Misconceptions to Avoid When Creating Slogan For Finance

A financial institution exists to facilitate the transaction between individuals and companies. Slogans for finance help banks find their competitive edge and increase the likelihood that customers will remain loyal.

Cut-throat comparisons between traditional banks and newer online alternatives have created a lucrative market for slogans for finance.

Financial marketers should avoid these four misconceptions when establishing new slogans, taglines, and catchphrases.

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4 Misconceptions to Avoid When Creating Slogan For Finance

1. Slogans for finance have to be short

A three- to five-word phrase may be more memorable, yet the bulk of financial slogans are far longer. In the banking industry, a tagline or slogan is typically four words long. Only 12% of bank and credit union slogans are two words long.

The underlying notion below is the most critical element in determining whether a slogan is great or not.

Does it carry a promise? Is there an advantage being conveyed? Is there a plot to it? In some cases, you may need more than four or five words to explain your experience.

For example: Mastercard slogan is a whopping 12 words long.

“There’s some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.”

2. Slogan for Finance must be Catchy

Many say that a finance slogan must be “catchy,” however this is a highly subjective term. What creates a catchy slogan? Rhyming? Alliteration?

There are really only four elements that comprise an effective slogan or tagline. The most effective slogans are original, pertinent, genuine, and memorable. Aside from that, there are no other rules.

Sadly, many slogans fail one or more of these requirements. Some because they employ vague or popular terminology. Some have a message with little significance. And some fail the genuine test because the brand fails to fulfill the promise of the slogan.

3. Slogan for Finance need to be financially related

“Sounding financial” is a foolproof method of blending in. Nearly one-third of all bank and credit union slogans contain “bank” or “finance.” This is a counterproductive action.

In fact, one of the fundamental principles of branding is to differentiate and stand out. When everyone else is saying “yessss” you should be saying “nahhh.” If all financial institutions look identical, speak identical, say identical things, and provide identical products, consumers cannot distinguish between them.

4. Finance houses must have a slogan

Having a slogan, tagline, or catchphrase isn’t required by any “branding rule” for any bank or credit union. Clever marketers utilize slogans as branding strategies to create consumer impressions of their brand and influence their attitudes toward it.

Associating your company’s brand with a specific marketing message using a slogan is a terrific method to build recognition for your business.

Famous Slogan For Finance to Explore

Here are a list of slogans to spur your creativity and help you create a slogan for finance. These slogans were selected using various financial sources.

  • U.S. Bank: “Five-Star Service Guaranteed”
  • American Express : “Do more.”
  • AIG: “We know money.”
  • Abbey National Bank: “Because life’s complicated enough.”
  • Merrill Lynch: “Be bullish.”

Many of the greatest all-time slogans share one trait in particular: they have been used consistently for many years.

To Wrap Up

There are many different things to think about when designing a finance slogan. Make sure to consult your team to think of a slogan that is consistent with your company and not simply copied from another company. Lastly, persist with it and refine it over time.

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