Explore Catchy Go Green Quotes to Inspire Action

Companies worldwide are joining an initiatives for change. One of the most famous movements includes advocates for protecting Mother Nature from the effects of carbon footprint. If you want to make your own environment-friendly marketing campaign, you should start by making go green quotes.

Procter & Gamble (P&G), IKEA, Home Depot, Nike, and Apple are some companies that joined the green movement.

Aside from its benefits regarding a business’s moral compass, it’s also good for your sales. Customers nowadays prefer active brands when it comes to becoming socially aware.

This article will tackle the definition, importance, and steps on making go green quotes.

What Are Go Green Quotes?

Go green quotes are slogans that intend to send a message about climate change. It aims to call people worldwide to do their part in protecting Mother Earth from the negative tolls of excessive carbon emission. 

Companies like Ecosia have been benefiting from this new marketing trend. For every search using their browser, a new tree is planted. They say, “Trees mean a happy environment, healthy people, and a strong economy. “

Such an initiative to use your platform as an enterprise to echo the voices of climate activists reflects your company’s moral compass. 

One of the best ways of doing your part today is by launching a marketing campaign with a green slogan.

How to Make Go Green Quotes?

Be Creative

One of the first things you should consider when making an environment-related slogan is the creativity of your content.

A good slogan consists of world-class design and an attention-grabbing layout.

Remember, you’re trying to send a message about the environment. It’s a great idea to use recycled materials or represent the idea of recycling in your slogan.

You can also use elements such as water, trees, the planet, nature, and other symbolism that embody Mother Earth.

Also, you can opt to use pictures that portray how forests suffer from illegal logging and pollution.

Think of ways how to creatively express your message. The more related it is to environmental issues, the better. 


A depiction of a human trying to stop a person from wasting energy and causing pollution.

An art showing humankind’s love for the future by keeping the air clean.

A picture of kids taking care of nature by planting trees and throwing garbage into the right bin.

Be Simple

Your green slogan should be able to share your message of love for nature in the simplest way possible. 

Also, you can think of ways to keep your thoughts concise. Your quote shouldn’t contain a lot of words. If you’re talking about pollution, don’t include unrelated topics. 

Instead, teach your target audience the importance of recycling and how it helps care for our planet.

Environmental slogans you see online are typically short because they intend to talk to a non-particular audience. You should relay the message of a green future to everyone regardless of background.


  • Grow, Glow, and Go Green
  • Go Green and Clean!
  • Keep Calm and Go Green
  • Plant a tree, save a life. Go Green now!
  • Make Earth Go Green. Be Part of the Green Slogan!
  • Don’t Just Have a Green Thumb, Have a Green Hand!
  • Think About the Planet. Heal the World.
  • Earth is Your Home. Clean it. Save it. Love it.
  • Save the World from Doom. Go Green!
  • Let the Environment Heal
  • Every day is Earth Day
  • Live, Laugh, and Go Green
  • Let Earth Go Green Again!
  • Earth’s Life is Your Life. Our Life.
  • Live an Environmental Life

Be Unique

Another key to creating a compelling go green quote is uniqueness.

Remember to take time brainstorming well-thought quotes before deciding on what slogan you will use. You must ensure that the statement you will publicize isn’t similar to existing slogans.

Although most companies aren’t monopolizing the green movement, you still have to be mindful of committing plagiarism. It’s an act of intellectual property theft that might cause you dire legal consequences.

If you need more time to think about unique quotes, that’s alright. However, you need to keep in mind that the quotes you are drafting aren’t copied from quotes with copyright.


  • Green! Save and Clean the World We’re Living In!
  • A Green Deed a Day Keeps Climate Change Away
  • Live Green, Live Easy
  • Green Earth for a Green World. Green Home for a Green Day. All for a Green Future.
  • Save the Earth By Going Green
  • Green is My Favorite Color. Going Green is an Act of Valor.
  • The Green Minds Save Lives
  • Just Doing Them Green Things
  • I’ve Green There, Done That!
  • Green is the New Trend
  • Go Green or Go Away
  • The Green in Me
  • Green up!

Wrap Up

Joining the going Green isn’t a bad thing to do as an enterprise. However, you should remember that you’re doing this not just to increase your sales but to do your part in preserving Mother Earth. Your green slogan is crucial in conveying your company’s stance on the ongoing climate crisis.

This article taught you that your green slogan should be creative, simple, and unique. Follow these three guidelines in planning your green campaign.

Now that you know how to make green quotes, what’s your company’s green slogan?

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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