Nike slogan Just do it a good slogan?

Through the combination of professional athletes and motivational slogans that emphasize sportsmanship and health, Nike embodied its image as an innovative American icon associated with success. Customers became more inclined to become great because of this.

What are some good slogans for a company?

  • “Just do it,” Nike says.
  • Having said that, money can’t buy some things.
  • “A diamond is forever,” writes De Beers.
  • I remember the original Spice.
  • On Earth, Disneyland is one of the happiest places on Earth.
  • Apple: “Do what you can’t.”.

What is Apple’s slogan?

‘ Apple: ‘Think Different. ‘.

What should be avoided when making a slogan?

  • Put your slogan in a simple font.
  • Stick to sans serifs or serif fonts and avoid scripted fonts.
  • Keep the same font family for your company name and slogan, but reduce the weight of the slogan.

How do you introduce a slogan?

  • Self-introductions that are concise and confident are better for a first impression.
  • Briefly introduce yourself and describe your work.
  • “Hi Pete, I am Pete Kelsler”.
  • Briefly describe your ideal job position.

What are 5 key strategies to make a good slogan?

  • Stay honest
  • Give them a rhythm, rhyme, and song.
  • Identify the benefits
  • Keep it short
  • Provide company commitments

How do you create a unique slogan?

  • Keep it simple and concise.
  • Be consistent
  • Be specific about what makes you different.
  • Make it timeless
  • Make sure it can stand alone.
  • Take into account your target market.
  • Get input

What makes a memorable slogan?

Brand slogans are often simple, catchy, and easy to remember. This is similar to a song chorus that’s stuck in your head, but it should have a rhythm or sound that is instantly recognisable on the tongue.

How to Create the Best Company Slogans

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