Taglines: a Creative Insurance Company Slogans Guide

Are you an insurance company trying to market your products and services better? Have you planned to improve your marketing strategy? If not, you can try to use insurance company slogans.

These slogans are catchy, and they tend to produce positive results. They aim to inform customers about your insurance plans and price range. Insurance companies use these taglines for advertising their products and services.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and read this article about insurance company slogans and what you need to remember when making one.

What Are Insurance Company Slogans?

A slogan is a phrase or word used to promote an idea or a company.

It is a method of communication that leaves an impression on the reader.

These slogans persuade clients to get curious about the insurance company’s offers. Like most marketing slogans, an insurance company slogan should clearly communicate all the information needed to the clients.

It is wise to use this marketing method to promote your insurance programs to potential clients further.

However, you should first take note of the five things you need to remember when making an insurance company slogan.

5 Things to Remember When Making an Insurance Company Slogan

So, do you want to use slogans to promote your insurance policies? It’s a decision you would never regret. That’s why we listed five things you need to remember when making an insurance company slogan.

Let’s start!

Keep It Simple

There is a saying that “a good slogan reflects a simple yet profound truth.” To rephrase, a complex slogan is difficult for the average person to understand. 

If you wish to attract a large and diverse audience, the slogan must be easy to read, catchy and memorable. Short, concise catchwords are the most effective and widely recommended in terms of marketing.

Remember, your slogan should tell the story behind your insurance policies. It should never be too long or overbearing.

Be Creative

While a slogan needs to be simple, it must also be creative enough to make a good impression on your customers. 

A slogan made with a creative touch attracts many buyers. As William Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” 

Make use of your wittiness in making a slogan. You can try to add metaphors or hyperboles to show your ability to play with words and idioms.

This is why brands such as Apple, Nike, and IBM have become popular. Keep in mind that a slogan is a complete statement that incites emotions about a specific product or service. It should sell, have a particular meaning, and yet remain memorable. 

Focus on One Theme

You need to focus on one theme when creating an insurance company slogan.

For example, a slogan saying, “We’ve been there for 75 years,” indicates a company focused on longevity. It shows that they have been around a long time and have established a culture of steadfastness. 

Avoid talking about a plethora of things in your slogan. Try and think about the most relevant insurance issues your clients face.

Center your slogan’s theme on a single subject and show how your firm can address that concern through your insurance policies.

Make It Memorable

Aside from focusing on one theme, you should make your slogan memorable.

Well-known insurance companies like Allstate have a motto that easily sticks to your mind and lives in it rent-free. 

“You’re in Good Hands.”

Avoid using generic taglines that sound dull. Your slogan should effortlessly plant your company’s message in your clients’ minds.

Know Your Target Clients

Lastly, you should research your target clients.

Getting to know your customers better is a great strategy. It helps you plan a marketing strategy targeted to their particular demands and preferences.

Here are some of the questions you should ask before creating a compelling insurance company slogan:

  • Who is the audience?
  • What do they want to accomplish?
  • How do they want to feel about insurance policies? 
  • What do they want to be called?
  • Why should they believe in you, your company, and your product?
  • What makes them feel personally invested in the company?

After answering these questions, you’re now set on making your own insurance company slogan.

Insurance Company Slogans Example

We’ve listed down insurance company slogan examples for you below. You can use these as references when you create your own tagline.

  • Live, Laugh, Love.
  • We Love You, So We’ll Care for You.
  • Insuring Yourself is a Great Start.
  • Time to Think About Insurance.
  • Worry No More.
  • Share the Solution to Your Problems. INSURE YOUR FAMILY NOW!
  • Better Prepared Than Sorry.
  • Protecting You from the Uninsured World.
  • We Protect You and Your Family.
  • A Helping Hand for Helpless Uninsured People.
  • Care. Insure. Repeat.
  • We Help To make it Happen.
  • Bringing You Peace of Mind for Nearly 300 Years.
  • We Like to Protect You.
  • It’s Time to Care. Insure Your Family Now.
  • Protect Yourself and Make Your Dreams Happen.
  • Start Caring for Yourself NOW.
  • A Helping Hand is Never Bad.
  • We Take Care of our Partners.
  • Promising You a Better Tomorrow.
  • We Stand With You in Chasing Your Unique Future.
  • Guarantee a Confident Life.
  • Trust in Security is Not Insecurity.
  • Get Insured Now!
  • The Best Way to Live Life.
  • Get Your Life Insurance Today.
  • We Promise to Protect Your Money.
  • The Perfect Step.
  • We Value Your Car.
  • Assurance is the Best Insurance.
  • Be Prepared!
  • Not Just an Assurance, But an Insurance.
  • Your Future. His Future. Her Future. EVERYONE’S FUTURE.
  • Caring and Living.
  • Helping You Live.
  • Life Insurance is the Best Help You Could Ever Get.
  • For a Strong, Good Life.
  • Secure Your Little Children’s Lives.
  • 100 Years of Caring and Service.
  • Come and Get Insured NOW.
  • Insurance Makes Everyone Happy.
  • Your Protection while Driving.
  • Save Up for your Dream Home.
  • The RIGHT Thing to Do.

To Wrap Up

Offering insurance policies to people is a noble thing to do. Your firm becomes a beacon of hope for achieving their dreams and aspirations. That’s why creating a compelling insurance company slogan is crucial to convincing more people to insure themselves.

Remember the five things to keep in mind when making a tagline about insurance. Keep it simple and be creative to help your target audience understand your message better. Focus on one theme and make it memorable, so you can easily persuade your potential clients.

Lastly, you need to know your clients. It would be much easier for you to find ways to push them to purchase your insurance policies. 

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