Creative Car Slogans to Promote Your Auto Company

Do you want to attract more attention to your car company? Well, slogans are the sure-fire way to do that. Whether you’re marketing for a car or a brand, car company slogans are essential for any marketing campaign.

Create a car slogan that speaks to the customers in a different voice. You could try a unique take on some of the most popular car slogans. Or you could create a slogan specifically for your company. Whichever way you choose to do it, this article is here to help you out with slogan examples and slogan-making tips.

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What is a Slogan?

A slogan is a repeated, catchy, and meaningful advertising phrase used to generate interest in a product or company. It is often used in radio and television commercials and print ads. While it can be short or long, a slogan is ideally 6 to 19 words long.

Why You Need a Slogan

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; everybody needs a good slogan. A slogan will help your company stand out, gain customer recognition, and make it easy for your consumers and customers to remember your company. Here are some other important reasons why you need a slogan:

  • It can be used for multiple advertisements
  • Can entice people to your website.
  • Creates a positive brand image for you and your company
  • Increases Sales
  • Promotes wider brand awareness

Car Company Slogans

Car Service Slogans

  • Complete breakdown solutions
  • Let us fix it.
  • Trust us with your car
  • Love what you get
  • Your car is important to us
  • Let’s Get You Back on the Road
  • Fixing is all we know
  • Affordable and the best

Famous Car Brands Slogan


  • Never Follow
  • Keeping ahead through technology
  • Everyone dreams of an Audi


  • Ford has a better idea
  • Bold moves
  • Build for life in Canada
  • Ford. Designed for living. Engineered to last.
  • Built Ford Tough!
  • The Best Never Rest


  • The Power of Dreams
  • First man, then machine
  • The technology you can enjoy


  • For the love of the car
  • Small wonder


  • Shift expectations
  • Just wait, you drive it
  • Built for the Human Race


  • The beauty of an all-wheel-drive
  • When you get it. You get it.
  • Confidence in Motion


  • Wake up and drive
  • Better built. Better backed.
  • Drive at earth

How to Make Your Slogan

Making a slogan doesn’t have to be hard! Just create a statement that’s memorable and long-lasting. Follow these tips to help you get started.

  • Brainstorm ideas and write them down
  • Keep it short but catchy
  • Promote the value your company can offer
  • Get feedback from friends and family
  • Use online tools to optimize your slogan

To Wrap Up

Car company slogans are a great way to combine your company name with your creativity. They can push the target demographic towards your company and are a great way to promote your company.

Hopefully, you’ve found inspiration in this article’s examples of car company slogans. Get ahead and try making your own!

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