A Guide on Writing Creative Fast Food Slogans

Are you a fast food restaurant owner? Do you want to increase your sales through your marketing campaigns? You should start by making creative, fast food slogans.

Famous fast food chains like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) have creative taglines. The key to your marketing campaign is leaving a mark on your target customers. However, you can only accomplish this by creating a slogan for your services.

This article will guide you on how to brainstorm memorable fast food slogans.

What is a Fast Food Slogan?

Fast food slogans are short captions that quickly describe the food a fast food chain offers. They are brief reflections of the qualities the company is trying to sell. 

Food slogans are used across various products, from fast food chains to restaurants. The slogan of your restaurant is a phrase created to describe what makes it unique. You can use your motto in various aspects of your marketing plan.

Keeping with a music metaphor, restaurant catchphrases are similar to a chorus or opening bar. Customers see your slogan as the first thing they think of when hearing your fast food chain’s name.

Below are examples of famous slogans from successful food companies.

  • Burger King– Have it your way.
  • McDonald’s– I’m lovin’ it.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts– America runs on Dunkin.

Having famous slogans promote the restaurant’s brand, creates a positive association with the restaurant, and retains customers worldwide.

How to Make Fast Food Slogans?

Choose a Subject

The subject is the first thing you should consider when making a catchy food slogan.

You can talk about the quality of your burger or the taste of your fast food chain’s famous fried chicken. Making a fast food slogan is to advertise your delicious food.

Also, you can try using your clients’ favorite food as the subject of your slogan. 


  • The best buns in the bun-iverse.
  • Share the Chicken, Save a Life.
  • Our Number One Recipe is Love.
  • Eat, Burp, and Repeat.
  • The Best Pizza Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.
  • Taco, Taco, Hot Jalapeño!
  • Hungry but Never Angry.
  • Hot Pizzas and Crunchy Chicken.
  • Be the King, Rule All Restaurants.
  • Hot & Hungry.
  • Pizza Made with Love.
  • Eat. Taste. Repeat.
  • Long Live the Pizza!
  • Treat Yo’Self!
  • Let Your Finger Know.
  • Great Food, Good People. Eat Fresh and Be Better.
  • Eating Right, Nothing to Leave Behind.
  • Business as Usual, The Best Burger than Usual.
  • Different Brand but Better Taste.
  • Stand Your Ground. . . Beef.
  • Ready or Not, Eat I Come!
  • Enjoy a Little Salt and Pepper.
  • Taste Chicken, then Taste Heaven.
  • The Best Burger in the Universe
  • Why Settle For Better When You can Have the Best Burger?
  • Our Main Ingredient is Comfort.

Think Outside the Box

It takes a lot of imagination to create the best brand slogan. Good slogans have great messages. You should think outside the box to conceptualize catchy taglines.

Your ideas should come from witty and catchy concepts. Don’t make your slogan too dull. 

Consider your slogan as a way to make your target clients taste your food. Make it delicious and juicy.


  • Great Grated Cheese.
  • The Better Restaurants aren’t So Bitter At All.
  • Burgers Everywhere!
  • Come and Eat Great Food.
  • Fresh? Fresh Indeed!
  • Eat Fresh, Cool Your Mind!
  • Happy Burgers Along the Way.
  • The Home of Original Pizza with Bell Peppers.
  • Do you Like It? We Like It! LIKE Burgers.
  • Fast Food, Eat Good.

Find the Right Words

Lastly, you should find the right words for your fast food slogan. Ensure that you use the words and witty phrases to talk about your business’s food quality.

Brainstorm ideas in making a compelling, fast food slogan. It would be great if you get some inspiration from meritorious fast food chains like McDonald’s and KFC. 

However, you should understand that McDonald’s and KFC came through brainstorming as well. Use that as a motivation while looking for the most suitable quotes for your brand.


  • Ding-Dong Ring, the Bell, Eat our Pizza, and Be Well.
  • Fast Food from the World’s Best Fast Food Chain.
  • We Cook Your Food Ideas!
  • A Happy World of Pizzas.
  • Fun Food, Fast Food.

To Wrap Up

Advertising your food products through slogans will help you increase your number of sales. You need to work hard on making good slogans that may potentially drive more earnings for your fast food chain. Compelling content is necessary for launching such a significant promotion initiative.

This article taught you to choose a subject, think outside the box, and look for the correct terms when making a fast food slogan. Slogans can make a big difference in your fast food business’s success. Be the next Wendy’s or Subway someday.

Learning all of the information above, have you decided on your fast food chain’s slogan?

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