Fun and Creative Drinking Slogan Ideas

From soda to alcohol, the beverage industry is worth billions…

From soda to alcohol, the beverage industry is worth billions of dollars. It is a big industry and has a vice-like grip on the American economy and culture. So if you want to stand out in this crowded market, you need a fun and creative slogan for drinking.

This article is here to help you out. We’ve listed some great drink slogans that are creative and fun. These are sure to resonate in the hearts and minds of all your patrons. We’ll also give you a ton of essential tips on how to make a slogan of your own!

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What Is a Slogan?

A slogan is a short verbal exclamation to express an idea or attitude. Slogans are words or phrases popularly used by a particular group or person. These can serve as a simple motto or mantra. 

You can make a slogan from any words and phrases relevant to your specific industry, show, or organization. Slogans are essential in the marketing world because they’re short and memorable. They are a great way to describe your business in a fun and creative way while connecting with customers.

What Makes a Good Slogan?

A good slogan is memorable, clear, and nonsensical. It is one that quickly conveys a message about the product or service for which it is advertising. The slogan might also describe the situation or event the product or service is intended for.

You can easily make an effective slogan by following these simple tips.

  • Be concise and simple
  • Clearly define your products or services
  • Make it memorable
  • Highlight your brand identity

Slogan for Drinking Ideas

Beer Slogans

  • Why limit happiness to an hour?
  • Got beer?
  • You could use a beer
  • I don’t get drunk. I get awesome.
  • In beers, we trust
  • Beer me!
  • You need a cold one
  • Don’t worry, beer happy!
  • I’d rather be drinking
  • I don’t like the word alcoholic. I prefer “advanced drinker.”
  • I’m just living the dream
  • On break
  • Never turn down a drink again.
  • Liquor brings people together.

Soda Slogans

  • Have it cold or not at all.
  • What’s the hurry for?
  • Chill like a boss.
  • Let nothing come between you and success.
  • The most harmless cold drink ever.
  • Have a most-needed break for the day.
  • Reach for the stars.
  • Nothing goes wrong with one soda can
  • Keep the momentum going.
  • A bit of sweetness in every cold sip.
  • Keep it near you at all times.
  • Be on top of your game.
  • Refreshing taste with every sip.
  • Something special for the day.
  • You deserve a refreshing break.
  • Keep the world in your hands.
  • Complete to the brim of natural flavors.
  • Adult-friendly soft drinks
  • It is a refreshing break
  • Liberty’s taste
  • Hunger’s quencher
  • The drink for every season
  • The times may change, but the taste is always the same
  • Welcome to the coke side
  • What you want with your meal

Energy Drinks

  • Saving you from that crash.
  • Feel the burn.
  • The drink that’ll fix you up.
  • Conquer the day!
  • Take a sip and experience an adventure.
  • You can get through the day with just one glass.
  • Boost your energy with this smoothie!
  • Start the week off right with us!
  • You’ll want that power boost daily, and we got it for you.
  • We’re the energy booster you need.
  • We got you covered throughout the day!
  • Get locked and loaded with this drink.
  • Instant energy in one glass.
  • Hassle-free energy boosters are available daily!
  • Get in the zone all day!

Anti Alcohol Slogans

  • Don’t drown your future with alcohol
  • Alcohol’s a drug too 
  • Keep calm & stop drinking
  • Life can take you higher than alcohol
  • Keep calm & stay away from alcohol
  • Drinking makes you look like a fool
  • Time to decline wine
  • Boozer is a looser
  • Quit for your healthy future
  • Drink less – Think more

Healthy Drinks

  • For a healthier and more glowing you.
  • Brings out the best in you.
  • A sip you won’t regret.
  • Enjoy life the right way.
  • Always good, always fresh.
  • A healthy way to drink.
  • Drink an entire day’s vitamin C in a bottle.
  • Always tastes good, always healthy.
  • Tastes like wellness in a bottle.
  • All your vitamins in a tiny bottle.

To Wrap Up

Slogans are an easily recognizable and memorable marketing tool. They guide your audience in understanding what your product is, what it does, and how it can be used. With the right slogan for drinking, your drinks are sure to be a hit.

Frequently asked questions

What is the slogan for have a Coke?

  • “Always Coca-Cola”
  • Wicked Coke Slogans
  • “Coke Is It”
  • “Taste the Feeling”
  • Coke makes things easier.
  • “Open Happiness”
  • “Delicious and Refreshing”

What is the slogan for Sprite?

It has been changed from its long-running slogan “Obey Your Thirst” to only “Obedience” in the United States and is outright replaced by “Freedom From Thirsth” in many countries.

What is Pepsi’s tagline?

I have been refreshing everything since 2008. 2009-present: “Every Generation Refreshes The World” 2010-presente: “Each Pepsi Refreshs The Global” 2011-present.

What is the best slogan?

  • A Disneyland experience: “The blessedest place on Earth.”.
  • Nike: “Do it”
  • The original Spice
  • “A diamond is forever,” De Beers says.
  • MasterCard: “There are some things that money cannot buy”.
  • Samsung: “Do what you can’t.”.

Do the blank soft drink slogan?

This crossword clue ‘Do your ______ (soft drink slogan)’ (soft drinks slogan) was last seen on April 5, 2017. This clue is most likely to have DEWS as the answer.

How do you advertise drinks?

  • How to Market Beverage in 10 Ways.
  • Product Packaging
  • Brand Positioning
  • Make the most of your unique selling point.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Deals and specials around the holidays.

What slogan is have it your way?

Burger King launched an exceptionally successful ad campaign in the early 1970s, a slogan called “Have It Your Way,” based on the fast-food chain’s willingness to tailor orders to each individual’s tastes.

What does drinking alcohol do to your body?

A slow immune system results in an asymptomatic white blood cell sluggishness and decreased function. Heavy drinkers may be more likely to succumb to diseases such as tuberculosis or pneumonia, and also risk for numerous forms of cancer.

What is Coke’s slogan?

Coca-Cola introduced “Taste the Feeling” earlier today, our first new global campaign in seven years. Ted Ryan, director of Heritage Communications at The Coca-Cola Company, offered his thoughts on how taglines and creative campaigns have delighted consumers for more than a century.

What are good slogans for drinks?

  • Best-in-Law type of drink.
  • This is so satisfying when you’re thirsty.
  • Get started by consuming (insert beverage name).
  • Just what you crave.
  • You’ll find that it’s the drink that brings out the best in you.
  • You’re best all-day
  • This is the kind of drink that is out of this world.
  • ‘King of all drinks’.

What is Gatorade slogan?

Sports fuel company. Gatorade gets back what you give when you give all.

What are the alcohol sayings?

  • There are only drinks I can get.
  • Drinking well with others.
  • My favorite drink is alcohol.
  • The glass is half empty or half full – I drink straight from the bottle.
  • We may not have the answer, but it is worth trying (type of liquor).
  • We have no time to drink cheap liquor.
Fun and Creative Drinking Slogan Ideas

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